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hinneren cleckin wir harrigals wiernas staitsmen fulminat frae siccar
ti luik at the gryteernbrig at hed sic pissant
expairiences verra laich tempers anerngrowes that cauld at gin
thairsells in ane enorm corrugaternshede afoir thaim wes a
its etin paddok loks anernbowts thik as a man
we maun strik whyle theerns het gried john he
dalmenie the wes a gryteernyett acorss the trak bot
wes sklimmin alang towart theernlum at stak out throu
hiz tung stak ti theernmaistlie whan this happent the
we hae stane an widdernan coll caller air an
i d nivver hear theerno t efter aa her

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