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they believe that the longerosionof scots from the 1603
will simply disappear because coastalerosionin fife is the worst
budget to cope with coastalerosionso i think that the
christine grahame s1m 699 coastalerosionstrategy lodged on 28 march
under the heading of coastalerosionthere is little money in
the background of the continuingerosionof colloquial scots it is
the old turnpike road bridgeerosionhas made the next stretch
trees on one stretch tidalerosionmakes progress difficult however it
of national identity and itserosionand present status constitute a
of national identity and itserosionis a serious national problem
greater before nine centuries oferosiontook their toll it was
crucial markers when measuring theerosionof language whilst interviewing subjects
a further example of languageerosionmy father charles middleton of
than others the extent oferosionof spoken scots under the
national theatre because of theerosionof spoken scots under the
s pairt o the overaaerosiono fit we haud dear
border will there be anyerosionof past practice in that
furthermore concerns were expressed abouterosionof the public sector skills
which has led to theerosionof scottish industry and the
tae bodies jalousin at theerosionhed tae stop there wi
has now been lost byerosionto the sea evidence for
scots was er er sufferingerosionf718: mmhm m017: from the
throughout the year to counteracterosionthe moors constructed drystone dykes

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