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got any badly shaped orespeciallylarge egg any cracked ones
learnt a lot of hymnsespeciallyones like god bless our
was always full of storiesespeciallyones that had a wee
insect species make unsettling neighbourespeciallyroyal ones with a growing
many of davidson s imagesespeciallythe cosmological ones in a
because many uk equivalent termsespeciallythe more familiar ones have
fights i had with phimisterespeciallythe ones when she accused
violence against women and childrenespeciallyin the form of female
women there are many referencesespeciallyin the later works to
women writers and this isespeciallythe case with regard to
of women in society andespeciallythe role of women who
fewer of our young peopleespeciallyyoung women are participating in
difficult for the scottish economyespeciallyin relation to agriculture tourism
and drug misuse in scotlandespeciallyin relation to alcohol abuse
artistry and artistic decisions forespeciallyin relation to his song
not diminished in any wayespeciallyin relation to the right
because we have such concernsespeciallyin relation to this year
article by alexander gillies isespeciallyinteresting in relation to this
as being as important nowespeciallyfor the scots language m055:
point of sale is importantespeciallyfor young people as nicola
important that you know peopleespeciallyif they are religious or
the distribution chain which isespeciallyimportant for supermarkets an increase
people physically active that isespeciallyimportant for younger people the
identity card that will beespeciallyimportant if you want to
is something that is consideredespeciallyimportant in the commission has
increased international tension it isespeciallyimportant that the scottish executive
uplands fish was also importantespeciallyon fish days in accordance
is thought to be importantespeciallyon the west coast though
close another important consideration relatingespeciallyto rural post offices is
people and the need isespeciallyacute in rural areas before
building up locally based companiesespeciallyin areas that have suffered
referred would be applied fairlyespeciallyin rural areas the budget
or closure of primary schoolsespeciallyin rural areas the present
products in the scottish dietespeciallyin the pastoral areas of
for remoter areas indeed businessesespeciallyon lewis would simply not
s lives in rural areasespeciallypublic transport can be a
blood of many local communitiesespeciallythose in our marginalised areas
to areas of need andespeciallyto areas in accession states
viennese doctor s ambitious thinkingespeciallyaround those ideas which were
cannot read english i amespeciallyconcerned about those who cannot
about the availability of scanningespeciallyfor those who are most
he is representing those interestsespeciallyin matters that touch on
my father in those daysespeciallyin scotland anyway england might
meeting by welcoming those presentespeciallymentioning [censored: forename] [censored: surname] apologies were
will ensure that those elementsespeciallyprofessional development for language teachers
opportunities for those living thereespeciallythe community of middlefield and
the members of those committeesespeciallythe justice and home affairs
right that all those mattersespeciallythe weighting should be considered
for elderly and disabled peopleespeciallythose in rural communities who
obvious and well defined communitiesespeciallythose in the constituencies that
actual outcomes for each childespeciallythose leaving care and research
seems only natural that bairnsespeciallythose like ourselves with a
to borrow beyond their meansespeciallythose on low incomes and
set out for economic developmentespeciallythose that relate to scottish
strongly resented by local authoritiesespeciallythose that sought to operate
for all who suffer lossespeciallythose who come to us
retail consortium i remind membersespeciallythose who have arrived late
people he wanted to impressespeciallythose who might put up
all relevant organisations and bodiesespeciallythose whose livelihood depends upon
by welcoming those present heespeciallywelcomed all visitors members spouses
rural scotland has special problemsespeciallyin remote communities such as
welcome the minister s speechespeciallythe references to rural deprivation
outside when it was wetespeciallyat harvest time for stooking
linguists worked on these languagesespeciallyfor phd dissertations even when
are constantly reminded by othersespeciallyher mother when she is
when a source is terminatedespeciallyif that source has been
think some way of likeespeciallyin poetry when you ve
men in both world warsespeciallyin the first war when
explanation was that when peopleespeciallyin the scottish executive learned
a word in buck isespeciallysharp and jovial even when
was a time when livestockespeciallysheep and calves were tethered
volunteered to help you outespeciallywhen all it involved was
occasions when cotgrave is consultedespeciallywhen he encounters short lists
his secret could be overwhelmingespeciallywhen he had to watch
the farmer s daughter maryespeciallywhen her older brothers rebuked
it s no that muchespeciallywhen i don t eat
i m no good atespeciallywhen i hate someone he
both arms fingers umpteen fingersespeciallywhen i started to work
of a catch all provisionespeciallywhen it comes in a
to describe its political complexionespeciallywhen reflecting the balance of
has been pretty crude recentlyespeciallywhen she s standing at
the poet s mental processesespeciallywhen the poet was composing
few times in the summerespeciallywhen the schools are on
surname wisna as gweed temperedespeciallywhen the tobacco was going
o cheese mochie is usedespeciallywhen the weather is heavy
get so many ready mealsespeciallywhen there s a special
but there you go f826: especiallywhen there s been so
of the old i believeespeciallywhen they can sit on
were tethered on the baikieespeciallywhen they had been newly
can provide scope for confusionespeciallywhen they overlap or appear
could wield a sharp penespeciallywhen writing privately to female
occasions when cotgrave is consultedespeciallywhen you encounter short lists
quite good isn t itespeciallywhen you re like f812:
huh f951: yeah yeah andespeciallywhen you were addressin an
when you re a teenagerespeciallyyeah f828: it s it
factor in the aboyne settingespeciallyas it impinged on children
f963: uh huh f965: andespeciallychildren f963: yeah and it
protection of children scotland billespeciallyon 10 december i suggest
fed up with minding childrenespeciallythat little bitch pick up
importance to the deaf communityespeciallyto deaf children we can
us i mean it sespeciallya big day for me
fiddle an f746: mm andespeciallyi mean the shetland fiddle
i mean f606: mmhm m954: especiallyin the nineteen seventies and
mean writers f606: mm m954: especiallyin their early years but
at the age of twoespeciallyin this world i mean
mean di- down the theespeciallyon a saturday the wee
good i mean it seemsespeciallyon the mainland now there
of levels of physical activityespeciallyamong young people what relationship
it will have some effectespeciallyin preventing young people from
life cycle in many casesespeciallywith the predation of young
if he could not comeespeciallyas we have to report
eyes of foreigners the englishespeciallyhow would scots react if
m not that busy nowespeciallyif i m not in-
i often think in gaelicespeciallyif i m writing and
to maintain the protestant lineespeciallyif it entailed a stuart
very start of the termespeciallyif it s er was
be a bit too longespeciallyif it s unnecessary and
much as we can doespeciallyif ministers are also writing
if there s five peopleespeciallyif most of them are
used for more descriptive situationsespeciallyif referring potentially to all
making it specific and consciousespeciallyif similar instances are regularly
have to rely on informersespeciallyif the legislation is not
risk of a split monarchyespeciallyif the scots were to
[inaudible] the licence goes andespeciallyif there s they re
well enough they were uncomfortableespeciallyif they contained pieces of
sobering thought is it notespeciallyif you extend it to
hand but sort of wellespeciallyif you re going to
the extract from roland furiousespeciallyif you work across line
an a pair of trousersespeciallyif your havin tae wrestle
you find it quite difficultespeciallyin the summertime if it
such as if so sinceespeciallyin why explanations instructions tell
lot of our words andespeciallyplace names are pictish if
get a message that isespeciallyto them if they re
speak differently to other peopleespeciallyneil loretta and peggy have
minorities in our society disproportionatelyespeciallyolder people we believe that
silly f1150: yeah i thinkespeciallypeople who ve come up
of the local witnesses moreespeciallythe common people giving evidence
older people in scotland andespeciallyto dementia sufferers who are
comfort f1150: that someone reallyespeciallywith older people f1151: mmhm
ye tae dae ye kenespeciallyan office job eh because
does i welcome the debateespeciallybecause it shows that parliament
pollution from opencast mining operationsespeciallybecause of particulate problems i
some places hares are conservedespeciallybecause of the coursing interest
of good material for thatespeciallybecause of the engineering experience
that the local authorities submittedespeciallybecause they were substantially higher
ran to thousands of poundsespeciallybut not exclusively because of
new year was very quietespeciallythe new year because it
received from many council directorsespeciallyfrom aberdeenshire council which said
up regularly at busy seasonsespeciallyhairst for many years a
talk about corpora in scotsespeciallycoming to talk about scots
increased in the 20th centuryespeciallyin urban scots görlach 2002
just i love the iespeciallylove the scots language erm
in this sense in modernespeciallynorth east scots breid also
sesll is supported by stellaespeciallystarn scots teaching and research
t it the gaelic communityespeciallyin glasgow f947: mmhm yeah
deaf community at all levelsespeciallyon television must be improved
focal point in the communityespeciallysince the school closed in
role of community renewable energyespeciallysolar power in towns and
any old way make upespeciallyeye make up bourgeois and
the way of further andespeciallyhigher education on their doorstep
land o the leal isespeciallyinteresting for the way in
ordinated way to enhance skillsespeciallymanagement skills subsequently annual reviews
has been up in armsespeciallyover the way in which
an interactive way this wasespeciallyso in music where the
matters such as organ donationespeciallya donation from a live
renew outdated nhs capital equipmentespeciallydiagnostic equipment such as radiographic
has to be better definedespeciallyfor countries such as scotland
frankly such measures are notespeciallyrelevant to most of the
such gaps in the infrastructureespeciallysouth of tweedbank the train
sensitive issues such as religionespeciallythe constitutional position of the
they mostly seem very friendlyespeciallydr [censored: surname] who hails from
m762: become very very specialisedespeciallyin the modern economy you
very much okay f1143: anespeciallythanks duncan for doin it
right m1174: proved very popularespeciallythe the m608: [cough] m1174:
very spot where it grewespeciallythem who walked hand in
and facial expression where appropriateespeciallyin scene 3 the actors
group of buildings where travellersespeciallypilgrims could find food and
m762: yeah f963: you knowespeciallythe part where where zilla
reduce tobacco consumption is clearespeciallywhere additional tobacco control policies
is still is aye yeahespeciallywhere the schooling still erm
company to discuss their intentionsespeciallywhere there are concerns about
think that that is anespeciallygood use of our time
stuff has a good pressespeciallyrefugee story 21 monday interview
was good kitchie at teatimeespeciallythe summer cheese ye ll
exciting the canadians were goodespeciallytheir captain unfortunately as you
to the hare population predationespeciallyby foxes has also been
o scotland a few modalsespeciallycan also occur in constructions
in that area that areespeciallyin demand will also be
german origin visitors also helpedespeciallyin the long evenings about
a gooseberry an extraneous prickleespeciallythe large black rat who
flourish and it will blossomespeciallyin our schools which is
represented our new parliament abroadespeciallyin the usa on tartan
is actually useful this isespeciallytrue now that our teaching
new zealanders were prominent andespeciallya white haired new zealander
your problems science and geneticsespeciallyare breaking new and exciting
epidemic in new brunswick andespeciallythe residences i was struck
to ritchie and his masterespeciallyat a time as now
pol well he could understandespeciallynow he was older why
of me i need youespeciallynow i should have seen
a lot of ehm emailsespeciallynow with the with the
look too stable just nowespeciallywith libya letting off steam
citations along with other cerealsespeciallyaitis the ile called leuiss
confused with quhite meaning whiteespeciallyas white bread is likely
that i was with oneespeciallyimaginative suggestion was that school
too and i remember itespeciallyin combination with a quarter
agnes no in here sadieespeciallyin here carolanne enters with
difficulty with the language andespeciallymine i suppose my phone
processes of change of meaningespeciallynarrowing or specialisation associated with
with olive oil this isespeciallynice with crusty bread mixed
agencies of the state includingespeciallyperhaps professionals concerned with testing
the football with a passionespeciallythe football which lasted forever
the energy flexibility and humourespeciallywith a vituperative edge provided
an institute of lexicography dealingespeciallywith an archive of computer
most of her regular correspondentsespeciallywith florence mcneill 24 see
scientific and stuff like thatespeciallywith like in the sixties
argyll and clyde trust boardespeciallywith regard to local accountability
nipple like tors becoming lochnagarespeciallywith royalty moving in below
statement through the wildlife committeesespeciallywith the acpos general policing
with the rebus stories andespeciallywith the city of edinburgh
the other presiding officers andespeciallywith the long suffering clerks
i agree with you f1038: especiallyyeah f1037: yeah i agree
to reduce services in glasgowespeciallyall financial aspects of the
mindset in some local authoritiesespeciallyamong some councillors that all
strands of the establishment debateespeciallyany perceived differences in the
had developed into constitutional conventionespeciallyat imperial conferences in the
in fact it was notespeciallycold only a sharp contrast
scottish tongue and private writingsespeciallycorrespondence held in the dost
best are they f745: likeespeciallyearly in the morning i
that legislation alone is notespeciallyeffective in tackling fuel poverty
reduce the thresholds in scotlandespeciallygiven the small size of
was an enormous success andespeciallyhelpful to tourism in this
welcomed by the construction industryespeciallyin a fast moving commercial
these inspections are cairried outespeciallyin a yaird wi a
interested in the subject andespeciallyin barbara bradford s coursebook
like going into the chemistespeciallyin castle douglas cause you
or three times a yearespeciallyin days wi the cheap
tae eh eh congregate thereespeciallyin drizzly weather or rainy
as first then following finallyespeciallyin how explanations and cause
need to meet skill shortagesespeciallyin information and communications technology
but we should examine itespeciallyin light of the alarming
whole concept of non disclosureespeciallyin light of the position
retail sector in west lothianespeciallyin livingston which is a
seriously big issue out thereespeciallyin my constituency in the
limits there is every reasonespeciallyin scotland s evolving constitutional
problems that emerged quite earlyespeciallyin the big cities authorities
some research on that subjectespeciallyin the coalfield communities in
legitimate concerns of ordinary workersespeciallyin the current climate of
the land mass of scotlandespeciallyin the highlands and the
the constitutional background and contextespeciallyin the late 17th and
a european scottish passport whichespeciallyin the light of the
within which the fund operatesespeciallyin the light of the
frae caddis grubs tae saumonespeciallyin the middle o a
its favour here and everywhereespeciallyin the press but i
his kung fuing son tooespeciallyin the scene in which
t it aye f1026: yeahespeciallyin the summertime it was
seriously i encountered that problemespeciallyin the treatment of depression
column usually took place abroadespeciallyin the u s a
years of her tenure andespeciallyin their more recent initiatives
his work was in phoneticsespeciallyin theories of prosody but
we worked as a teamespeciallyin welcoming the unexpectedly large
the problem of speeding trafficespeciallylorries and vans in westbank
of other natural mortality lossesespeciallylosses in the marine phase
in joe s fan clubespeciallymorag the little clype though
issues relating to class andespeciallynational representation in little s
responsibility for the roads infrastructureespeciallyon lifeline projects in other
notes that whilst it isespeciallypopular in the highlands it
notes that whilst it isespeciallypopular in the highlands it
changes in the marine environmentespeciallytemperature changes resulting from global
confined to the sunday butespeciallythe episcopalians in the north
change in the assessment proceduresespeciallythe internal assessment procedures and
and on her excellent contributionespeciallythe part in french i
a local level that isespeciallytrue in the case of
been lacking in warmth andespeciallywarm sunny days however both
common fear of entering waterespeciallywater in a cold deep
into winnlins a system usedespeciallyat water driven mills that
used t read various tingsespeciallyd novels o william burroughs
them smelt tae high heavenespeciallyhenry he used to kich
the other the last twoespeciallybut ehm m959: yeah aye
they actually are f835: andespeciallyisn t f832: yeah we
they found it great funespeciallyas they were earning some
some of the upstairs stuffespeciallythe fabergé eggs was lovely
the delivery of some targetsespeciallythe targets that you have
see some members leaving todayespeciallythe unique winnie ewing we
after all the bustle hereespeciallyas it was apparantly thanksgiving
ironing they are all uncomfortableespeciallycarolanne sadie och go oan
deputy presiding officer it isespeciallypleasing to listen to all
dance music bless them allespeciallythe profits but not forgetting
egg substitute for all andespeciallyto city dwellers this was
bleak view of womanhood andespeciallyof the female body which
events prior to the unionespeciallythe act of security which
there campaigns will go onespeciallythe chronic pain campaign which
commend the snp s amendmentespeciallythe final words which are
like ecstasy tawdry and shudderingespeciallythe last which can be
poems an effect which seemsespeciallyto relate to the detail
s just an exciting timeespeciallyas loads of them are
are just so slim f826: especiallyat a price you can
introduce additional costs we areespeciallyconcerned about the distribution of
translations are continuing i wasespeciallyinterested to see listed a
whether they are mainly orespeciallyproduced for the scottish market
added garlic or chillis areespeciallyuseful dried herbs seasoning pinch
fabric of scotland but areespeciallyvulnerable to change the scottish
main parts were well playedespeciallya sensuous lady macbeth and
not that we d- wellespeciallyfor me i do have
gonna go sometimes m816: wellespeciallyfour or five pints inside
emotional about it as wellespeciallyirish poetry like m605: there
well and his eldest sonespeciallyjames by name his joiners
job well done it isespeciallypleasing that the committee took
executive s arts policy ehmespeciallyregarding literature and language m055:
seemed to enjoy it anywayespeciallyas they were able to
sugar and spices were addedespeciallycinnamon my ain mither eest
that were to be appliedespeciallythe level of fire safety
any sort of change orespeciallysince devolution has anything m055:
to compose of sene subjectisespeciallytranslating of any thing out
m8 glasgow rd quite ridiculousespeciallyas by the following day
why that is so difficultespeciallyas executive ministers have given
once again set foot thereespeciallyas he would be considered
and euan robson have madeespeciallyas i have experience of
i can just afford itespeciallyas i was overpaid for
but appointed by the executiveespeciallyas it will enforce decisions
is ominous for the futureespeciallyas the scottish executive s
to allow organisations to planespeciallyas we have made a
the fears of the parentsespeciallyon the last occasion as
objects or pieces of landespeciallypromontories as does hoh meaning
as the early poems showespeciallythe complaynt and the dreme
what happened i [exhale] m608: especiallyfor me cause i m
brain i m not sayingespeciallynot to you conspiracy theorists
m not i m notespeciallysympathetic to the romantics m741:
t mind that solution myselfespeciallythe andy bit i m
she was a terrible floozyespeciallyafter a serious bevvy still
arithmetic that was my favouriteespeciallyfan the teacher would fire
mmhm f640: was and fatherespeciallyfather didn t really say
olympic games it was greatespeciallythe beach volleyball at bondi
her chair it was scaryespeciallythe blade a shiny an
the roar of the crowdsespeciallythe hampden roar was amazing
the the horses an cairtsespeciallythe one that was ye
regulatory proposals that was unwelcomeespeciallyto us after a number
know you f640: and oneespeciallywas a big paper bell
was pretty disappointed that chrisespeciallywas too tired to make
the canaries majorca and greeceespeciallyfor families we re starting
s had a hard lifeespeciallyraising you you re forgetting
guid spirits far an nearespeciallyus bogles here we re
excellent you could get anythingespeciallycopeland and lye i remember
the petitioner s concern isespeciallyabout overcrowding on trains and
but this is a poolespeciallydangerous for the male swimmer
it is simply more efficientespeciallyfor uk wide companies to
quite helpful dr [censored: surname] isespeciallyfriendly he s an expatriate
loving male this service isespeciallyliked by parents six months
out sustainable core funding isespeciallyneeded the current project funding
t be acquired dis isespeciallypertinent tae onybody doin a
to be acquired this isespeciallypertinent to a student of
consultation is producing results iespeciallywelcome the repeated commitment that
undertaken on your behalf andespeciallyfor their work during my
plants on their window sillsespeciallyfuchsias and geraniums ma ain
for their efforts i thankespeciallythe voluntary sector groups from
like waitin on a bussieespeciallyat the junction there s
differences erm f746: mmhm f745: especiallylike i got them to
die of shock i wouldespeciallylike to thank jessica princeton
s countries like ours andespeciallythe u s that pump
languages and about skills methodsespeciallyinnovative methods and tools including
we actually enjoyed the programmesespeciallya concert of russian music
d it does it f890: especiallyat this time of year
growing of vegetables and fruitespeciallyhis rasps strawberries black and
means the whole of somethingespeciallyof a company or of
localised impact on spawning populationsespeciallyof spring fish this has
of the family members andespeciallyof the head of the
have been extremely funny andrewespeciallyremembers the look of horror
privilege of supervising your classespeciallysince you don t insist
great view of the cityespeciallythe reflecting pool down to
views expressed yesterday and todayespeciallythe sincerely held views of
the additional meaning of breadespeciallywheat bread to distinguish it
alcohol des mcnulty the phraseespeciallywithin the confines of the
her imagination and her emotionsespeciallyher sexual awareness this time
i realised at the timeespeciallythe short sequence on the
that we need to beespeciallyvigilant at this time we
committee s arguments and iespeciallywelcome that it has acknowledged
your supper f1142: no f1141: especiallyjust for you go and
to go through it andespeciallyso for the elderly means
drink and drugs problem hereespeciallyup the hill at the
and balanced report i amespeciallygrateful that my hobbyhorse access
preconceived ideas even my ownespeciallymy own you know f963:
an excellent one i mustespeciallythank elsie [censored: surname] my secretary
i think my sister maryespeciallywould be taller than he
they take money off everybodyespeciallyme cause i don t
it ye see m824: kingswellsespeciallythey dinnae want it m822:
22 line 35 leave outespeciallyand insert must always act
m816: on the left handespeciallyand then you ve got
ease and through the 1970sespeciallydeveloped the highly analytical style
mostly football then and otherwiseespeciallydick barton special agent and
the sda s activities andespeciallyits property function a criticism
likes clothes make up andespeciallymen ronnie a middle aged
reasons why 20th century andespeciallypost war writers have swung
beriozka and admired the booksespeciallythe art books but didn
sector and the executive iespeciallywelcome the minister s announcement
traffic can reach these islandsespeciallyover the whitsun weekend followed
recently since you cam hameespeciallythis evening oh lilian why
questions i thank mr elliotespeciallyfor having come back for
often don t eat dinnerespeciallyon a friday fiona s
likely to derail the strategyespeciallythe actions that you have
top form at the golfespeciallyagainst woody i wish i
f1038: that i had causeespeciallyat school f1037: yes f1038:
that the regulations will beespeciallycumbersome administratively iain smith i
gaelic on the west coastespeciallyf902: uh huh f606: i
disposable nothing indispensable even loveespeciallylove yes i did the
ettlin fer better days aheidespeciallynoo yon red squirrel i
spellin i liked that anaespeciallythe lang words chanting mississippi
there to study amerindian languagesespeciallya tribe called the hopi
m608: [cough] m1174: first erespeciallydoing that the first erm
relevant to the current debateespeciallyfrom a scottish perspective table
had stockings wi the lassiesespeciallyhad stockings wi aw different
the meeting by wishing everyoneespeciallylargs a safe journey home
back the death penalty justespeciallym608: [laugh] m078: erm so
sorry co operation from residentsespeciallyover the holiday period means
one reads through the materialespeciallythat produced by the healthwise
be aye thinking o themselsespeciallyweemin at the hinnerend we
be the hard bittie thoughespeciallywithoot you we ve been
looked efter me jist fineespeciallyteachers you ve nae idea
even to his mother perhapsespeciallyto his mother at fiona
bit o funnin wi emespeciallywillie his faither wis a
care aboot folk georgie anespeciallyaboot teenie chrissie non committal
we walk around everyone delightedespeciallymeri 4 monday receive cheque
d open fire wiz strongespeciallyto gas central heating owner

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