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smaw broun merk on theettins luif an he fell
tak the bairn oot theettins luif the ettin taen
the ettin s luif theettintaen it in his ither
bou ti the lift theettinlowsed the boustring an the
me ma bou said theettinsae the lael sairvant pat
o catriona naething o theettinan his guidwyfe naething o
ferr frae it for thisettinhaed a guidwyfe he haed
string o paerls for theettins guidwyfe an him but
tak tent than said theettins guidwyfe an mynd you
mak a string for theettins guidwyfe an shuirlie he
simmer sun whit soud theettins guidwyfe dae but send
aw she wes ugsum theettins guidwyfe hae a kynd
graund walcum he gat theettins guidwyfe taen frae him
a richt necklace for theettins guidwyfe whaur wes he
satein cuiverins frae ablo theettinan the silken anes that
a pack made o theettins silken cuivers an pat
hae seen afore spiered theettinna thay ir juist the
eftir a wee whyle theettinspiered again whit dae ye
me whit cums said theettinthe sairvant cuist his een
the glaumerie o a mukkilettinan wul byde sleepin or
things taen frae the sleepinettinfinn an his cumpanie war
wul byde sleepin or thatettinis deid but ah ken
a chaumer whaur a mukkilettinis sleepin on a bed
soun cam frae the sleepinettinneist the reivar doucelie liftit
inti the chaumer whaur theettinwes sleepin he kuist his
fullie as ugsum as theettinhimsell an did she nio
torn intae me fur naeettinthe custard she d made
it wis jist naethin naeettinthe custard slice like it
a hint leg said theettinwhan the burd s hint
liftit the bairn frae theettins left haund an passt
micht win free frae theettinthe otters liftit thair faces
fared brawly inno the hatcheryettinaathin fooshtie or no gin
aathin wis cannibalised the leevinettinthe deid matin wis nae
soud befaw but that anettinsoud cum i the mirk
for ti wait or theettinsoud set oot for the
sair an whit wi theettincummin i the derk o
ah can hear him theettinis cummin fest throu the
but at lang lest theettingaed his gait doun inti
follae the trail o yaeettintell me the gait ti
heich hill whaur stuid theettins keep nor did he
wes a yung callant thisettinwes that heich he straid
wi the ship nou theettinhystit his haund for ti
eftir anither wee whyle theettinspierit dae ye aye see
keepit the lyfe o theettinhe huntit for it awroads
weill ti me fergal theettins lyfe is hauden in
sherp een quaetlyke or theettincam up wi the ship
chowks listen til him theettins dochter jyned in wi
ma lassie said the auldettintil his dochter an he
i the lift an theettinfoundert an fell doun deid
bruce the youngest hairster satettinher dennertime piece she wis
feet on its steeny banksettintheir denner piece an flingin
or he haed seen theettingae awa til the huntin
for lowsin thaim frae theettins glaumerie an the princess
the egg is brukken theettinwul dee an aw o
awa wi him til theettins keep thare he set
ootby or ye see theettinweill on his road awa
steid in the forest theettinstappit ma een is a
fricht thinkin aboot whit theettinmicht dae whan he made
ae mair yerk an theettins airm cam oot at
did this wes that theettinwad leeve on foraye an
mak allouances at this theettinlat out a rair o
sae she is bi theettinin the keep at the
disjaskit bi nou for theettinhae stown hir sae that
ah no hear him theettinhaes jusit waukent up an
daff wi an aye theettindwaumed on never lyke ti
a nyaf dolled up inettins claes menteith nae wunner
sittin spinnin nettils for theettinan on a gowden day
reenged ower the nearhaun fairmsettinaathing clean in a plague

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