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exported to central and easterneuropeand developing countries where there
of eastern central and southerneuropeco ordination of member states
states of eastern and centraleuropeif they can do deaf
can do them in easterneuropeif they can do sex
states from central and easterneuropein 2004 1 the convention
from eastern central and southerneuropeis likely to have an
from eastern central and southerneuropejoin the union 11 on
with partner regions in easterneuropemany of the candidate countries
from other parts of easterneuropemay have been coming up
probable new entrants from easterneuropeplus cyprus and turkey that
advertisement club smoking in easterneuropes1w 27436 michael russell to
dynamic in central and easterneuropeso they would need to
new eu members in easterneuropeto enhance the opportunities available
states in eastern and centraleuropetwo ordinary scots were quite
health awareness advertisement in easterneuropewas based on consultations with
nae bad because in easterneuropeye used tae gang intae
switzerland i went intae easterneuropeyears before the communists were
msp deputy minister for educationeuropeand external affairs 2 education
of the minister for educationeuropeand external affairs and on
mcconnell as minister for educationeuropeand external affairs announced that
by the minister for educationeuropeand external affairs at the
mcconnell the minister for educationeuropeand external affairs has made
the previous minister for educationeuropeand external affairs he said
the then minister for educationeuropeand external affairs in march
the previous minister for educationeuropeand external affairs in which
the former minister for educationeuropeand external affairs jack mcconnell
the then minister for educationeuropeand external affairs jack mcconnell
statement the minister for educationeuropeand external affairs made a
statement the minister for educationeuropeand external affairs made a
nations the minister for educationeuropeand external affairs moved amendment
figure the minister for educationeuropeand external affairs moved amendment
2835 the minister for educationeuropeand external affairs mr jack
snp the minister for educationeuropeand external affairs mr jack
51 the minister for educationeuropeand external affairs mr jack
2847 the minister for educationeuropeand external affairs mr jack
congratulates the minister for educationeuropeand external affairs on setting
the former minister for educationeuropeand external affairs or of
the previous minister for educationeuropeand external affairs quite properly
by the minister for educationeuropeand external affairs s1w 17686
whether the minister for educationeuropeand external affairs will consider
spanish the minister for educationeuropeand external affairs will recall
from the minister for educationeuropeand external relations mr jack
debate for the future ofeurope1 through alliances with other
debate on the future ofeurope17 05 irene oldfather cunninghame
convention debating the future ofeurope5 listening phase 6 study
report on governance future ofeurope9th report 2001 during autumn
in the future shape ofeuropea member state s decision
debate on the future ofeuropeand its governance i was
in discussing the future ofeuropeand non governmental organisations have
uk threatening our future ineuropeand our share of the
to debate the future ofeuropeand scotland s place in
convention on the future ofeuropeas an open and innovative
convention on the future ofeuropeas an open and innovative
would be from a futureeuropeas well as answering the
on the future shape ofeuropeat nice in december 2000
convention on the future ofeuropebecame necessary because those who
debate on the future ofeuropecontents part one background 3
wallace on the future ofeuropeconvention and two amendments to
make to the future ofeuropeconvention i thought that ben
for scotland meetings future ofeuropeconvention motion moved mr jim
representatives to the future ofeuropeconvention the committee welcomed the
should linger over future ofeuropeconvention the presiding officer sir
wallace on the future ofeuropeconvention the scottish dimension be
wallace on the future ofeuropeconvention the scottish dimension be
wallace on the future ofeuropeconvention the scottish dimension be
perhaps consider doing for futureeuropeday events further views on
relating to the future ofeuropedebate 6 the euro and
parliament on the future ofeuropedebate 8 the response of
outcomes of the future ofeuropedebate and the decisions that
part of the future ofeuropedebate and the discussions when
outcome to the future ofeuropedebate cannot be overemphasised the
accession countries the future ofeuropedebate could be a worthy
who is the future ofeuropedebate for if not our
website on the future ofeuropedebate had received eight hits
contribution to the future ofeuropedebate i look forward to
parliament on the future ofeuropedebate on 28 february 2002
parliament on the future ofeuropedebate other non regular opportunities
engagement with the future ofeuropedebate over the remaining life
part in the future ofeuropedebate we are consulted on
eu in our future ofeuropedebate we brought together an
convention and the future ofeuropedebate young scot europe channel
convention on the future ofeuropefinally the committee will seek
debate on the future ofeuropehas already taken place in
argument on the future ofeuropehave been beneficial to its
convention on the future ofeuropehe pushes openly for the
debate on the future ofeuropehelen eadie from discussions with
debate on the future ofeuropei am delighted that the
westminster shape our future ineuropei do not want to
debate about the future ofeuropei think that it is
be debating the future ofeuropei was disappointed by the
devolution or future independence ineuropei would be interested to
convention on the future ofeuropein brussels and engage directly
involvement in the future ofeuropein july 2002 the house
would like to see fromeuropein the future this briefing
debates on the future ofeuropeis about where executive power
are now the future ofeuropeis not only about our
convention on the future ofeuropeis vital the convention is
case for both scotland andeuropenow and in the future
convention on the future ofeuropeopened in brussels on 28
discussion about the future ofeuropeour inquiry led to the
seen to participate in shapingeuropes future 11 the position
their views known about howeuropes future should be shaped
convention on the future ofeuropescotland s political leader jack
convention on the future ofeuropesince its inaugural meeting on
services 3 the future ofeuropethe committee will consider the
services 3 the future ofeuropethe committee will consider the
union and the future ofeuropethe committee will hear evidence
union and the future ofeuropethe committee will hear from
subject of the future ofeuropethe conference will take place
convention on the future ofeuropethe convention does not comprise
on the future governance ofeuropethe eu is a complex
convention debating the future ofeuropethe european convention is part
deliberations on the future ofeuropethe principle of subsidiarity should
report on the future ofeuropethe report s key recommendation
fellow europeans in a futureeuropethere should be less pollution
to see from a futureeuropethese have also been submitted
convention on the future ofeuropethis briefing considers the work
debate over the future ofeuropethose countries have influence but
about the future direction ofeuropetoday however is an opportunity
declaration on the future ofeuropewas appended to the nice
convention on the future ofeuropewas launched in february to
secure for the future ofeuropewe must ensure that it
found on the future ofeuropewebsite http www europa eu
views on the future ofeuropewelcomes the contribution that the
views on the future ofeuropewelcomes the contribution that the
union and the future ofeuropewhat role for scotland as
union and the future ofeuropewhat role for scotland followed
union and the future ofeuropewhat role for scotland followed
union and the future ofeuropewhat role for scotland volume
convention on the future ofeuropewhich will give us a
decisions on the future ofeuropewill have a direct effect
the first proposals for reshapingeuropeare prepared the convention meets
no way advances democracy ineuropethe constitutional convention should be
for finding more information abouteuropethese included the european convention
her boundless enthusiasm in promotingeuropealthough many of my colleagues
role in promoting scotland ineuropeand in promoting europe in
in europe and in promotingeuropein scotland cathy jamieson i
infrastructure for promoting scots withineuropeis is quite poor there
s1m 2472 promoting aberdeen aseuropes energy capital lodged on
year s aim of celebratingeuropes linguistic heritage and promoting
has the aim of celebratingeuropes linguistic heritage and promoting
in promoting scottish culture ineuropes1w 34327 michael russell to
airdrie north lanarkshire wrote thateuropewas about promoting world peace
in [bang on table] western liberal democraticeuropeand america is absolutely fandabbydosy
are the highest in westerneuropeand that research has proved
years of peace in westerneuropeand the european union s
private rented housing in westerneuropeand there is no reason
among the lowest in westerneuropedespite the advances that have
a large swathe of westerneuropefrom beyond the north of
that it has saved westerneuropefrom the kind of conflicts
languages in britain and westerneuropemy concern particularly is the
worst hiv problem in westerneuropeor havin f606: mm m954:
worst slum in the westerneuropethe definition of worst depending
that we enjoy in westerneuropethe organisation has gone from
of lung cancer in westerneuropewith smoking accounting for around
fear that the citizens ofeuropeare often left behind by
movement for the citizens ofeuropeas a personal right and
the best way to bringeuropeback to its citizens is
today celebrating with citizens throughouteuropeif anyone doubts the relevance
to join with citizens acrosseuropein the celebration of our
the 500 million citizens ofeuropeneed to be taken in
that of ensuring connectivity betweeneuropes citizens and europe s
to open up to alleuropes citizens and their representatives
between europe s citizens andeuropes institutions i believe that
union in a new citizenseuropethat will not simply happen
or all the citizens ofeuropethe last time such a
residents of other countries ineuropewe are not citizens but
citizens and interested parties throughouteuropewill access our debate today
and home affairs matters ineuropeover the first five months
implementation of the directive throughouteuropeand recognises that this uneven
targets have been set throughouteuropeand the bill attempts to
us attract people from throughouteuropeand the united kingdom into
support for organic farming throughouteuropebut i cannot give details
ensure that serious crime throughouteuropecan be dealt with speedily
throughout europe the council ofeuropecommented that the aim of
such people in scotland throughouteuropedifferent countries have different rates
continues to be influential throughouteuropein scotland the influence of
language in scotland and throughouteuropeis not itself a solution
choose 10 people from throughouteuropeon their merit the small
in the parliament and throughouteuropeshare regardless of cultural diversity
students to other universities throughouteuropesuch as bologna valladolid paris
just in scotland but throughouteuropethat also means that it
to promote the year throughouteuropethat funding will be used
of indigenous minority languages throughouteuropethe council of europe commented
so on the accounts throughouteuropethey do not count as
parliament to spread awareness ofeuropethroughout scotland but the duty
their persecution goes on throughouteuropetoday the crowd applauds the
ehm looking at countries ineuropeand there s a role
england and ither countries ofeuropeevery man existing in these
more than 40 countries acrosseuropemany of which in particular
countries participating excluded one ofeuropes oldest nations scotland notes
youngscot org channels europe theeuropechannel provides a wealth of
of europe debate young scoteuropechannel the european parliament europa
europe day but independence ineuropeday 17 29 david mundell
need to celebrate not onlyeuropeday but independence in europe
but for the people ofeuropeeurope is now more citizen
proportion of europe s wealtheuropehas become a single economic
with the social progress thateuropehas made europe is about
progress that europe has madeeuropeis about sustainable development and
for the people of europeeuropeis now more citizen friendly
in europe we understand thateuropeis relevant to our everyday
to the great relief ofeuropes people conflict in europe
a relatively small proportion ofeuropes wealth europe has become
http www youngscot org channelseuropethe europe channel provides a
europe s people conflict ineuropewas replaced by economic co
changing and reforming agenda ineuropewe understand that europe is
union and the council ofeuropean enormous range of events
union an the cooncil oeuropean undemous range o events
european union has delivered foreuropeand for scotland welcomes the
european union has delivered foreuropeand for scotland welcomes the
000 young women into centraleuropeand the european union eu
initiative by the council ofeuropeand the european union with
union and the origin ofeuropeday i do not believe
union and the council ofeuropewhilst also having the support
this area includes all ofeuropeall eu member states are
regions and member states ineuropeand being part of the
states whilst the council ofeuropehas also engaged with unesco
nations particularly in an expandingeuropeof accession states from what
towards a united states ofeuropeof course that is not
of the peoples not aeuropeof the nation states i
15 to 25 member stateseuropes leaders recognised that the
we are facing a largereuropethe states that are joining
changes that are happening ineuropethere will be new states
states of the council ofeuropetherefore a certain amount of
in the member states ofeuropethey have survived the difficulties
parliament uk official_report cttee archiveeurope01 htm rep 19 the
mcshane mp uk minister foreurope14 february informal meeting held
mcshane mp uk minister foreurope14 february informal meeting held
the myth that being ineuropeas part of the uk
stir ac uk council ofeuropehttp culture coe fr ael2001eyl
an invitation to the ukeuropeminister the rt hon peter
be that in the ukeuropeor elsewhere we are not
parliament the uk minister foreuropepeter hain represents the uk
clerk to the european committeeeuropescottish parliament uk members are
clerk to the european committeeeuropescottish parliament uk members are
clerk to the european committeeeuropescottish parliament uk members are
clerk to the european committeeeuropescottish parliament uk members are
clerk to the european committeeeuropescottish parliament uk members are
clerk to the european committeeeuropescottish parliament uk members are
clerk to the european committeeeuropescottish parliament uk members are
clerk to the european committeeeuropescottish parliament uk members are
clerk to the european committeeeuropescottish parliament uk members are
clerk to the european committeeeuropescottish parliament uk members are
clerk to the european committeeeuropescottish parliament uk members are
part of the uk andeuropethe comments of the children
pm 5 uk minister foreuropethe committee will hear from
the uk was part ofeuropewe should use the euro
aims of the council ofeurope1 for the european year
2000 annual report cooncil oeurope1992 european charter for regional
2000 annual report council ofeurope1992 european charter for regional
children and their teachers witheuropeand european issues the workshops
objectives of the council ofeuropeand the european commission as
by both the council ofeuropeand the european commission the
as possible the council ofeuropeappointed a european steering group
citizen given our relationship witheuropeas members of the european
on closer european integration theeuropeday event has been featured
minority languages the council ofeuropedrew up the european charter
economy european issues research supporteuropefamiliarisation programme enterprise and lifelong
group in the european parliamenteuropeis awash with quotes from
european year o leids wiseuropeis multilingual an aye will
european year of languages wereeuropeis multilingual and always will
involvement on the issue ofeuropeis primarily through the european
that to become truly europeaneuropeneeds to stop talking about
by the european parliament aeuropeof 500 million people that
made to the council ofeuropeover the european arrest warrant
for all the peoples ofeuropethe members of the european
will be a success ineuropebut for the smaller languages
there are many languages ineuropebut they are not necessarily
languages is a council ofeuropecoe treaty that was agreed
two final thoughts in theeuropeof new languages there is
do with minority languages ineuropeof which there are more
part of the council ofeuropes 1971 1981 modern languages
used languages as one ofeuropes minority languages and it
used languages as one ofeuropes minority languages it is
the lesser used languages ofeuropesuch as basque breton catalan
lesser known minority languages ofeuropethat definition is good enough
and building bridges all overeuropewhere previously suppressed languages and
intelligent and coherent debate abouteuropeand scotland s role in
debate on how the neweuropecan affect our communities our
we had a debate oneuropeday and i called for
skilfully securing a debate oneuropeday on 9 may it
has been going on acrosseuropeto influence the debate on
a more active role ineuropeand i would like to
we recognise the role thateuropehas played and in particular
and scotland s role ineuropeis needed i disagree with
iraq despite opposition from acrosseuropeand even from within the
popularity and prestige across continentaleuropeand north america and other
almost fifty crews from acrosseuropeand rave reviews all around
together school children from acrosseuropeand south africa and urges
salmon from rivers across northerneuropeand the east coast of
of support is emerging acrosseuropefor greater access to the
online review o writin acrosseuropehit s policy is ta
and england and all acrosseuropehow much mair true must
towards peace and solidarity acrosseuropenotes the relevance of the
made just for c- acrosseuropeor m865,: uh huh y-
ages and all nationalities acrosseuropeto take a language challenge
bring across the value ofeuropeto the ordinary people of
head of planning policy andeuropeargyll and bute council debbie
to amend a council ofeuropecharter or treaty will need
in society the council ofeuropehas developed projects under the
head of planning policy andeuropehighland council stirling council richard
and on the council ofeuroperather than on anything to
area thereof the council ofeuropes key decision making body
which comprise the council ofeuropethe coe also has a
those of the council ofeuropethese are to raise awareness
asp lang en council ofeuropetreaties including the charter for
commission would not further commiteuropes health and education sectors
identity education learn more abouteuropewhile many of the children
the parliament today to celebrateeuropeday does the minister agree
when we will disagree witheuropethe first minister indicated just
and the irvine herald othereuropeday activities in the parliament
in the scottish parliament oneuropeday and pays particular attention
parliament is proud to markeuropeday as a celebration of
games with the children includingeuropeday bingo and asked them
way to try to markeuropeday but that has not
scottish parliament website also markedeuropeday by hosting an online
of the children attending theeuropeday event were in favour
to visit the parliament oneuropeday have written to the
shows that parliament is markingeuropeday i only wish that
market in the early 1970seuropeday if any is a
02 70 11 june 2002europeday in the scottish parliament
in austria as we celebrateeuropeday it is important that
today helping us to celebrateeuropeday it was great for
moved euan robson decision timeeuropeday motion debated irene oldfather
irene oldfather on scotland andeuropeday motion debated that the
the scottish parliament to markeuropeday on thursday 9 may
the foreign and commonwealth officeeuropeday page rounding off the
of us have seen theeuropeday postcard with its symbol
the parliament s own onlineeuropeday quiz there were also
afternoon s newsdrive has coveredeuropeday richard lochhead i am
given the popularity of theeuropeday schools event the parliament
mention once that today iseuropeday that is disappointing but
scottish executive s involvement ineuropeday that is quite disappointing
government committee be secondary committeeseuropeday the presiding officer sir
irene oldfather on scotland andeuropeday this was also webcast
helping the parliament to markeuropeday through this evening s
increasing awareness and having aeuropeday to look at the
introduction the schools event oneuropeday was a joint initiative
this contained information explaining whateuropeday was all about the
the website featured its owneuropeday web page this contained
day events further views oneuropeexpressed by the young people
s1m 3996 spring day ineuropelodged on 5 march 2003
influence in the heart ofeuropethat means that one day
wrong even in today seuropethe importance of achieving a
ruled by dictatorship of courseeuropetoday does not mr jim
concept of a more federalisedeuropetoday romano prodi said national
been working on projects oneuropeand on the scottish parliament
how the scottish parliament andeuropecan work together to protect
consultative steering group looked toeuropein establishing our parliament we
type that is normal ineuropein which the scottish parliament
that session of parliament ineuropeone just waits a year
their parliament and learn howeuroperelates to scotland and its
and easier to understand aseuropes newest and youngest parliament
gaelic we are members ofeuropes youngest and newest parliament
existence the scottish parliament aseuropes youngest parliament is keen
scottish parliament on scotland andeuropethis is based on a
get the best out ofeuropeand that we contribute to
as being the best ineuropeb there is significant potential
to match the best ineuropeensure that scotland is at
scotland s best link witheuropeif sean connery is scotland
and that we contribute toeuropein the best way i
best friens war gaun taeeuropethon year ireland they speired
one of the best ineuropewhere one encounters everything in
to make the best ofeuropewhich is essential for our
best perr a strikers ineuropewu ll get a couple
people can support being ineuropeand being part of the
we are now part ofeuropeand the challenge is to
ordinary men and women ofeuropeas part of its principles
we were not part ofeuropeas we are now the
is changing in parts ofeuropepart of the reason for
our children s children ineuropei am happy to support
the school children on whateuropemeans to them and what
many of the children consideredeuropeto be very important and
children was the need foreuropeto maintain peace and stability
the children in thinking abouteuropewhy it is important to
to make our vision ofeuropea reality we need real
to inform them about howeuropeaffects our lives in scotland
to explore and learn abouteuropeand our fellow europeans in
benefits to our partners ineuropeand significantly to us not
ensure the peaceful development ofeuropefor our people because of
us of the importance ofeuropein our lives and why
as germany like most ofeuropeour business is determined collectively
be a social dimension toeuropeour society is at an
anyone doubts the relevance ofeuropeto our everyday lives i
produce for organic imports fromeuropewe would grow our own
on our vital access toeuropewould be so much easier
to members members indicated agreementeuropefamiliarisation programme the convener the
eu ignores the people ofeuropeand carries on regardless people
much about the people ofeuropeand their most immediate concerns
of treaties the people ofeuropeare being consulted the open
interests of the people ofeuropeat heart the difficulties experienced
way in which to bringeuropecloser to the people is
and welcoming tourist destinations ineuropefor disabled people be included
that often found in mainlandeuropegiving people power over their
achieve unanimity the people ofeuropehave consented to the pooling
inclinations of some people ineuropei totally support the snp
people in the rest ofeuropeinstead of subjects euan robson
funded indigenous minority language ineuropepeople have suggested that the
hope to have a democraticeuropepeople might disagree with that
was to transmit all overeuropethe message that people with
by the political experts ineuropethose people often have their
has the unhealthiest people ineuropewhere the environment is spoiled
people of different parts ofeuropewho are expressing their dissatisfaction
together in partnership to makeeuropea more harmonious place which
can find out more abouteuropeand have their voices heard
keenness to learn more abouteuropein school including a desire
about all the benefits ofeuropeincluding the potential for more
building a more socially inclusiveeuropeis considered an essential element
brief life douglas introduced toeuropemore than 200 plant species
of their list for whateuropeshould do more of in
that we can converse witheuropethe more that we can
are heard more clearly ineuropethe ways in which we
pointed to the need foreuropeto do more in the
established for gender more seasonedeuropewatchers seem to expect that
more of a problem ineuropewhere temperatures are higher than
it clear that an enlargedeuropewith more but smaller member
over the [inhale] all overeuropeand when you re starting
they were from all overeuropei remember thinking that only
can be used all overeuropemmhm f950: well yes but
attracts musicians from all overeuropeto play classical and contemporary
situation that is evolving ineuropeand elsewhere it was also
to peace and security ineuropeit has also contributed to
currency we should also remembereuropes desire as confirmed by
given the present crisis ineuropethe conference will also consider
were here to learn abouteuropeand scotland s place in
talked about great visions foreuropebut when we come down
always been very positive abouteuropei campaigned for the yes
all the other complaints abouteuropeinto perspective we should never
everything that she says abouteuropeor with all aspects of
among the many things abouteuropethat we can celebrate is
it appropriate to go toeuropeto talk and learn about
infringed when it comes toeuropewho is serious about this
made points about independence ineuropewith which i fully agree
links from scotland to mainlandeuropea difference for transport scotland
went and he travelled ineuropeand he returned to scotland
speed up the process ineuropeand here in scotland so
of scotland er to toeuropeand so maybe er maybe
and studying in scotland andeuropeas a qualified tailor milliner
scotland have a voice ineuropeas the motion says we
no direct ferry connection witheuropebelieves that scotland being on
civic organisations in scotland andeuropecivil society is a useful
is scotland s week ineuropei hope to be in
accordion and fiddle music ofeuropein particular scotland england and
commitment of all enthusiasts foreuropein scotland 16 29 mr
of pounds yet scotland andeuropenow have fewer farmers who
consumed in scotland comes fromeuropeone of the baselines is
not graduate he travelled ineuropereturning to scotland when civil
of the labour movement ineuropescotland and was formerly a
all institutions and groups ineuropescotland punches well above its
punching above its weight ineuropescotland s enthusiasm for and
punching above its weight ineuropescotland should be punching above
halldearn ofgem director scotland andeuropesocial justice committee 18 september
find evidence to take toeuropeto help him fight scotland
adviser on community sanctions ineurope6 inquiry into alternatives to
of the wealthiest cities ineuropea fascinating mix of sophistication
on their commitment to makeeuropea superpower in response to
tide runs deep in asiaeuropeafrica the dead lie quiet
high level of interest ineuropeamongst primary schools many of
hole in the hale oeuropean at its foun wis
a normal nation both ineuropeand at the united nations
and food technology industries ineuropeand calls upon the scottish
goal for full employment ineuropeand committed member state governments
has been carried out ineuropeand elsewhere the convener yes
cup is really important ineuropeand everywhere but the u
and on frequent journeys toeuropeand in 1876 to america
loyal to their own ineuropeand in the wider world
a heroic scottish nobleman ineuropeand it s a fabulously
largest mutual insurance company ineuropeand one of the most
growing area of employment ineuropeand that that trend is
that will be universal ineuropeand that the standards are
twin track nato deployment ineuropeand the reaction of various
enjoying profile and influence ineuropeand the rest of the
enjoying profile and influence ineuropeand the rest of the
founded to maintain peace ineuropeand to spread democracy and
medieval period imported from southerneuropeappears early in the record
in the country or ineuropeare we in a good
ports to reach destinations ineuropeas this increases the volume
want to make friends ineuropebut do nothing on behalf
match the highest levels ineuropeby reforming building standards ensure
presidents of legislative regions ineuropecalre these can be instrumental
referendum and we see thateuropecan develop in terms of
local and regional authorities ineuropeclrae and the conference of
democracy and co operation ineuropecould be a return to
crichton a heroic scot ineuropeekskubalauron like most of urquhart
are major challenges ahead foreuropefirst in relation to the
motion on working together ineuropefollowed by parliamentary bureau motions
that we have had ineuropefor a long while and
that they ll be ineuropefor a while i hope
is a major player ineuropegives us influence way beyond
of the 20th century ineuropehad ended has been a
as measure the renaissance ineuropehad led to the rediscovery
ago when he was ineuropehe s a nice man
extremism in some parts ofeuropei ask that we be
with legislative powers in moderneuropei hate the word subsidiarity
powerful commitment to working ineuropei know that henry mcleish
seem to be common ineuropei notice that you are
to have direct representation ineuropei reject the myth that
all levels of government ineuropei welcome recent developments in
blair wanted to withdraw fromeuropein 1983 no one should
bottom of the league ineuropein developing organic farming rhoda
and islands were alone ineuropein having bordering on 70
clacking steel of his wordseuropein mourning underneath his nose
was still worshipped in christianeuropein the 6th century at
of why we are ineuropein the first place the
political and cultural events ineuropein the late eighteenth century
the delegations that go toeuropein the past the delegation
am an unashamed enthusiast foreuropein the way that winnie
the idea of a strongereuropein the world we will
possible benefits of being ineuropein their views that all
responsibility in the 21st centuryeuropein which we live and
enthusiasm for and involvement ineuropeis renowned at all levels
realise how close everything ineuropeis to everything else i
participate in the journey thateuropeis undertaking we require to
taken up with passion ineuropeit became fashionable for nineteenth
lasting peace and stability ineuropeit provides the market for
ehm you know northern germaniceuropem741: mmhm m605: ehm in
attraction in the hale oeuropenoo there s even peregrine
tae be heard in aeuropeo a hunder flags an
tae be heard in aeuropeo a hunder flags an
voices be heard in aeuropeof a hundred flags and
key player in the neweuropeof the 21st century we
very different political strands ineuropeone strand advocates an approach
association of democratic socialists ineuropeonly last week i had
we going to be ineuropeor are we going to
lived in other parts ofeuropeor in north america they
that are taking place ineuropeor in other parts of
had been the tradition ineuropeprior to that it is
in committee room 2 1europes employment strategy and corporate
will be crucial both toeuropes place in the knowledge
networking and co operation amongeuropes police forces in the
state in all but nameeuropes version of integration is
protect scottish agricultural interests ineuropes1o 6394 23 mr john
wind energy generation site ineuropes1w 24870 robin harper to
linguistics was starting up ineuropesaussure was a professor in
suspect that in tramping aroundeuropeshe has picked up some
status other small nations ineuropesuch as denmark are at
are budgets and resources ineuropethat could be made available
to enjoy it in aeuropethat is not just multifaceted
on air rail connections ineuropethat rail links should exist
he believes in a federaleuropethat subject is open to
endangered in the rest ofeuropethe american mink became established
way that it is ineuropethe criticisms of the secrecy
to his sources in continentaleuropethe first chapter deals with
widespread in much of continentaleuropethe hare is prized for
electrical equipment are made ineuropethe leaflet will be sent
be a major player ineuropethe mechanism that is under
positive signs peace initiatives ineuropethe middle east afghanistan and
ghettos and pogroms in easteuropethen and few jew folk
most sophisticated examining bodies ineuropethere is an issue in
regional and local government ineuropethere is still time to
worst funded minority language ineuropethere may be difficulties in
and in some cases outsideeuropethey have set up production
not in the power ofeuropeto go back and regrant
content in the mid 1980seuropewas gripped by economic stagnation
meetings on justice matters ineuropewe do not have the
involved in the processes ofeuropewere losing touch with the
other senior political figures ineuropewho seem to see a
my preference is for aeuropewide ban but in the
one of the worst ineuropewill the monarchists among us
the worst recycling record ineuropewith only 4 5 of
advice that had originated ineuropewith writers like du bellay
in conventional arms in eeuropewithin two years he goes
the euro means being againsteuropeas a whole that discussion
of the eu being fortresseuropeas that idea is dead
acknowledges the public perception ofeuropebeing remote too bureaucratic and
hitler conquered vast areas ofeuropeand ruled by dictatorship of
become the pfi capital ofeuropeand that pfi is the
become the pfi capital ofeuropeand that pfi is the
barriers might build up betweeneuropeand the rest of the
relations with the nations ofeuropeand the snp whole heartedly
chairman of the planning developmenteuropeand tourism committee geoff robson
legitimacy of the institutions ofeuropeby reforming them and making
that they sought to dominateeuropeby way of a constitution
seemingly the drug capital ofeuropef835: isn t north east
that all the institutions ofeuropeface it is not good
spain and the rest ofeuropefrom altimira to avignon caves
and mussolini the governments ofeuropehad agreed not to respond
crises of 1973 and 1979europehad been retreating into protectionism
point that the rest ofeuropehas reached now or do
the nations and regions ofeuropehave a shared heritage as
state of the communities ofeuropei move amendment s1m 3678
it from a knowledge ofeuropei was head of a
local and regional authorities ofeuropeis a consultative body to
direction of decreasing barriers ifeuropeis a strong and integrated
almost organic symbol of howeuropeis developing certain key areas
everything that comes out ofeuropeis right there will be
operation among the peoples ofeuropeit means policies and funding
was full of refugees fromeuropejews germans poles the lot
of questions relating to whateuropemeans to them and what
constitute the literatures of continentaleuropenorth america and the british
up on the recognition byeuropeof scots as a language
for the creation of aeuropeof the peoples not a
free flights and travel toeuropepractical benefits of eu membership
been to increase awareness ofeuropes linguistic heritage and openness
quickly concentrated the minds ofeuropes political leaders on a
against the background of aeuropethat is perceived rightly to
of having a constitution foreuropethere was general support except
the importance and relevance ofeuropeto their everyday lives and
1985 when the rest ofeuropewas suffering the coldest spell
examine the real issues ofeuropewhich are the issues that
the formation of a neweuropewhich might not be the
and i understand that aeuropewide target of 20 per
notion of what access toeuropewide tv will do to
security however the whole ofeuropewill benefit by signing up
should be a wider loosereuropewith the values of subsidiarity
schemes is funded partly byeuropeand partly from domestic resources
received special transitional aid fromeuropeequivalent to what would have
1980s spending by visitors fromeuropehas overtaken spending by visitors
and do not recognise thateuropeis not apart from us
to try to withdraw fromeuropeshould not be up to
from the extra funding fromeuropethat funding must be seen
bow down to pressure fromeuropeto accept a simplistic scheme
the long historical trek fromeuropevia the anglo saxon tribes
that organic food comes fromeuropewe import crops that can
respond to the challenges thateuropefaces that partnership has to
travelled a long way howevereuropehas done so which is
the common fisheries policy yeteuropenow has fewer fishermen and
size fits all approach toeuropethat applies equally to parts
the dangers which threaten iteuropewill not be made all
should be i think thateuropeis at that crossroads once
good transport links with continentaleuropeand that it is uneconomic
asking the question what iseuropefor there was a clear
schemes is entirely funded byeuropei stress that the table
so far by saying thateuropeis a good thing the
is just a phrase buteuropeis fast becoming a federal
matter is that going intoeuropeoffers great opportunities it is
is he proposing going toeuropeor taking any other actions
is a cruel irony thateuropes oil and gas capital
ony wye idder is norderneuropese whit du tinks aa
we want to secure aeuropethat is genuinely closer to
that is not linked toeuropethe answer was 21 per
historic steps and called foreuropeto move forward that is
an a hunder tongues aeuropewhaur linguistic diversity is regairdit
an a hunder tongues aeuropewhaur linguistic diversity is regairdit
and a hundred tongues aeuropewhere linguistic diversity is regarded
the constitution to fit theeuropeand the principles that we
the ongoing trade dispute betweeneuropeand the usa so that
and give their views oneuropeand what it means to
racer who used to toureuropeand who knew barry sheene
hundred years ago and reachedeuropefour hundred years later crossing
have said that britain andeuropehave been at peace since
with their views on whateuropemeans to them and what
and venice strategically located betweeneuropenorth africa and the levant
received for this meeting 7europes employment strategy and corporate
received for this meeting 7europes employment strategy and corporate
inquiries by the committee oneuropes employment strategy and the
however it must remain aeuropethat works and can function
have done proactive work oneuropeperhaps they are the universities
be the same as theeuropethat we are discussing or
that depend on trade witheuropeit would protect inward investment
to launch the inquiry oneuropes employment strategy however the
will be intense pressure oneuropeto decrease even its agriculture
seem to see a federaleuropeas the ultimate aim for
who support a constitution foreuropefall into the same mould
executive will have to lobbyeuropefor such committees i expected
as a conservative group foreuropethen as kenneth clarke hugh
whether britain will get intoeuropeor whether it will continue
will be put forward toeuropeso that the scheme can
principle that because an enlargedeuropewill not be able to
the need not to vieweuropeas a cash provider to
not arise securing a neweuroperequires a partnership where government
policy provision did not fiteuropes circumstances at the end
say with enthusiasm vive leurope17 45 irene mcgugan north
strong reason to engage witheuropeit would make enormous sense
that such measures would alloweuropeto compete effectively with the
a direct sea link toeuropeearlier this afternoon i was
had happened to the toeuropeeh when hitler was running
get this block channelled througheuropeto ourselves we have examined
suggestion that we look toeuropeto provide an answer john
the united kingdom or indeedeuropeto take up nursing as
parteeclar the unkenned leids oeuropeamangst them the lallans ane
ditch the baggage go taeeuropeattitude how come ye ve
did the gran tour oeuropebit we veesited culloden glencoe
the major constitutional change thateuropefaces given the powers that
a crum lang drapt faeeuropes bouk intil the sea
notes aberdeen s status aseuropes oil capital welcomes the
japan were creating jobs whileeuropewas losing them since the
http www vandenbroucke fgov beeuropespeech conf1 htm accessed 4
ensuring that at a strategiceuropewide level we have taken
they would have thought thateuropewould have travelled a long
scot portal which includes aeuropechannel http www youngscot org
ministre pour l éducation leuropeet les affaires extérieures a
commission 2000a building an inclusiveeuropeonline com 2000 79 final
an biggin brigs aw owereuropewhaur aince suppressit leids an
an biggin brigs aw owereuropewhaur aince suppressit leids an

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