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frequent tempers short the dunkirkevacuationand the subsequent fall of
those involved in the dunkirkevacuationexpresses its deep gratitude for
38 insert evacuation of buildingsevacuationof buildings 1 where a
105 after section 38 insertevacuationof buildings evacuation of buildings
august 1940 under the childevacuationscheme phyllis duncan and john
paragraph 2 and insert sectionevacuationof buildings 5 des mcnulty
1 or 2 of sectionevacuationof buildings at any time
with a requirement under sectionevacuationof buildings des mcnulty 103
and insert 1 of sectionevacuationof buildings des mcnulty 95
3 makes provision about theevacuationof buildings for the purposes
of line 24 and insertevacuationof buildings to do so
amended agreed to schedule 3evacuationof dangerous buildings and adjacent

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