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adam gazing at eve ochevema dear a niver kent
won it adam gazing ateveoch eve ma dear a
needin o adam an hisevean eden adam s rebellion
adam s rebellion it sevewha gies the orders but
exeunt fae eden in edenevean adam spent mony a
sheer pleasure of the colourevein her eden would have
women are still in edeneveto a man comrade nadia
again serpent sae that wisevean adam s fate god
no be sick serpent ayeevethat s richt this aipple
this tree will dae furevethe like fur me serpent
may hap a daurna tellevean adam when a look
through tae perth adam noevewe daurna be sae bauld
adjust this aipple leaf fureveafore she comes tae grief
chin jist pick the aippleevean bite it come oan
at hogmanay instead of christmasevebecause new year s day
hogmanay n new year sevehou adv how houss n
haiverins ramblings hogmanay new yearsevejeely piece sandwich made of
5 hogmanay it wis theeveo hogmanay it wis winter
ye eve ma name isevea think it s queer
adam pleased tae meet yeevema name is eve a
richt vext come oan nooeveit s your bite next
it s your bite nexteveoch adam ye re a
way because it was christmaseveand dad saying no i
other about it on christmaseveand eh i was saying
home so that was christmasevechristmas day started early 6am
o lichen sae on christmasevegin ye glance at the
on the evening of christmasevei m looking forward to
the u s on christmasevei toured philly with mr
think about it and christmasevei would imagine in my
in your room on christmasevein hopeful expectation of a
luxury goods then on christmasevemr mrs [censored: surname] and i
was taken in on christmasevenot on account of drink
sort of soft on christmaseveor she would arrive at
la sybilla of the christmaseveservice in churches all over
long visiting tonight for christmaseveshe smiled at her father
and her burglary on christmasevesunday 6th february backcourt clean
commanded susan it s christmasevewe re in the lounge
the gate sae that wisevean adam s fate bit
scoff noo adam you anevebe off ye baith heard
quinie fit god said taeeveefter she d temptit adam
sphere would you adam andeveit lust is flowering young
common ancestry in adam andevewe are reminded in the
the rannochs nou a unnerstauneves faw fur whitna lass
come tae pass aloud faireveye are a comely lass
celebrate tess aw hallow sevewinter solstice krista awch tess
as they made awa saidevethat wis himsel a do
fur you ma dear saidevenoo steady a ve heard
fittin name fur ye isevebit ye re sae bonny
somethin stir he said taeeveit isnae fair fur ye
iver fu o bloom furevetae deck her livin room
says is no fur usevewhit for a m askin
or whitfur it s virginalevewha fins the convenient slot
grew overcast the day whenevewis by the tree a
impidence is fair disgustin leaveevetae dae her ain adjustin
be content wi me nooevewi woman s intuition took
the commandments as weak aseveafore her steenhillock ooto thocht
czechoslovakia that new year sevei was at the berlin
ever since new year sevein alice s town following
lavish on new year seveneighbours gathered together and a
he o him abune biteveshe took a monster crunch
was celebrating the departure ofeveher superior on leave until
that s the answer bitevespoke sherply tae him tell
an beguile the young aneveo agein then wis free
listed food whit think yeevelike aw his kind he
years what with cleopatra andevea stick insect then just
to helen s on tueseveand we came over to
rub marg into flour sugareves pudding 1 cup s
gurdon ran away on theeveof their wedding she quoted
just a wee tate ofevethe lads done the same
forgot p 282 his dochtereveis the wyce instinctive child
restaurants of a balmy summereveavant garde legions of quebeckers

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