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such provisional allocation in theeventof whole stock transfer proceeding
such provisional allocation in theeventof whole stock transfer proceeding
such provisional allocation in theeventof whole stock transfer proceeding
such provisional allocation in theeventof whole stock transfer proceeding
such provisional allocation in theeventof whole stock transfer proceeding
such provisional allocation in theeventof whole stock transfer proceeding
such provisional allocation in theeventof whole stock transfer proceeding
on its forthcoming civic participationevent7 report of the inquiry
put into the civic participationeventi know that it took
report on the civic participationeventin glasgow 6 proportional representation
of the scottish civic forumeventon saturday 1 july 2000
3rd report 2001 civic participationeventon the race relations acts
in private reporters civic participationeventrace relations amendment act 2000
agenda is the civic participationeventthat took place on friday
its reporters 6 civic participationeventthe committee will consider a
members indicated agreement civic participationeventthe convener the fourth item
scottish civic forum considers theeventto have been a fitting
recognise that the civic participationeventtook place only three days
ever to host to theeventand it was always going
three islands to host theeventgotland the isle of man
to host this major internationaleventhere i hope that we
two ambitions to host theeventsuccessfully and to achieve as
for full implementation in theeventof parliament voting the way
city council area in theeventof tenants in aberdeen voting
city council area in theeventof tenants in glasgow voting
islands council area in theeventof tenants in orkney voting
islands council area in theeventof tenants in shetland voting
eilean siar area in theeventof tenants voting against whole
galloway council area in theeventof tenants in dumfries and
borders council area in theeventof tenants in the scottish
scottish executive whether in theeventof any large scale stock
the president reported a successfuleventand thanked the committee for
if so whether in theeventthat there are no successful
to attend agrees that theeventwas successful on a number
championships a hugely successful sailingeventwith almost fifty crews from
community as a major sportseventalthough hard to quantify this
no longer a major publishingeventand we have alternative means
that hosting a major sportingeventlike the european football championships
putting together a new majoreventstrategy with professional advice from
but praise for the wholeeventseveral people have since commented
t it an the annualeventhis the knack o bringin
farmers ball was an annualeventinvitations to attend were sent
logistics of holding such aneventon an annual basis feedback
promises to become an annualeventon our calendar an aerobics
when we evaluate friday seventbut i am not sure
they had a two dayeventthe first the friday it
points agreed at friday seventwas to have a high
european integration the europe dayeventhas been featured in many
the children introduction the schoolseventon europe day was a
of the europe day schoolseventthe parliament is now considering
children attending the europe dayeventwere in favour of joining
morning i attended a sipeventin my area that brought
was all about the schoolseventtaking place that day and
this briefing details the schoolseventthat took place in the
shall be unclean until theeventand if any man lie
of their status in anyeventany differential treatment can be
all those discussions in anyeventcap spending over the next
on the evaluation of theeventdo members have any comments
supportive the resolution in theeventof any conflict between them
that ensure that in theeventof any decommissioning scheme onshore
to be reviewed in theeventof any further outbreaks of
measures are implemented in theeventof any non compliance s1w
other associated costs in theeventthat any local authorities lose
concerns were expressed in theeventthat any of this information
before the transfers in anyeventthe bulk of transfers may
a lettered man in anyeventthe limits of the present
to initiate prosecutions in anyeventthe statute states that it
public the convener in anyeventwe can ask the executive
to time and in anyeventwithin 3 months after the
the north sea in theeventthe december fisheries council did
that we have such aneventevery year that is something
associated with such an occasionaleventhowever the event does attract
the sheriff court in theeventthat such a dispute could
replace some of the noneventtime such as the executive
are in place in theeventof the new computer system
place tae see the maineventthe great duck race the
5 may 2002 reported thiseventwas taking place on the
with the running of theeventafter all the build up
his sin shortly after theeventand lamberton saying pontifical high
before during and after theeventi hope that the committee
page 71 line 18 aftereventinsert or ii a series
few days after the launcheventthat the european commission would
tapping even well after theeventwe are entitled to an
the north of scotland fencingeventevery three years in recent
chaplain with words for everyeventhe will not bring a
members agreed to support theeventin principle members indicated agreement
to note that only oneeventin scotland received support in
to ensure that this biennialeventreceives support in bringing together
to support in principle theeventwhich is proposed for 4
not been forgotten in theeventof a boat being in
undertake further consultation in theeventof an objection being made
watson 3 whether in theeventof funds being provided for
operator would be in theeventof the franchise not being
resort would be in theeventof the franchise not being
training is necessary before theeventcan happen are members agreed
at the start of theeventmembers of the public who
the scottish executive in theeventof the three water authorities
with the report of theeventsimilarly we received late e
sexuality the report of theeventwas published in june 2001
performed on 25th october 2002event43 in the doric festival
out the teacher organising theeventa student chatted in the
participate fully in society theeventalso represented the launch of
to become involved in aneventat which msps would be
tanks coming through in theeventf963: oh for goodness sake
scottish kirk the most revolutionaryeventin a turbulent century for
sportshall athletics team dominated aneventin aberdeen in 2002 the
doing covering say the sameeventin glasgow m608: uh huh
of the recent tall shipseventin greenock s1o 204 3
in 1790 is a keyeventin hawaiian history kamehameha brought
age limit in a consultationeventin june it was pointed
but when you saw theeventin the chamber you realised
bit nae doot a bigeventin the lives of the
that was a professionally managedeventin which the public were
there was an extremely significanteventin your life perhaps you
and glenco development systems thiseventis highlighted in bold in
shetland in scotland in swedeneventlodged on 22 october 2002
talents lay in making theeventmemorable not necessarily in recording
disaster also is a crucialeventnationally and internationally in the
the fact that in theeventof a considerable enlargement of
be rapidly deployed in theeventof a disease outbreak or
the hunt and in theeventof a fox finding an
the required supplies in theeventof a pandemic further i
of particular importance in theeventof a pandemic if we
not named them in theeventof a takeover the executive
protect the source in theeventof cancellation of the authorisation
an appeals provision in theeventof either party feeling that
the zoo provides in theeventof its closure s1w 4804
which would result in theeventof migdale hospital sutherland closing
what to do in theeventof nuclear war because of
of the reserve in theeventof the minister s advisers
outside your bounds in theeventof the undersigned failing to
fw international summer school eveningeventon 23rd july still in
successive games in an enduranceeventrecognises his personal triumph in
at the time when theeventreferred to in the relevant
the principle stands in onyeventsaid maconochie but principles are
of the parliament in theeventthat a temporary home is
the scottish executive in theeventthat fife health board and
can be assessed in theeventthat its methodology is not
to run smoothly in theeventthat mobile telephone masts less
tenth anniversary of their fundraisingeventthe biggest coffee morning in
american lady puppeteer in theeventthe lady was late we
000 citation slips in theeventthe number ran to 204
to take part in theeventthey should e mail the
wishing to participate in theeventunderlined the high level of
to some sort of socialeventwhether in a hotel or
conventional emergency preparation arrangements thiseventwill be happening in the
day was always a bigeventon the island of struay
obligation 2 judgement whether aneventwas is or will be
scottish parliament and saw theeventas an opportunity for the
parliament decided to webcast theeventlive to enable as many
2393 science and the parliamenteventnovember 15 2001 lodged on
people s parliament project theeventthen heard six deeply moving
were also made of theeventand these are to be
but it was also aneventof national importance as the
banked 512 25 from theevent79 people paid at the
have people who make theeventmemorable that might be what
same people who registered theeventregistrars undertake much training and
to speak without lengthening theeventseveral people who wanted to
people the aim of theeventwas to transmit all over
for its hosting of thiseventfor the 38th year and
analysis of this year seventit would be useful to
if we hold a similareventnext year the convener part
to get coverage of thateventagain we will show that
the success of both theeventand the policy which enables
to make aware of thiseventare not aware of it
era for salvador the harrowingeventcontained the seeds of his
that many groups at theeventhad expected the announcement of
a weekend kind of racingeventhappened there f943: yeah we
her feed is not aneventof cataclysmic proportions think of
mexican scurvy the only othereventof medical importance has been
that dwelled on the outrageouseventof the accident trying to
tenth anniversary of the firsteventrecognises the tremendous work that
msps an invitation to aneventthe genesis of which is
realise the scale of theeventthe staff of the games
not cover certain types ofeventthose do not include the
given the go ahead thiseventwill mark the finale of
laugh with him disguising theeventwith a cloak of fantasy
which is fast becoming theeventat the renfrew ferry was
languages eyl 2001 is aneventwhich aims to celebrate linguistic
especial welcome to our firsteventwhich is the talk by
with disabilities activities the openingeventwhich was attended by about
edinburgh fringe festival thirsty lunchevent2006 the aberdeen arts carnival
to terms with this traumaticeventall this added to the
both radio scotland covered theeventand included interviews with pupils
there would be a mediaeventand the company would rightly
what they thought about theeventand what they think the
census will be a landmarkeventas it will be the
to the northern isles theeventat eden court was marvellous
peebles hydro i mentioned theeventat st ronan s school
a drain is a dreidfueventat the least oh oor
who wanted to attend theeventbut could not the evaluation
an occasional event however theeventdoes attract followers and will
a souvenir postcard for theeventfinally the asps were looking
to deliver a well runeventfor all the visitors it
micht bid ye tae aneventfor exaimple the education committee
might invite you to aneventfor example the education committee
bus this was a greateventfor the quines and there
boating club who made theeventhappen to their undeniable credit
called to speak at theeventi do not know what
foot and mouth for theeventi put on my most
last understood and that theeventis properly commemorated supported by
interludes were provided during theeventprior to the launch i
scotland s largest celtic musicevents1m 3895 ross finnie the
slips back to the shamefuleventshe tries again the little
group considert haein an independenteventshowcasing the scots leid the
and to recognise the historiceventthat we are witnessing today
games were surely an inclusiveeventthe 250 strong shetland team
here and their big worldeventthe canada cup is on
the single market a politicaleventupset the apple cart the
pains perhaps the most unusualeventwas again related to the
by a french company theeventwas an enormous success and
it was good that theeventwent ahead because other events
my link tae the biannualeventwis throwe edyth argo sister
for this unique and innovativeeventand urges sportscotland to give
rave reviews all around thiseventwas initiated and organised entirely
institute like last night seventit was a jolly home
i lost consciousness an unlikelyeventdoctor gonzalez had said reassuringly
tuik wing an soared singingeventit s good to sit
attending a disco or aneventwith loud music as i
to cancel last week seventgiven that other things had
we have held a trainingeventfor staff working with pupils
m078: for eh for thateventand passed er paddy s
a special church for eacheventatmosphere rather spoiled by too
them a fee for eacheventor give them a share
appropriate materials for a specificeventor initiative aimed at encouraging
play based on a trueeventerm there s a woman
food onless twis a speecialeventforbye those fowk fa kent
making it a more regulareventsupported by colin campbell andrew
wallace said is a landmarkeventthere has been healthy discussion
fw international summer school eveningeventon 23rd july hi alan
you perhaps can recall thateventand derrick mcclure s why
birds f1089: eh m1090: birdseventdesc ripping noise f1089: i

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