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the submissions received it isevidentthat monolingualism has been looked
the submissions ingaithered it isevidentthat monolingualism has been lookit
cabx across scotland it isevidentin the active community strategy
voluntary sector compact it isevidentin the network of cabx
jobs in scotland given theevidentdrift from scotland to some
of scotland 80 it isevidentthat a lot of work
o scotland 80 it isevidentthat a wecht o work
from scottish granite should beevidentin this project as a
yeah m762: so that sevidentin the burning mirror i
price sensitive which is selfevidenta producer in china has
not self explanatory and containevidentcontradictions although we know much
in production it is selfevidentthat we could consume more
finnie that point is selfevidentthe difficulty that jamie mcgrigor
a later situation were alwaysevidentand the dictionary itself is
dost archive it is thusevidentthat craigie had the dictionary
with that generally it isevidentto the organisation s senior
treaty the delays and theevidentreluctance to move too fast
with dogs it has becomeevidentin discussions on the subject
between sets now become moreevidentin the depth and complexity
community strategy and it isevidentin the increased funding over
analytical style that is soevidentin the volumes from that
for the encyclopaedia britannica isevidentfrom his letters in june
more markers as it becameevidentthat there were problems with
british influence is still veryevidentlargely through the preponderance of
equal opportunities responsibilities it isevidentto everyone that the executive
however the same problem isevidentat national level for example
the foreign country are mostevidentin advanced higher level where
fiona intently his squint barelyevidentalmost certainly he doesn t
concerned about cases where suchevidentpreparatory work has taken place
perhaps my faults are tooevidentwednesday 17 special general meeting
the ridiculous this is mostevidentin the justing betwix james
most of all it isevidentin the strength of the
sse an standard english isevidentit is in writing thi
doing since 1999 it isevidentthat that new approach will
such activities that makes itevidentthat people wish to participate
scots which was not alwaysevidentin the english verions from
deterioration and neglect that areevidentin some areas looking round
same kind of worry wasevidentin burns s day that
be found in scotland isevidentif one goes to a
so dunbar it s stillevidentat the end of the
in scotland that delivery isevidentin the creation and implementation
industry ms macdonald that isevidentnone of the people to
of bridge no 4 isevidenton the far side the
their leader and it isevidentto me that they think
prepare again that was notevidentthis year and has damaged
undue distress and it wasevidentthat the dog could not
the united kingdom that wasevidentin our workplaces because it
to reduce them without anevidentcrisis we would not get
relevance of peer pressure wasevidentin the children s interviews
of the scottish universities wasevidentto mcintosh his perception of

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