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assumptions can be verified byexaminingthe etymologies a former postgraduate
in here he promised himselfexaminingwares that took him back
north east fife area includingexaminingthe feasibility of a new
charged with the responsibility ofexaminingthe feasibility of recovering bodies
of speculation is interesting whenexamininga particular period of a
may be some merit inexaminingmore closely the correspondence that
social justice committee is consideringexaminingsips more closely i would
welcome the executive more closelyexaminingthe issue of the regulation
for the executive to avoidexaminingthe process closely the review
worse will the minister considerexaminingthe scottish examination system closely
one of the most sophisticatedexaminingbodies in europe there is
spent walking the district andexaminingthe gardens thoroughly despite the
all sorts of people areexaminingthe matter i have still
union should be involved inexaminingmethods of stopping raptors taking
the house with ancient lamentationsexaminingtheir breakages their cracks as
that the scottish executive isexaminingthis project and its potential
that the scottish executive isexaminingthis project and its potential
organisations and the executive isexaminingthe cost of the regulation
the cd rom or byexaminingtheir own sentences or an
made by the working groupexaminingthe transfer to local authorities
been involved in local governmentexaminingsome of the operational sectors
will be heavily involved inexaminingthe consultation documents that are
executive on secondment we areexaminingthe current contribution of the
vegetables led to one groupexaminingrecipes for healthy foods which
issues surrounding scots began byexaminingthe pictish question in the
the large stone and sighsexaminingher feet ir ma feet
in the middle of anexaminingperiod this week and lengthy
few weeks we ll beexamininghis passionate claim that to
leaves angelica powders her faceexaminingher face in the compact
working on projects that wereexaminingthe balance of expenditure on
social justice committee which isexaminingthe work of the voluntary
social protection it is alsoexaminingways in which the gender
reality we look forward toexaminingthose proposals the deputy presiding
real job of work byexaminingthe problems that they experience
we were supposed to beexaminingone of the issues that
scottish parliamentary corporate body isexaminingthat paragraph so there might
that colin moffat we areexaminingdifferent toxicities at the marine
to a different conclusion inexaminingthe bill we want to
case which becomes clear inexaminingthe timetable of events on
learning and it is alsoexaminingexpanding the use of welsh
we should also have beenexaminingthe old things which has
since then we have beenexamininghow we might incorporate measures
of secondary pupils may beexaminingthe language of a set
there was some enthusiasm forexaminingthe role that members of
we have been doing inexaminingthe presentation of the budget
raised with me we areexaminingwhether scotland s rurality has
an administrative procedure for reexaminingevery now and then how
on the directive is throughexamininginformation from forestry and legal
and procurator fiscal service isexaminingthe possibility of involving staff
failures of the past andexaminingthriving models of urban renewal

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