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continue to the said mostexcellentprincess sophia and the heirs
and continue to the mostexcellentprincess sophia electoress and dutchess
body being protestants the mostexcellentprincess sophia electress and dutchess
three beds the children wereexcellentand seeing them was brilliant
she d passed m741: brilliantexcellentm605: like obviously i didn
did you oh right brilliantexcellentyeah yeah yeah cool m605:
like [laugh] [laugh] f1037: [laugh]excellentand where will you live
and then i could f1037: excellentf1038: cause it d involve
of residence so f1037: [laugh]excellentf1038: hopefully i ll get
i ll be f1037: rightexcellentf1038: hopefully in fairview crescent
this [laugh] f1037: yeah [laugh]excellentf1038: it s wh- what
that sounds good but f1037: excellentoh no that ll be
together [laugh] f1037: exactly [laugh]excellentthat s quite good f1038:
hanover daughter of the mostexcellentprincess elizabeth late queen of
example older people have anexcellentrecord in business start ups
the voluntary sector has anexcellentrecord in that respect however
operating strategically and has anexcellentrecord of community involvement indeed
workforce of oki on theirexcellentrecord of productivity and efficiency
very skilled and had anexcellenttrack record in running the
vision spice has produced anexcellentbriefing which shows the sources
will be aware of theexcellentbrochure on healthy living produced
support groups has produced anexcellentstrategy document called reducing fractures
the debate and on herexcellentcontribution especially the part in
year i have had anexcellentone i must especially thank
the big depar- which wereexcellentyou could get anything especially
the federation to continue itsexcellentwork and to make the
exams with 100 years ofexcellentexperience behind it to start
performance turned out to beexcellentgripping from start to finish
of concept fund is anexcellentstart and an example of
and are a series ofexcellentginger groups the members of
soon they proved to beexcellentmusicians there were two groups
[censored: surname] had thought it anexcellentidea the secretary would write
snp it would be anexcellentidea to ask the bureau
which of course is anexcellentidea we have the executive
balloch recognises and applauds theexcellentand valuable work undertaken by
what we learned from thatexcellentpiece of work cathy peattie
work hard i ve gotexcellentreferences i don t doubt
national epilepsy week recognises theexcellentwork being done by the
of the child acknowledges theexcellentwork being undertaken by statutory
the clued up project doesexcellentwork in schools to help
does a great deal ofexcellentwork in the general promotion
continuation of the committee sexcellentwork it should take evidence
in texts jim crinson sexcellentwork on grammar with primary
praise enough some of theexcellentwork that has taken place
the debate by emphasising theexcellentwork that is being done
voluntary work i emphasise theexcellentwork that is being done
is well aware of theexcellentwork that the council s
saw the results of theexcellentwork that was done by
convener thank you for thatexcellentpresentation the petitioners are free
thank the petitioner for anexcellentpresentation you asked why you
this university is proving anexcellentassistant he seems to be
seems absolutely fine the convenerexcellentinstruments not subject to parliamentary
eastwood lab no that isexcellentthe paper seems to highlight
enacted by the kings mostexcellentmajesty by and with the
estaitis and calling with mostexcellenttriumphe and the herauldis cli-
their places and had anexcellentview for the final two
exactly ideal i had anexcellentview in the first act
than a tear is anexcellentview of colombo s sweeping
thinking for example of theexcellentliterary quality of the lanarkshire
hope that angus mackay sexcellentefforts will lead to an
found it to be anexcellentfacility i hope that the
mentioned before so that isexcellenthowever i hope that somebody
we are blessed with anexcellentconvener and deputy convener but
the convener that is anexcellentpoint which i meant to
not seen that that isexcellentthe convener the letter says
kate very good as usualexcellentcompany saturday 6 stewart [censored: surname]
was good social life wasexcellentm608: mm f643: so i
fine that will what anexcellentopportunity for a good blether
good some teachers intuitively developexcellenttechniques through experience but there
new lawyers we give themexcellenttraining and good back up
mmhm f1054: mmhm good yeahexcellentwhat about to play truant
day service was as usualexcellentand innovative as mr tobin
on call service offers anexcellentout of hours medical service
year and which provides anexcellentservice for depressed people i
version lovely ball scene corpsexcellentlots of children obviously being
7th june the glorious dayexcellentspeaker kate [censored: surname] and a
door the meal however wasexcellentsoup venison veg s strawberry
it up m608: yeah m642: excellentand er i bought two
forward we have had twoexcellentannouncements for older people one
of it it would beexcellentif the two dictionaries could
in 1970 there are twoexcellentprints by farquharson of finzean
and glaur i think areexcellenti like them [laugh] m1004:
read it and see howexcellentit is f807: [laugh] f806:
we ve got like f1151: excellent[laugh] [laugh] f1150: i know
[laugh] f689: [laugh] aaah f631: excellentso where do you go
its origin we saw anexcellentand full display of island
it glasgow would provide anexcellentbase for emsa i understand
canadian north many photographs wereexcellentbut you did get an
coffee my secretary makes anexcellentcup no then we d
and the burn provides anexcellentdefensive position enhanced by a
seriously i went to anexcellentdramatic reading of the letters
opportunity he will be anexcellentemployee people sign up to
our scottie dogs they makeexcellentfoot warmers an unclipped scotty
i cleaned f1109: what anexcellenthelper m1110: all this crumbs
i b- i mean anexcellenti don t know why
it would have been anexcellentindication to undertake a small
at auc and did anexcellentjob on convincing myself that
lead role and showed anexcellentknowledge of stagecraft and real
you are you re anexcellentm1110: i clean this crumbs
curran who will make anexcellentminister for social justice my
french sparrow she was anexcellentperformer the music like the
recommended pachamama which did anexcellentpizza for lunch after that
the incident had inspired anexcellentpoem and the analogy with
doing so well after anexcellentprevious week but a not
a multilingual world is anexcellentreport that sets out a
stir the maggie is anexcellentresidence and i have no
scottish centres which provide anexcellentstandard of outdoor education to
into what could be anexcellentworking partnership i will examine
entertained once again by anexcellentyoung band playing this time
many people who would makeexcellentnurses but who are unable
18th 19th century scenic picturesexcellenttechnique but nothing very original
noted in my report wasexcellentthe scottish research was very
did they were they wereexcellentif you watched the dancing
united church just that theexcellentpipe organ from trinity could
you had to really beexcellentm608: mmhm f643: you know
years shetland has hosted someexcellentone off events such as
can develop some of theexcellentproducing theatres in scotland upon
properly we have heard someexcellentspeeches and some poor ones
and progressed a number ofexcellentexamples of language education currently
language the girl already speaksexcellentfrench according to pascal the
which will draw on theexcellentrationale for language that was
is curious johnson has theexcellentfrank barber and monboddo has
centre the visitor centre hasexcellentvisual and interactive displays that
business opportunities for the manyexcellenthotels and similar facilities throughout
that individual agency nurses areexcellentpeople but i am also
drama the art exhibition wasexcellentand the media in which
trainin are gonna be justexcellentand they said yeah f606:
william soutar was writing inexcellentscots at this time and
s earlier publications notably theexcellentscots kist and scots handsel
have secured for their membersexcellentterms and conditions of employment
complain that while they receiveexcellenttreatment from members of staff
that he is in theexcellentbook by tom devine and
parliament notes and welcomes theexcellentinitiatives taken by all partners
in the light of thisexcellentperformance by the dlo workforce
historic past central location andexcellenttransport links supported by mr
on board a number ofexcellentpoints were made throughout the
glasgow evening times for itsexcellentexposé of her majesty s
junior football club on itsexcellentvictory in the ovd scottish
but watch them and beexcellentfor men are what they
doin are we alright f1054: excellentian s [inaudible] on actually
re richt they are baithexcellentlawyers i want them for
m1146: spittin mmhm mmhm f1054: excellentehm [inaudible] is that on
playing a distinguished role withexcellentco operation from the national
armed with one of theexcellentdictionaries available that in the
rubs his hands with pleasureexcellentfallaes ay they r a
with high skills high standardsexcellentmarket intelligence effective use of
well maintained pipe organ withexcellentpitch and tone the acoustics
favour ian jenkins finished hisexcellentspeech with my favourite piece
increased support for scotland sexcellentagricultural and biological science base
the second hand shop absolutelyexcellentand er nice food shops
of macchu picchu here wasexcellentand i clambered up on
care that is provided isexcellentand it is not only
and a tomato salad aïoliexcellentas a dip for crudités
to do reiki in scotlandexcellentguy and he wanted to
to regret the film wasexcellentpure nonsense winningly and brilliantly
parents to choose from offeringexcellentroutes into university and skilled
and cautelis to the rychtexcellentrycht hich and mychtie prence
the embassy the food wasexcellentdomo a kind of meat
pitcarles was famous for hisexcellentjob of addressing the haggis
burn up to hole millexcellent2 saturday first day off
been set up it isexcellentthat the executive is working
school secondly there is theexcellentinnovative partnership involving east ayrshire
strongly because teachers have becomeexcellentat estimating accurately for the
itchy coo books have beenexcellenteh initiatives baith but eh
a pr exercise for thatexcellentinternational organisation the federation my
another splendid display of reallyexcellentmaterial he thought that the
chancellor of the exchequer sexcellentstewardship of the uk economy
wednesday london philharmonic orchestra hallsexcellentdad i sir adrian boult
feature in mike christensen sexcellentarticles in the british railway
visited sabhal mòr ostaig theexcellentgaelic college in skye whose
the cardinall loran betwix theexcellentyoung prince frances eldest sone
available tae a wider audienceexcellentwritin in peerier though no

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