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pm on any sitting dayexcepton the last day when
pm on any sitting dayexcepton the last day when
pm on any sitting dayexcepton the last day when
pm on any sitting dayexcepton the last day when
pm on any sitting dayexcepton the last day when
pm on any sitting dayexcepton the last day when
pm on any sitting dayexcepton the last day when
pm on any sitting dayexcepton the last day when
soup pea soup maist daysexceptmaybe in e simmer in
was vetoed dinner was similarexceptthat there was no soup
day there were boiled tattiesexceptwith milk soup you could
try uni that s itexceptexcept i hate it here
i fairly hated primary schoolexceptexcept when we had gaelic
uni that s it exceptexcepti hate it here he
fairly hated primary school exceptexceptwhen we had gaelic speaking
goin back right everything fadesexceptbeth and the door the
liquidize everything inc salmon liquidexceptbreadcrumbs mix in breadcrumbs chill
she done everything this morningexceptfor the eggs f1049: i
everything goes according to planexceptthat wee andy s eyes
but everything else was rubbishexceptwe used to get rice
the artistic things we sawexcepta few paintings had anything
i cannae think o anythingexcepta right stotter back to
to do anything for itexceptpainkillers it is fine that
none of them spoke anythingexceptrussian even though both the
i ever call them anythingexcepttrousers when i was young
she didn t do anythingexceptwork and skive f1155: mm
being anything on the beachexceptyou used to collect shells
had fled from that sceneexcepta few dear bold sisters
comparison with esperanto is absurdexceptfor a few experimental pieces
fashioned floral dresses clumpy shoesexceptfor a few rather daring
that all of their featuresexceptfor a very few grammatical
toys few toys are rememberedexceptfor the following and games
nothing for the sunday papersexceptinside my head the gold
i knew nothing about osteoporosisexceptthat it made people s
she remembered nothing about itexceptthat they gave her a
has come up with nothingexceptto ask the executive to
primary school in the cityexceptthat the walls are covered
can be done about thatexceptto change it by primary
the spc meets every monthexceptaugust and reports to the
the settlement in every directionexceptfrom the cove road where
marriages all day every dayexceptin certain areas most registrars
that every prison in scotlandexceptkilmarnock had a walk out
i found that every partyexceptlabour had sent a representative
amateur efforts in every tradeexceptplumbing and electricity both of
day all empty their vesselsexceptgunlöd thorfinn drink gunlöd gunlöd
of the clerk is openexcepton the last day when
anyone use the word loungeexceptan australian friend who called
word is untranslatable into englishexceptby the phrase hesitating between
word relates there is insertedexceptin so far as it
unlikely to repeat a wordexcepton rare occasions where he
do to become a christianexceptto beleive the word of
ve used that word aloudexceptwhen we read king lear
warned wi in three daysexceptin a case o ridin
of the prospective servient tenementexceptin a case where such
part of the river eskexceptin the case of changing
of gross basic annual salaryexceptin the case of existing
line 21 after prisoner insertexceptthe case of such a
line 4 at end insertexceptfor the purpose of controlling
line 27 at end insertexceptthat no officer provided as
line 36 at beginning insertexceptto the extent permitted by
could not have been doneexceptby women never made any
any kind of gathering placeexceptfor these small foreign currency
standard approaches it does notexceptor exempt any situation that
cannae think o any othersexceptplay truant skip school skive
threw a parcel any parcelexceptthe red labelled one on
didn t hear any voicesexceptthose within your own community
voting was in general beneficialexceptin certain areas where it
the northumbria and yorkshire regionsexceptin certain restricted areas many
is a concern in scotlandexceptin some dry areas as
for a number of yearsexceptfor a period when arbuthnott
stirling always stayed in stirlingexceptfor four years when i
amazin it was so goodexceptlike when i got home
mm right uh huh f965: excepton radio luxembourg f963: when
s expected tae rescue thersellsexceptus an even when we
in hawick aw my lifeexceptwhen i was in the
criticises and brother is okayexceptwhen sister is present and
reading lamp on all nightexceptwhen that night woman a
free on the other threeexceptwhen there was an emergency
a gaelic language plan andexceptin section 1 1 and
michael russell i accept thatexceptthat gaelic is dying of
heard off stage all winceexceptalex black who grins having
such treaties all member statesexceptbritain and denmark agreed to
about joe graham at allexceptfor a dim picture of
ye aw they all leaveexceptfor macbeth and a servant
hours all the others weptexceptfor me a young grave
are perhaps all normal collocationsexceptfor violet cream and the
chocolate and all the creamsexcepthair cream which all add
all the county of aberdeenexceptin a partial way the
be doing it at allexceptits the only way robert
loudly silence they all singexceptlori on a hill far
gone through all of themexceptno 1 which i am
bed alcove all very luxuriousexceptthat things had a tendency
could have been called wastedexceptthat we sacrificed all to
all all the other ingredientsexceptthe cream and bring to
currently all those listed aboveexceptthe first minister and the
issue we are all awareexceptthose on the conservative benches
european union all nato membersexceptturkey and four of the
e same in e toonsexceptat e foxes hiv condeetioned
same second name as meexceptfamily obviously [inaudible] f746: yeah
her mother had the sameexceptfor the brose she liket
finbar s jist the sameexcepthis burd is some auld
stage looks much the sameexceptthat there are only two
another none in our raftexcept[censored: forename] had done this before
very little work here nowexceptfor building houses that the
changed little over the yearsexceptfor the following additions and
who has little to doexceptmeditate on the love and
tell there is little disagreementexcepton the part of the
o e hoose at aaexceptfor deein fit hid tae
i dinna ken fit wyeexceptthat he never liket the
fit mair could ye wantexceptthe pedallos bring on the
fit an a lood whinnyexceptthere wis nae horse there
fisheries scotland act 1951 25exceptin orkney shetland where under
for references in this actexceptin paragraph 1 of schedule
cumbrae 2 in this actexceptin section 4 the functions
act 2002 2 this actexceptthis section and section 20
t there m964: er e-exceptin private schools where it
name of james leslie mitchellexceptwhere noted year of recent
circumference over the whole ceilingexceptwhere one or two have
in shetland aa mi lifeexceptfor two years six months
sleep fur a hunner yearsexceptthon preen prick telt them
statutory instrument procedure the wordsexceptsection 3 1 are repealed
to regulations under that sectionexceptthat for that purpose the
to regulations under that sectionexceptthat for that purpose the
pattern fur da cockle shallexceptda purl 13 dagidder i
twa wirds tae ain anitherexceptfur the grace some hae
nae show withoot punch ehexceptfur the nicht to carolanne
that we had intended toexceptand which it would have
wheel the room was darkexceptby the fire ann had
s had left the districtexceptfor ina who lived at
s had a great timeexceptfor our hotel he s
to me in some waysexcepthe had a grey beard
had a boyfriend no oneexceptherself it was exciting to
the fence aa that isexceptbig mick mick workt the
circle bankit up aa roonexceptfor a laich bit on
s nae used a lotexceptas a store for orrals
remembers the place as desertedexceptfor a watchman an elderly
other information about the innexceptfor an entry in the
arbuthnott house was self sufficientexceptfor butchery at one time
enormous and empty and bareexceptfor cowpats the hedge went
s lean s a greyhoundexceptfor her silicon knockers what
that i didn t stopexceptfor jimmy s visits till
i d say truth isexceptfor miss west my art
was aff in the shelterexceptfor mrs graham she was
help from the modern recordexceptfor one reference for roxburghshire
my mind inter galactically emptyexceptfor senseless phrases orbitting round
born and died at ballindeanexceptfor that other one the
i have nowhere to smokeexceptfor the big outdoors and
has a crew of 50exceptfor the cruise sector that
of hours which was fineexceptfor the fact that it
hertz s anonymous translation matchedexceptfor the missing repeated john
there were we created togetherexceptfor the occasional argus eye
in their joviality then silenceexceptfor the sergeant shifting his
hardly seems to be listeningexceptfor the stubborn look you
apply to everyone john youngexceptfor the television companies the
almond and carob rule andexceptfor the throngs at the
down they re totally baldexceptfor this they d like
europe there was general supportexceptfrom the conservatives for a
from god for no manexceptone sent from god could
that for us for nobodyexceptperhaps you and you are
that s kept for meditationexceptthe cushion isn t real
though for no other reasonexceptthe theatre apart from art
virtually no contact with tenantsexceptby chance although one or
one their language is englishexceptin the upper parts of
which no one ever seesexceptits author and the appropriate
nou early breakfast cockroaches scuttlingexceptone limping now drucken lauchter
a very nice man reallyexceptthat he does have one
might want to stay overnightexceptthat no one ever popped
no one to be seenexceptyou standing absolutely still should
concerning the justices of perthshireexceptthat given these examples of
fin it bloomed in simmerexceptthese flooers war secret flooers
yeah m816: down to dublinexceptthese sort of four guys
now but i i iexceptvery vaguely maybe the beatles
much between the two meetingsexceptthat further evidence was available
[inaudible] ken two was awrichtexceptthat we [inaudible] three well
or less hide and seekexceptthat er you could run
perform such jesus answered himexcepta man be born again
the exercise of this rightexceptsuch as is in accordance
is soft add other vegexcepttomatoes simmer 10 mins 1
potentially no boundaries you knowexceptf963: mm mmhm right m762:
mc says no more visitsexceptimmediate family friday 14 rain
it bin erased aathegither noexceptin place names like aiberdeen
minishant yeah m608: yeah m642: exceptit s no as straight
alter the nation s taxesexceptmarginally no power to borrow
in 1952 with no varietiesexcepton postage dues of interest
was echt didna affect meexceptto gi e me a
the area was virtually impenetrableexceptby sea or mountain track
that was aye my ambitionexcepti dinna think they have
f835: it was good f833: exceptmy my french person was
was his special corner andexcepton special occasions he took
eggs this unhelpfulness characterised everyoneexceptthe guides who was officially
half of a matching setexceptthey never matched was this
tae her granda s dairyexceptit wisna granda s dairy
a bump but nobody noticesexceptmorag she smiles her silly
of her nice safe homeexceptshe couldn t get her
of water into an icicleexceptthat her teeth were as
above her the taxi driverexceptthat unfortunately he wasn t
s up on their feetexceptme and grampa dan the
like fashion to domestic prisonersexceptthat domestic law on the
hides in a hollow invisibleexceptfrom close at hand in
about it at this timeexceptfrom that found in the
known about the bisset bequestexceptfrom the kirk session minute
peasants up from the countryexceptsoldiers seemed to have cameras
now norman has been betterexceptthat he is troubled with
literature and none of themexceptshetlandic has a contemporary published
f689: they re like quornexceptyou cook them [laugh] f631:
first half of monday morningexceptthat writing up my weekend
bit naethin came o thatexcepta muckle big funeral wi
which we are noo joinedexcepttae say that there is
operation conforms to the planexceptthat i have to warm
particular she is almost ramblingexceptthat she is clear headed
eu treaties dermot scott yesexceptthat the amsterdam treaty brings
is a bit like thatexceptthe ws turned into an
our own national production facilityexceptto say that it simply
draft census scotland order 2000exceptto the extent that it
folk would speak to youexceptme an maybe georgie because
the metaphor disappeared with itexceptas a placename element in
graceful aspect of the townexceptin early morning or late
stopped sending men to helpexceptin emergencies at the doors
may be extraordinary general electionexceptin relation to a new
difficult to identify socioeconomic groupingexceptin the broadest terms see
committee to consider the petitionexceptin the context of the
costumes are needed nor propsexceptperhaps a large doll in
the political parties in scotlandexceptthe scottish conservative and unionist
i m a teacher voiceexcepthe can t hack it
class folk left wi jobsexceptfir the clerical officers at
f951: not non fiction booksexcept[inaudible] well i suppose if
hotel did not buy muchexcepta scarf a couple of
topic wirthy o a phdexceptmaist fowk wad lee includin
a tradesman o ony kindexcepttae a blacksmith or a
ski champion f643: okay m642: exceptwe call a tomba it
cause are callit tumbling verseexceptthe short lynis of aucht
life is joyfu perfect smashinexceptah ve got tae dae
thrie fyve sevin or nyneexceptit be broken verse quhilkis
sall baik eat bread heireftirexceptit be of cleane eat
be brought by the teacherexceptagainst the authority s1w 28533
the bottom o the barrelexceptculturally of course m1020: aye
looked really good and thingsexceptoh f1037: the accent okay
least of what we sawexceptrailway stations and the airport
been an oversight not toexceptif you see what i
uther sic grave sene subjectisexceptmetaphorically of manifest truth opinly

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