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isles annex c eligibility forexceptionalneeds allowance a constituencies of
of annex c eligibility forexceptionalneeds allowance the largest regions
these seem to be anexceptionalcluster away from gaelic source
cycle mileage allowance c inexceptionalcircumstances with the approval of
grant such a request 5exceptionalneeds allowance 1 this paragraph
be eligible to claim anexceptionalneeds allowance of up to
spcb that there are veryexceptionalcircumstances and there is a
member believes that there areexceptionalcircumstances applying to him or
notice thereof unless there areexceptionalcircumstances in the opinion of
it considers there to beexceptionalcircumstances justifying admitting him to
office in fact there areexceptionalcircumstances such as a serious
be clear in future inexceptionalcircumstances such as this whether
spcb that there are veryexceptionalcircumstances which would justify an
years have proved to beexceptionalambassadors and unlike elected members
i schaw thir casis someexceptionalcases i will first prove
you know is of quiteexceptionalbeauty and importance what barry
is available only on anexceptionalbasis for instance for pilot
impact clearly there is anexceptionalcost element for the health
perhaps you and you areexceptionalbelieve me nobody thinks that
such special need might includeexceptionalvisitor pressure or special complexity
bruikit experienced brulziement quarrel byousexceptionalcaain calling cark an canglin
appreciate that the statement wasexceptionalbut i agree with mr

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