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wagons waiting to return toexchangesidings leffnoll was created to
and are in private useexchangesidings marked by different heights
for the labour force atexchangesidings rock mcgibbon innermessan for
main line it was designatedexchangesidings the weather was very
600 million converted at currentexchangerates bundestag website www bundestag
million euros converted at currentexchangerates hc deb 15 february
support or promote a tradingexchangefor green certificates in energy
economy and in developing localexchangetrading system lets schemes food
that kind of electronic tradingexchangewill become more widespread and
has been reading rates ofexchangeand is almost finished and
of slaka in rates ofexchangeas well as the main
regarding levels of inflation ofexchangerates and of demand i
s the current rate ofexchangefrom dollar what to tip
big as the rate ofexchangeheads low in cahoots there
depend on the sterling euroexchangerate and the demand on
18 months because of theexchangerate differential does the minister
a rough guide to currentexchangerate is 200 rupees 1
impact of the sterling euroexchangerate which prevailed during 1999
1981 to include bills ofexchangeand credit and debit cards
sentences in rummy type pupilsexchangecards on each turn and
whist in rummy type pupilsexchangecards on each turn and
video camera during a speechexchangeand the exchange then broken
a speech exchange and theexchangethen broken down by freeze
had been developing an extranetexchangebut was pipped to the
their measurement and developing theexchangeof information and best practice
i went on the frenchexchangeand it was really good
[censored: surname] was on the frenchexchangeand she came up to
f833: i loved the frenchexchangef835: it was really good
[censored: forename] went on the frenchexchangeme and [censored: forename] f833: it
oh yeah [laugh] f835: frenchexchangepartner and she was a
cultures to share experiences andexchangeideas and their visions for
to ensure that local authoritiesexchangeideas good practice and training
brilliant are you doing anexchangef1038: yeah so hopefully that
is it f1038: called internationalexchangei m going to erm
hopefully f1037: this is anexchangewhat erasmus or f1038: yeah
went back to the labourexchangeand i went tae be
only went to the labourexchangeit was called then and
allowed a full and frankexchangeof views between the committee
jim wallace i welcome theexchangeof views that we have
there is a need toexchangeviews and information the initial
video changing places about anexchangebetween pupils of rugby and
the pupils still continue toexchangeinformation about themselves in s5
quality service provision and theexchangeof information about good practice
police office for better informationexchangeare the counterpoint to the
operate it is an informationexchangein criminal matters police remain
have freedom to enjoy effectiveexchangeof information europol is not
as well as an informationexchangeperhaps we should think in
the old rugged cross andexchangeit some day for a
the old rugged cross andexchangeit some day for a
all the countries which haveexchangearrangements with the scottish police
and improving systems and dataexchangewill continue much work has
scottish cameo it is anexchangebetween a housekeeper and her
be taken very seriously theexchangebetween andrew wilson and various
affairs committee there was anexchangeof letters between the convener
skills so there was anexchangeof notes between them and
to facilitate an increase inexchangevisits between scottish and european
months as part of anexchangewith fascist prisoners held by
further the full and frankexchangethat we all want the
co ordinating role organising theexchangeof best practices suggesting potential
taken its place the telephoneexchangeand fire station have also
was allocated to hypodermic needleexchangeprogrammes in each of the
teach us some russian inexchangefor some english more english
into worksheets for us inexchangewe practise a little english
encourage sites with better waterexchangewe have traditionally moved away
pocket and them over inexchangefor the warm little bundle
thursday meet mrs mcinch atexchangeshe is very brisk for
this happened people used toexchangecows and then that became
lobby and then offered toexchangefifty pounds peeved at my
ensaimadas only ten minutes toexchangebrief autobiographies before i had
an option for phoning itsexchangeshould be publicised more vigorously
on a scottish arts councilexchangefellowship and in awareness of
owned the cultivatable lands inexchangefor small tax payments and
had just had a germanexchangegroup at his school and
go oot agnes and gordonexchangeguilty looks agnes eh whit
pisa italy in an interculturalexchangeinvolving language and art that
s fit angelica and lizzieexchangenods of satisfaction as muriel
or quantities of drugs weexchangepleasantries and share lighter moments
of the researcher and subjectexchangewould relax into an informal
in retrospect about this particularexchangei repeat the job of
ae pyock o meal inexchangefor twa dizzen eggs the
the ritual preliminary for anexchangeof gossip she would have
for seven dollars we couldexchangeour tents for a bed
the stair lands proposed forexchangewere the farms of balquherry
foolishness the point of theexchangeat the finance committee which
modern metaphors as the stockexchangeis a game of squash
we stopped to watch oneexchangenorth of kandy a sack
muriel goes there is noexchangeof goodnight kisses or any
stair by excambion that isexchangeof land with his house
d given to the culturalexchangeof lektors on the bbc
to see an innovative needleexchangeprogramme the activities of the
of the association when theexchangetakes effect brian adam 149
broached the matter of theexchangewithout preamble a wise man
ye micht describe as anexchangeeconomy it wis up tae
foreign currency making a fraughtexchangeat gandhi s shrine raj
een neesht till s eexchangebein at ey caaed wir
doon tae the nearest employmentexchangetae speir foo tae set
disruptit in a richt honestexchangelate i the buik it
trim they drifted in animatedexchangeround a long table where
would th- f640: didn texchangegifts f639: no f641: with

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