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the nhs bodies of theexercisein conjunction with functions mentioned
the local authorities of theexercisein conjunction with functions mentioned
right to education in theexerciseof any functions which it
body in relation to theexerciseof any of its functions
authority in relation to theexerciseof any of their functions
authority or body in theexerciseof any of their functions
the principle that in theexerciseof functions by public bodies
regarded as arising in theexerciseof its administrative functions and
scotland in respect of theexerciseof its functions followed by
such as the conferring orexerciseof statutory functions and allows
the principle that in theexerciseof the functions of those
the principle that in theexerciseof the functions of those
ministers for co ordinating theexerciseof their functions and those
line 35 at end insertexerciseprotective functions in respect of
local authorities on how theyexercisetheir functions a similar power
a new focus on dietexerciseand preventing illness digital hearing
health e g diet andexerciseaw this is backit up
diet and to take adequateexercisei agree with the arguments
a healthier diet is regularexercisethe physical activity task force
diet and to take regularexercisewe can help them to
dee dsfb submission to consultationexercise17 protecting and promoting scotland
submission to scottish executive consultationexercise38 rac or meeting 25
issues raised in the consultationexerciseand a discussion of the
the outcome of the consultationexercisebefore the end of busines
the outcome of the consultationexercisebefore the end of business
the responses to the consultationexercisecarried out by the scottish
for the recent public consultationexercisecarried out to examine the
increasing salmon stocks the consultationexerciseconducted by the scottish executive
registrars contribute to the consultationexercisecosts also came up but
i appreciate that the consultationexercisecovered the summer holiday period
several respondents to the consultationexerciseexpressed concern over who the
the outcome of the consultationexerciseon exemptions to the scheme
issues raised by the consultationexercisepower to make regulations consultation
the time being the consultationexerciseshowed that many people recognise
the consultation exercise the consultationexercisesought to establish who should
the result of your consultationexercisethat in october 2002 two
issues raised in the consultationexercisethe consultation exercise sought to
issues raised by the consultationexercisethe following sections discuss the
issues raised in the consultationexercisethe intent of the bill
that having had a consultationexercisethe minister can come up
out clearly in the consultationexerciseto an extent the consultation
executive following its 2000 consultationexerciseto implement legislation at the
by people in the consultationexerciseto the european commission or
finalised report on the consultationexerciseuntil may 2001 did snh
out of that big consultationexercisewhich are particularly important to
pathfinders to the parliament consultationexercisewith scottish business lord gordon
to undertake a meaningful consultationexercisewith the various political groups
to undertake a meaningful consultationexercisewith the various political groups
affordable fruit low cost physicalexerciseand community involvement the recommendations
physical punishment carried out inexerciseof a parental right or
of children undertaking regular physicalexercisethrough free access to swimming
healthy bones through regular physicalexercisewe know from the statistics
enter land in order toexercisea power given by subsection
dwelling house in order toexercisea power given by subsection
or to have use orexerciseany regall power authoritie or
or to have use orexerciseany regall power authority or
icc appears to require theexerciseof a power of entry
be imposed upon them theexerciseof power is exactly the
because the limits of theexerciseof the power are set
a statutory instrument made inexerciseof the power conferred by
issue a statement on theexerciseof the power to modify
who are confident in theexerciseof their power are not
application by an appellant toexercisethat power in his favour
the protestant religion and didexercisethat power to the subversion
1za scottish water may notexercisethe power conferred by subsection
nor can any protestant successorexercisethe regal power until he
to be a tidying upexerciseto grant local authorities power
there was one immediately beforeexerciseherald we called it exercise
exercise herald we called itexercisehydra muir russell that was
fire services carried out theexerciseon the basis of the
we carried out a largeexercisethat covered all public organisations
to give persons seeking toexerciseaccess rights in respect of
parliament unnoticed the parliament shouldexerciseits rights and say that
which prevent or limit theexerciseof access rights by a
be adversely affected by theexerciseof access rights in respect
balance between individuals rights toexercisethe right to buy and
the ability of communities toexercisetheir full citizenship rights and
known to persons seeking toexercisethose rights alternative routes if
and whether it plans toexerciseany such powers in this
is that the eu shouldexercisecertain powers based on pooled
to support authorities in theexerciseof compulsory purchase powers s1o
the scottish executive whether theexerciseof powers by local authorities
drafted the trigger for theexerciseof the powers of a
any one of them toexercisesuch powers interchangeably 5 subject
this act as to theexerciseby those authorities and bodies
was some numerical or calculableexerciseor test different public bodies
we want local authorities toexerciselocal control over policies and
language in connection with theexerciseof that public body s
community body being able toexercisethe right to buy under
scottish minister participate in thatexercisecraig russell no miss goldie
co ordinating committee craig russellexercisehydra did not test the
there was a general testexerciseon 26 october craig russell
define the reporting of theexerciseof that authority s1w 34366
a public authority with theexerciseof this right except such
hiding as part of theexerciseas the enemy force the
in and not getting anyexercisebut that was part of
the talk part of theexerciseby asking the students to
in part at least anexercisein self understanding and self
most difficult part of theexerciseis not using the software
i found it an illustrativeexercisepart of the process was
will simply be a redistributionexerciseand should not raise any
enter land in order toexerciseor to make any assessment
they cry a public relationsexercisethe neebours had been complainin
the scottish information liaison centreexerciseherald tested that to some
census is simply a hugeexercisein fishing for information a
no quick answers from thatexercisemuch of the information that
must undertake an information gatheringexerciseto identify who is doing
executive we conducted such anexerciseat stage 1 of the
in establishing such a complicatedexercisedorothy grace elder i declare
be available when such anexercisemight start and what its
are ensuring that judges canexercisetheir discretion and that such
constitution democratic endorsement such anexercisewould engage the people which
it would be a pointlessexercisefor us to make those
that those who smoke couldexercisetheir right to do so
led the class through anexerciseabout alliteration we spoke in
where they work through anexerciseusing either one of the
i was coming through theexercisewhereas quite a lot of
review that through an annualexercisewhich formally re establishes the
want to repeat that checkingexercisebefore we agreed to let
than before we started theexercisethe importance of that cannot
for its brand and valuesexercisebusiness bulletin no 57 2002
improving he goes swimming toexerciseit and its doing him
the tribunal may require toexerciseits jurisdiction which is pretty
million or 13 million itsexercisewill be equivalent to the
mobile telephone companies of theexerciseof their right under existing
if other members want toexercisetheir constitutional obsession and navel
people would be able toexercisetheir personal choice when going
and pleasant many dog ownersexercisetheir pets here follow a
areas and who want toexercisetheir right to buy and
it would be an enormousexerciseas it was in may
what with all that unaccustomedexercisei may even be getting
to the scope of theexercisewe may decide in the
at the end of theexerciseit became clear that we
gps and physiotherapists to prescribeexercisesessions in conjunction with local
punishment of the child inexerciseof a parental right or
they would be able toexercisethat right on certain terms
european who wants to canexercisethat right students the self
of a new civic participationexercisea european parliament of disabled
you embark on a recruitmentexercisefor new deputes frank crowe
new writing scotland as anexercisein the use of my
i conducted a fairly successfulexerciseto recruit new deputes last
to a new world ofexercisewith all the success of
labour to put the tenderingexerciseon hold and carry out
carry out a particular surveillanceexercisethat said the conservatives will
to carry out a mappingexerciseto determine scanning requirements and
envisage carrying out a similarexercisewith the funding council over
to the library or toexercisebecause he was always attacked
rating in the research assessmentexerciseof three or less will
the occasion for a singleexerciseor f785: mmhm m055: ye
do some work throughout thisexerciseaction 2000 has had the
the existing system work thatexerciseassumes nothing about the existing
and editorial work an interestingexerciseis the comparison of the
board has undertaken a comparativeexerciseon the value of work
it was a positive bondingexercisemr home robertson who was
drink milk and to takeexercisefor example by walking to
million by 2002 since theexerciseis so expensive it is
by promoting healthier eating andexercisewe guarantee to spend an
by means of a jointexercisewith representatives of the convention
at the outset of theexercisewould be vastly outweighed by
which is a two wayexerciseif brian adam were a
10 which deals with theexerciseof freedom of expression states
that would be a usefulexercisewhich could be done outwith
provide other avenues for thatexercisewhich do not depend on
we welcome this evidence givingexercisewhich is an innovation that
at the start of thatexercisewhich we will certainly do
of the relationship between thatexerciseand the situation in scotland
number of older people takingexerciseand to reducing the rates
officer to allow msps toexerciseappropriate scrutiny of the holyrood
be the point of theexercisebut i shall be interested
s a different kind ofexercisefrom simply trying to sort
about the worthlessness of hisexerciseif i don t get
that the object of theexerciseis to teach surviving dialects
kind of big brother snoopingexerciseit is the very opposite
short notice to abbreviate theexerciseof a benefit that individuals
as being taken in theexerciseof an administrative function of
matters actions taken in theexerciseof an administrative function section
act actions taken in theexerciseof service failures section 5
result the object of theexerciseof spelling reform is while
for rent and the consequentexerciseof the landlord s hypotech
to an improvement in theexerciseof the principal function 2a
freedom of expression states theexerciseof these freedoms since it
owner of an animal toexercisereasonable care and supervision to
have better software after theexercisesecondly the discipline of thinking
emphasis of the research assessmentexerciseso that it no longer
you f963: the amount ofexercisethat we ever got was
slightly slower start to theexercisethe introduction of the comprehensive
supply of teachers in anexerciseto establish the future requirement
i have the opportunity toexercisesome influence over that issue
strong for the parliament toexercisea clear and transparent system
to lifestyle choice opportunities forexerciseand so on mary scanlon
to the branding and valueexerciseat scottish enterprise se awarded
we decided to repeat theexerciseat stage 2 i am
that to some extent andexerciseenterprise on 9 december will
threshold will you repeat theexercisefor the proposed reduction to
went towards the kitchen toexercisefurther the privileges he had
than they used to andexerciseis important in building up
that a value for moneyexercisemust be embarked upon to
to involve them in thisexerciseon the mailshot why is
firms that pitched for theexercises1w 24840 robin harper to
maun allou the tane toexercisesoveraynetee ower the tither makin
and men are taking lessexercisethan they used to and
is supposed to give youexercisethough i m afraid i
fact i ve got thisexerciseto do with the bairns
it very very eh rewardingexerciseto edit it though i
to be totally a paperexerciseto put back in the
f965: he really needs someexercisewe re going to have
se received to fund theexercisewhat input it had to
does not allow you toexerciseyour own poetic ingenuity and
baking on it but theexercisewas never very successful because
so that was a linguisticexercisewhit we used the broons
our jurisdiction and we shouldexercisethat choice it is an
that taen pairt in theexercisea scots school dictionary we
led the cless throu anexerciseaboot alliteration we spoke in
us when we started theexercisei will ask the clerks
major facilities throughout scotland thatexerciseis almost complete we will
last year s spending reviewexercisewe gained a three year
you this in your tutorialexercisewell we ll do something
hospitals and day centres moreexercisehealthier people an essential partner
there was a one dayexercisefor that did a scottish
is not a static annualexercise12 30 christine grahame i
twenty minutes that s notexerciseeither f965: yeah i don
not engaged in a prexercisefor that excellent international organisation
that this was not anexercisein good faith on our
her giving you a punishmentexercisewell not that sensible a
the coin in this balancingexerciseand recognise that there are
departments have spent on thisexerciseand the money that you
that is an entirely differentexercisefrom a teacher returning prelim
sadie she disnae need taeexerciseher een tae find that
is like a rural proofingexercisein the sense that rhona
about that and emphasise thatexerciseis important in early life
and undertaking a balancing offexerciseis that what you have
s wheel up so thatexercisetime for them can be
taen a pairt in theexercisedunbar gremmar tranent primary whitecraig
as a result and willexercisemore initiative the enormous economic
vote is tied i willexercisemy casting vote against the
3rd years and again theexerciseworked well i had lunch
the way and so theexercisewould be repeated until the
on world heritage sites andexercisea co ordinating role in
a hand grenade during anexercisewar news items in common
re daein a cost cuttinexerciseon them tae market forces
attic one evening for anexercisebook where he had written
be imposed upo dm dexerciseo pooer is exactly d
been a fascinatin if exhaustinexercisebut what i have discovered
richt were it no taeexerciseit my lords if mr
a plastic bag if youexerciseyour dog so here s
undertaken a fairly significant auditingexercisehave there been benefits for
was a huge complex statisticalexercisethere were no particular handover
doc ask her advice reexerciseswimming etc wednesday 9 gen

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