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ll see her see leeexitboxers jilly starts skipping enter
gym box around the audienceexitboxers lights fade slightly lights
times ay bj exit jillyexitboxers youngsters appear in the
a corner keep me thereexitgary and boxers enter george
ower auld times ay bjexitjilly exit boxers youngsters appear
them beside the potted plantexitdimps lights fade lights up
steps in front of leeexitlee lights fade boxing ring
teenie we ll catch upexitgeorgie to audience i m
are i see a richtexitgeorgie to audience she s
aff later on the dayexitgeorgie to audience that s
seen by the audience onlyexitmother father shakes his head
pushes tess to the goundexitberna robby lori lori you
wid aw sing wi happinessexitrobby lori and tess berna
up the basket of fungiexittess lori is it him
done truth will be toldexitzeb enter robby and lori
o water fuckin amazing ihexitcammy steve picks up the
stew unlocks the shed doorexitdimps steve aaaaaaaaaaah silence steve
watch they scummy cunts steveexitdimps steve cowers in the
steve crawls to the doorexitsteve stew steve stew goes
the hand helps him upexitstew and steve dimps what
steve stew goes after steveexitstew cammy removes his jeans
in the rain barrel againexitstew silence steve dey make
gan roon to angelica sexitlights over to muriel s
and jilly hold each otherexitbj and jilly enter lee
the only life ah kenexitlee jilly goes to bj
lee pat goes to bjexitpat and bj lee you
lot ti answer fur bjexitpat bj he comes here
jilly reaches out to patexitpat jilly pat stae wi
dinnae loose yur fittin zebexittess zeb ah contessa yes
through ti the core silenceexitzeb berna sings yes i
when his lightnin strikes yisexitberna della git the wreath
check on dimps will yiexitcammy silence stew pause kin
stew ah ll nash ootexitstew cammy starts ironing sheets
love ed we did silenceexitstew doll love this next
a medicines til him swytheexitofficer with assistance enter ross
enter ronnie stays by theexitronnie come on chrissie georgie
dignity and stalks towards theexitgeorgie oh jim jim turning
starts hitting the punch bagexitcammy dimps hitting the punch
outside cammy goes after himexitcammy dimps we re gonnae
gets as far as theexitangelica come back he comes
she pushes him towards theexitangelica shouting off ma muriel
haimmer he marches towards theexitand meets teenie face to
he shepherds teenie towards theexitjim fit s adee fit
no gaun oniewhaur the dayexitmalcolm and shona eilidh sits
never you heed aboot meexitmoula eilidh to herself she
eilidh guidnicht syre she curtseysexitshona and malcolm carrying the
can git ye anither treeexitmalcolm and shona moula sits
glass on table about toexitshe breaks down cries sits
r nae dochter o mynesexitjek and moula he sobs
precincts we made our firstexittowards eglinton policies on a
l tell nae mair leesexitmalcolm curtain act i scene
a minute boyter and sandersonexitjack and deana come in
away ben beaumont and cairdexitjack stares after them jack
should be she moves toexitsadie blocks the doorway sadie
pocket silent they watch bethexitsadie she is seriously spookin
bath settle them doon theyexitsadie sinks into a seat
me he goes to theexithere it is look laid
r weill rewairdit maister rintoulexitrintoul o ay ah wes
door she heads for theexitbut is stopped by the
ye daein lurkin there ootexitagnes mother be the death
s really a hand grenadeexitquickly out of the sinister
the coffee made neil rightexitloretta far away i never
to the safety of theexitin a straighter line but
a closed window a shockingexitline a dark sybil stays
before accepting it about toexitbeth turns as if to
bottle and makes for theexitjust before she disappears she
the a77 just before theexiton the left stood the
shaw him in at ainceexitringan mercie ah ve nae
kitchen she pauses at theexitand turns back to speak
i ll get your handbagexitgladys isn t she 60
gives a vigorous leap andexitcurtain act iii scene 1
disappear as soon as theyexitthrough it there is no
it there is no otherexitif feasible the stage may
in a couple o minutesexitthe other two are flabbergasted
i could make a swiftexitfrom fredericton also on that
to palma two mountain passesexitsoutheast and southwest the coll
to figure out how toexitfrom fredericton u k helen
they get a chance toexitoh hello dod lizzie slyly
shopping bag and prepares toexitbessie no no naething for
indiscriminate parkers have blocked theexitfrom both sides of the
based at glasgow at theexitpoint from comet we display
question is simple is anexitstrategy available to any future
impact of the scheme andexitthe market fear was expressed
eence the entrance an theexitcwid hae signs hingin fae

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