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have done to meet theirexpectationsand their parents expectations has
then f807: expectations [laugh] greatexpectationsf806: mm or lack of
their expectations and their parentsexpectationshas not been in vain
that s all then f807: expectations[laugh] great expectations f806: mm
demonstrate its responsiveness to userexpectationsfor limited and targeted electronic
in 1981 and meeting theexpectationsof the user community has
customers want adapting to changingexpectationshow should scottish tourism be
offices branches meet the highexpectationsof customers and are in
f807: lack of fulfilment ofexpectationsf806: yeah f807: [laugh] f806:
is that the parliament sexpectationshave been raised only to
that the first minister raisedexpectationsin scotland and then let
been raised by david mcletchieexpectationsshould be high the inference
we should have them moreoverexpectationsthat are raised should be
is being made that theexpectationsthat have been raised will
and by doing so raisedexpectationsthat it is commonly believed
in this morning s pressexpectationswere raised over the past
competence in line with citizensexpectations7 what missions would this
we have talked about raisingexpectationsagain i make no apologies
to deliver on the greatexpectationspeople have for the scottish
will deliver on the highexpectationsthat scots have for our
f965: children had there wereexpectationsof children s behaviour f963:
eroded the basic needs andexpectationsof pensioners without which talk
parliament and contributed to highexpectationsfor its first term scottish
not delivering on the highexpectationsthat its introduction created the
and role of grammar clearexpectationsand a sense of achievement
by by class and classexpectationsand people when you f963:
resources to meet people sexpectationsmr mcmahon if an additional
considering taking out er greatexpectationsjust sittin there watchin that
dining hall and fulfils allexpectationsthe covering over it will
their hopes their lifestyles theirexpectationsas you have found out
to prove either that theirexpectationsfor candidates were not met
their objectives that will createexpectationsultimately the investment that ministers
to them and what theirexpectationswould be from a future
been in line with itsexpectationsgiven the comments that have
that we should not haveexpectationsbut we should have them
did the first minister raiseexpectationsto such a level only
deal with the matter ofexpectationsthe reason why the reaction
t all have the sameexpectationsyou don t all have
is not one of thoseexpectationschristine grahame rose the deputy
waiting period or reducing theexpectationsof those who currently use
me repeat them all theexpectationsare that next year s
at the discrepancy between theexpectationsof a romance hero and
basis and we submit ourexpectationsof demand the appropriate proportions
talking about spin and unrealisticexpectationswe must ensure that that
greig twists and turns yerexpectationsricht brawlie an the resonances
funding across the board despiteexpectationsof an ultimate answer on
the nicht itsel exceedit aaexpectationsan ye canna beat the

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