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the substantial number of officersexpectedto retire and to increase
practitioners aged under 55 areexpectedto retire in the period
between 60 and 65 areexpectedto retire in the period
between 55 and 60 areexpectedto retire in the period
of non domestic rates isexpectedto have on central scotland
of non domestic rates isexpectedto have on fife constabulary
of non domestic rates isexpectedto have on tayside police
much each local authority isexpectedto raise in non domestic
during the day it isexpectedthat stage 2 proceedings will
during the day it isexpectedthat stage 2 proceedings will
results of the proceedings areexpectedto be announced s1w 32357
is that proceedings are generallyexpectedto take place in national
2000 and what are theexpectedallocations for 2000 01 s1w
01 01 01 is notexpectedto cause any difficulties with
in the light of theexpectedincrease in the number of
next 10 years given theexpectedincrease in the number of
of scotland water authority areexpectedto reduce increase or remain
level make clear the progressionexpectedin terms of language and
level of haddock discards wasexpectedin the north sea and
and level of grammatical competenceexpectedof students at the different
at this level would beexpectedto demonstrate knowledge of the
intermediate 2 level would beexpectedto develop the themes and
at higher level would beexpectedto operate at the level
environmental health attributed higher thanexpectedconcentrations of lead in tap
the advanced higher course materialsexpectedin june will be delivered
case of higher exams peopleexpectedthat efficiency and it is
this period of analysis isexpectedto conclude at the end
during the day it isexpectedthat the first day of
during the day it isexpectedthat the first day of
during the day it isexpectedthat the first day of
understand it reflects what isexpectedof them not just me
the language which they areexpectedto understand and to use
that most members would beexpectedto understand both spoken and
that most msps can beexpectedto understand spoken and written
past on tuesday i halfexpecteda phone call to arrange
straw homburg i had halfexpectedhim to break into full
i d more than halfexpectedit s just an ordinary
and old groover i halfexpectedthe guy to have a
dirtier red hair i halfexpectedthe policemen to exclaim aha
s smaller than i dexpectedalmost cute in its way
certainly went better than iexpectedbut that is not to
lot langer than ony bodyexpectedfin geordie asked muggie oot
out to be busier thanexpectedi gave my classes on
been more difficult than weexpectedin the end our heroines
unfortunately we were longer thanexpectedin the trades centre with
after a longer weight thanexpectednan and armand are delighted
a better deal than wasexpectedor is it a reflection
professional life than i everexpectedscott confronted me as an
ll be busier than iexpectedthis summer i am not
has also taken longer thanexpectedto establish a national register
lodging amendments than members areexpectedto that might or might
by small organisations when theexpectedfunding does not appear despite
40 countries participating it isexpectedthat bids for funding will
percentage of the funding isexpectedto be provided by a
starved of adequate funding andexpectedto conform to the pattern
voluntary sector the sector isexpectedto do as it is
the voluntary sector cannot beexpectedto reinvent itself continually matched
sector the decommissioning scheme isexpectedto run along the same
identity card and you wereexpectedto know your number [note: photo: 'arch middleton, millplough; identity card.']
more clearly what outputs wereexpectedfrom spending there should be
for reid as would beexpectedgiven that their parents had
but that was to beexpectedhowever at length he swept
feature which are to beexpectedin each type of text
released the brakes she dexpectedit all to be wonderful
not the language that iexpectedit to be i am
farm before 6 am andexpectedme to be enthusiastic over
hospital but she canna beexpectedtae keep daein that loretta
3 5 million it isexpectedthat draft orders will be
year in portree it wasexpectedthat secure status would be
he found as might beexpectedthat the linguistic variable altered
by what date it isexpectedthat they will be implemented
but one would not haveexpectedthat to be channelled through
of the trip i dexpectedthe mountains to be dry
abuse as well i hadexpectedthe prisoners to be really
didn t expect that iexpectedthem to be good i
agreed the parties will beexpectedto adhere to it the
stage the body is notexpectedto be at arm s
executive how many beds areexpectedto be available for tourists
is and when it isexpectedto be cleared s1o 380
executive how much money isexpectedto be collected in water
guideline on osteoporosis which isexpectedto be completed early next
many of these graduates areexpectedto be employed by tayside
scotland and when these areexpectedto be filled s1w 7697
specify the amount of powerexpectedto be generated by solar
situation where scots might beexpectedto be heard this was
which the marks would beexpectedto be high it was
or wards where hmos areexpectedto be located that is
their lives older people haveexpectedto be looked after and
the intrusive surveillance target isexpectedto be mobile or is
of 840 and others haveexpectedto be offered 6 courses
and on how much isexpectedto be paid by recipients
to marketing activity 22 isexpectedto be spent on the
trunk road network which areexpectedto be substantial the scottish
in that scottish courts areexpectedto be the point of
threshold as appropriate this isexpectedto be to between 500
circumstances would an individual beexpectedto bear the cost or
a member could reasonably beexpectedto carry out in his
stated no child should beexpectedto cast off the language
once but could hardly beexpectedto come a second time
all local authorities will beexpectedto comply with lord hardie
twelve fitever i canna beexpectedto do aathing mysel she
cause f813: would you beexpectedto do that f814: oh
safety what will registrars beexpectedto do what can registrars
whether the committee can beexpectedto have full and proper
suburban massachusetts ever could beexpectedto know about this he
studio where i ll beexpectedto make videos and was
examine how forces would beexpectedto operate in more specifically
into force can reasonably beexpectedto perform the additional duties
and when it will beexpectedto publish its report s1w
disclosure could a reasonably beexpectedto result in a material
the consultation it can beexpectedto undertake with relevant individuals
afterwards no civilian could beexpectedto work under those conditions
th- th- s- they allexpectedyou to be to have
and a final report isexpectedin january we therefore do
cohesion the third report isexpectedin november 2003 in june
wales the draft report isexpectedin the spring and will
his report which we hadexpectedthis month will now come
and by officials we areexpectedto report to the finance
if not when it isexpectedwhether the feasibility report will
was set might have beenexpectedthis use of this conjunction
career from what i hadexpectedmichael matheson they are like
many surviving asbestos sufferers areexpectedto access the court processes
[censored: surname] about 40 people areexpectedto attend mrs [censored: surname] would
on the subsequent concordats areexpectedto begin and conclude s1w
the city of aberdeen areexpectedto benefit from the implementation
2001 02 and 2 areexpectedto benefit in 2002 03
the 10 000 competitors areexpectedto contribute approximately 6 million
should know what they areexpectedto deliver if there is
in s5 6 they areexpectedto do so with a
executive how many nurses areexpectedto graduate from the college
was that solicitors are notexpectedto guarantee the result of
one in which people areexpectedto hold real costs steady
120 000 scots who areexpectedto make a quit attempt
the six working groups areexpectedto present their conclusions to
are whether the group isexpectedto publish any conclusions and
fe and hn qualifications areexpectedto remain the main activity
length of time clients areexpectedto stay in emergency accommodation
routinely do why are theyexpectedto survive on bursaries which
and how many people areexpectedto visit these reservoirs each
to set the national standardsexpectedin each task the sqa
provide exemplification of the standardsexpectedof candidates in each of
could point out what wasexpectedand the school could work
whether i could have beenexpectedto foresee that particular problem
could have gone and wasexpectedto go i will deal
we told ourselves we dexpectedsomething like this and then
young free church professor weexpectedsomething more in accordance with
year ago by now iexpectedto have something more positive
she told you something sheexpectedyou to remember it next
i would have expected wellexpectedi would have assumed that
engaged frankly i would haveexpectedmore from a member of
is delivering on what wasexpectedof it that it would
to sustainable development it isexpectedthat increasing production would also
that is precisely what iexpectedthat you would say if
s what i would haveexpectedwell expected i would have
conclusion to these discussions isexpectedand when discussions on the
29 january a response isexpectedby the beginning of march
premises where english speech isexpectedin the past the educational
is far from what iexpectedit is quite remarkable maureen
to hear clearly what isexpectedof them the taxpayer in
of scots is evidently notexpectedof us indeed the use
to what we think isexpectedof us this is to
scale of improvement that isexpectedon expenditure on enterprise and
executive when an announcement isexpectedon the proposal to build
authority s entire area isexpecteds1w 15142 richard lochhead to
on which a decision isexpectedshortly notes that she was
first year it is notexpectedthat local authorities or other
police forces and it isexpectedthat that will mean an
19th may 1999 it isexpectedthat the parliament s business
deputy presiding officers it isexpectedthat the parliament will break
graggan scheme when it isexpectedthat the proposed scheme can
pattern of land ownership isexpectedto change should the proposals
on 20 march 2001 isexpectedto reach a conclusion s1o
the church of scotland isexpectedto utilise the current debating
to date and what theexpectedtotal expenditure is for 2002
what is the icc sexpectedwork load there seems to
scotland we will use theexpectedfall in school rolls to
an amiable mongrel when theyexpectedmore of a pedigree beast
of funds to meet anyexpectedgrowth in demand on a
upside down i suppose iexpectedher house to follow traditional
act the way the wedderburnsexpectedhim to act but when
soapy smelling haar he hadexpectedjust like used to happen
and the discipline and theyexpectedme to just churn churn
was but i just iexpectednot to like sc- school
europe for such committees iexpectedthe executive to show this
the things that you haveexpectedthem to do the oft
that candidates whom they hadexpectedto achieve reasonable results did
at unb i m almostexpectedto complete the masters in
bunker the last thing iexpectedto find on the other
he s m741: yeah m605: expectedto have achieved m741: yeah
the presiding officer because iexpectedto have to leave for
of sentences where pupils wereexpectedto identify the correct form
old washing machine its notexpectedto last long but its
the first arbuthnott farmers wereexpectedto play an important part
that literate scottish laymen wereexpectedto possess and read was
medium of gaelic they reexpectedto prepare resources to prepare
eighteenth and nineteenth centuries wasexpectedto produce a record of
barn things i had neverexpectedto see outside the smaller
speakers ehm because they reexpectedto teach their subject erm
current financial year despite beingexpectedto trade internally for only
after school daily life ofexpectedcommunity service saturdays were different
positive one william pirie smithexpectedmuch of all his pupils
that was not what theyexpectedthe whole thing exploded i
and sunny again what theyexpectedwhat they paid for they
caused as some people hadexpecteda great delay in the
generation of older scots hadexpectedin paying their tax and
groups at the event hadexpectedthe announcement of a draft
the world as aitken hadexpectedthe outcry which their complaint
family chuckle i should haveexpectedit s his own chuckle
that response should have beenexpectedthe good conduct of msps
the improvements in public servicesexpectedby the scottish people believes
and wooden bowls three peopleexpectedfor a meal but no
bade in this hoose neverexpectedthen we d own it
that s right it sexpectedyeah f1038: and i d
crowd which gathered along theexpectedroute waited in vain no
the night but we wereexpectedat aberdeen so we declined
sort of things that wereexpectedof you as i say
were richt heavy i hadnaexpectedthat because they looked sae
also the variation in theexpectedorder suddenly on came the
of the revolutionary fervour oneexpectedall this hanging around at
on the way forward wasexpectedby the end of 1999
i m safe i mexpectedfredericton was dark by the
think about but i wasexpectedin edinburgh before christmas there
take a new paragraph theexpectedappearance of technical terms in
comparing the concepts and terminologyexpectedof students at different stages
of the total that weexpectedthe rest of the entries
jo came round and weexpectedmarguerite and rachel who as
the situation angry naebody sexpectedtae rescue thersells except us

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