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need to have acquired thatexperienceand medical experience includes hospital
need to have acquired thatexperienceand medical experience includes hospital
a has acquired such medicalexperienceas may be prescribed or
a has acquired such medicalexperienceas may be prescribed or
and medical experience includes hospitalexperiencein any speciality 3 subsections
and medical experience includes hospitalexperiencein any speciality 3 subsections
acquired that experience and medicalexperienceincludes hospital experience in any
acquired that experience and medicalexperienceincludes hospital experience in any
a reference to the medicalexperienceprescribed by virtue of paragraph
a reference to the medicalexperienceprescribed by virtue of paragraph
lothian areas i found theirexperienceand first hand knowledge helpful
committee based on my previousexperienceand knowledge but the committee
of english drawing on theirexperienceand knowledge of language change
we take advantage of theexperienceknowledge and skills of the
communities they give of theirexperienceknowledge and time as carers
indicated that the knowledge andexperienceof group members might form
18 judges have knowledge andexperienceof the main legal traditions
do your members have anyexperienceor knowledge of whether appeals
and had the skills businessexperienceand a far reaching network
skills development agency has theexperienceand expertise to provide the
to ensure that the specialexperienceand skills learned from current
it objectives thanks to theexperienceand skills of the selected
progressing links so that theexperienceand skills that have been
enrich scotland with their skillsexperienceenergy and enthusiasm our vision
her textile skills and professionalexperiencegained over many years of
in using the skills andexperienceof refugees implement the proposals
by gaining the skills andexperiencethat older people can bring
experience erm just really schoolexperiencebut i had short hand
t had a lot ofexperienceerm just really school experience
experience will fall if anythingexperiencehas shown that people join
f689: [laugh] f631: the wholeexperience[inhale] f689: the whole experience
experience [inhale] f689: the wholeexperienceoh i don t know
number of staff with greaterexperiencewill fall if anything experience
answer that question from personalexperiencealan stewart yes but before
you must know from personalexperienceandrew not that i have
be the case from personalexperienceat the victoria infirmary in
intention i speak from personalexperiencei have seen those activities
will explain that from personalexperiencein the run up to
who had not had personalexperiencein this area would hardly
s a based on personalexperienceis it lizzie grins very
yes very much so theexperienceis personal finding an all
coming out of that ermexperienceof erm personal and also
the session detailed their personalexperienceof physical harm and the
control i have had personalexperienceof similar cases and i
i can speak from personalexperienceon this in a previous
danger based on the pastexperienceof local authorities and others
successor committee based on itsexperienceof the first parliamentary session
successor committee based on itsexperienceof the first parliamentary session
successor committee based on itsexperienceof the first parliamentary session
successor committee based on itsexperienceof the first parliamentary session
successor committee based on itsexperienceof the first parliamentary session
successor committee based on itsexperienceof the first parliamentary session
certain areas based on theexperienceof the parliament it is
this parliamentary session however myexperienceof the sips and their
minutes in total pupils oftenexperiencea two stage lesson with
meaningful coherent and enjoyable learningexperiencefor our pupils from p6
to improve pupils understanding andexperienceof contemporary craftmaking through interaction
e in fact the pupilsexperienceof the concepts should begin
as that pupils gain sufficientexperienceof using and experimenting with
addition no as the laneexperiencepupils has o the leid
addition rather than the soleexperiencepupils have of the language
contexts in which pupils canexperiencethe way words work in
and make learning a pleasurableexperience21 29 further the guidelines
their second language ex- learningexperienceand i think in order
it was a great learningexperiencei think f631: mmhm f634:
promoting a high quality learningexperienceproviding an integrated system of
passionate arguments for learning fromexperienceso what dangerous in that
young people a quality learningexperiencetake forward the scottish credit
change these attitudes my ownexperiencewas of learning french mainly
contributing to this negative learningexperiencewere the content of the
i i enjoyed the wholeexperienceculturally in aberdeenshire it was
like years the whole laneexperienceis technically condensed into eight
converted by the whole gamesexperiencenew and welcome converts to
on the whole a depressingexperiencewednesday continued the run of
known whole areas of economicexperiencewill be a closed book
on the world of physicalexperiencebuilding up a shared vocabulary
commonplaces with regard to femaleexperiencein the modern world a
departure from glasgow to seekexperiencein the wider world joanna
students theretil tae unnerstaun hooexperienceo the world throu anither
as real an valid asexperienceo the world throu english
it s only men withexperienceof the bigger world outside
students thereby to understand thatexperienceof the world through another
as real and valid asexperienceof the world through english
from the world of physicalexperiencethe earth the seas and
at westminster despite 22 yearsexperienceat westminster this is the
with 100 years of excellentexperiencebehind it to start from
others could have 30 yearsexperiencebut the local authority would
which only long years ofexperiencecan shorten watson applied the
never recovered from this traumaticexperiencehe died two years later
4 years post doctoral teachingexperiencei ll wait and see
a dlo with five yearsexperiencein the business with its
now quite a few yearsexperienceof its use in clinical
stevenson he had six yearsexperienceof lexicography having like stevenson
past drawing on my ownexperienceof over 50 years as
or two to three yearsexperiencethey will remain with the
society after ten years ofexperiencewe will be in a
there several years before theexperiencewhich changed my life and
number with over 10 yearsexperiencewill decrease my constituents have
own or their family sexperienceare well able to put
sprung straight from your ownexperiencebut have been imported from
in all art her ownexperiencefeeds into her writing this
more true to her ownexperienceher letter writing to her
modernist period interact with femaleexperiencein our own time to
highly probable given his ownexperienceof aussies yir skin is
he speaks from first handexperienceas he told his friends
so that was my firstexperienceas regards work before i
aberdeen a week tomorrow toexperienceat first hand the gridlock
my first ehm teacher trainingexperiencef641: [laugh] f643: and i
must have been an affaexperiencefor him first frank then
people in a local areaexperienceits problems at first hand
to call jimmy if theyexperiencemicturition on that first night
writing talent flourished his firstexperienceof seeing his work in
selection of indicators however theexperienceof the first round of
report i have first handexperienceof the impact of the
aspect of the couple sexperienceof the island the first
is a pretty good firstexperienceof the place isn t
graves had had first handexperienceof the syndrome which has
i may say my firstexperienceof work began before i
think it s our firstexperiencereally that there was such
generation was the first toexperiencespeed in transport locomotion applied
nurses are the first toexperiencethe problems while we may
40 day period our recentexperiencewas the first time that
merely explain to you myexperienceand my reaction fiona hyslop
of the time in myexperienceare not even of employment
of edinburgh have in myexperienceas a constituency msp in
legal opinion differs in myexperienceas a lawyer legal opinions
your trip an [laugh] myexperienceat black- blackshaw farm and
my perceptions but on myexperiencebefore i became an msp
policy and legislation from myexperienceduring stage 2 of the
referred to at length myexperiencefrom talking to small groups
the census question why myexperiencefrom working in a number
do it yourself work myexperiencehas encompassed amateur efforts in
the district court in myexperienceif we did not have
james douglas hamilton from myexperiencein the house of commons
has learned this by bitterexperienceis always looking for my
f634: but that was myexperienceit never did me any
opening credits my fairberry sexperiencelook and learn the documentary
glasgow and my sort ofexperiencem608: and how did how
an absolute disgrace in myexperienceministers are decent people captured
from their current or recentexperiencemy colleagues mr higson and
mcgugan that was not myexperiencemy motion was rejected the
legislative proposals brian adam myexperienceof churn was that it
those projects iain montgomery myexperienceof dealing with employers has
that i had the annoyingexperienceof having my letter to
be accepted des mcnulty myexperienceof local government is that
service to the elderly theexperienceof many of my elderly
i only had a shortexperienceof my life in a
in the north and myexperienceof publishing while another part
week out my most recentexperienceof vip volunteering was in
merely illustrate my lack ofexperienceon the matter is it
conversation it has been myexperienceparticularly when i worked in
i was 8 i neverexperiencepaternal love my grandma became
subject bill aitken in myexperiencescottish homes has performed its
with senior officers in myexperiencesenior officers have mostly shied
young woman amputee from myexperiencesuch people are never released
the argument it is myexperiencethat as a group roman
concern was expressed from myexperiencethat is a problem for
has dried up in myexperiencethe voluntary sector is the
examining the problems that theyexperiencethey are vulnerable in my
work this year from myexperiencewith disability organisations and young
which is gained from myexperiencewith two local cases is
staff with the most relevantexperienceare from whom the scottish
it was the most bizarreexperiencei felt as if ehm
was quite the most peculiarexperiencei ve had yet m608:
determined or worried depending onexperiencemost of us looked worried
in love can expect toexperiencereal captivity what is most
13 isabel s most importantexperienceto date is an unusual
most of us have theexperienceto some degree or other
minister with his considerable parliamentaryexperienceaccept that an education minister
good candidates with other courtexperiencealthough someone who comes from
health advantages from delaying sexualexperienceamongst young people are included
are within the child sexperienceand which derive from his
we will learn from theirexperienceas well as looking for
that i drew from scottishexperiencebecause we used to send
cannae really speak from recentexperiencebut m819: i mean erm
haemophiliacs is monitored given theexperiencegained from the appearance of
may be drawn from theexperiencegained from the creation of
parliament i know from thatexperiencehow debilitating three months in
concerns arise from the irishexperiencehowever i contend that the
to learn from its earlyexperiencei can announce that the
on it from your practicalexperiencejohn kelly i am the
dangerous in that lessons fromexperiencelead the author to question
contemporary scotland yet duffy sexperienceof childhood emigration from her
but we know from theexperienceof other countries that a
scotland we know from theexperienceof other countries that for
has been developed from theexperienceof people in local communities
to be learned from theirexperienceof tackling sectarianism bigotry and
derives from the petitioner sexperienceof the applications by west
is another matter from theexperienceof the different contributors there
that you believe from yourexperienceor from what your members
anything comes from the englishexperiencethat is of benefit to
but i i know fromexperiencethat sometimes you can get
age although i know fromexperiencethat the case needs to
m608: mmhm m1174: er fromexperiencewe d le- we d
and to learn from thatexperiencewe must also capitalise on
have taken into account theirexperienceyou heard from mr gallagher
can be made through theexperienceand maturity that is represented
we all went through thatexperienceand that was one of
intuitively develop excellent techniques throughexperiencebut there seems to be
through schools which use theexperienceof putting through mock legislation
through competition spectators share theexperienceof success or defeat shetland
through retirement means that theyexperienceparticular issues relating to poverty
thus certain ways of organisingexperiencethrough language such as those
or young person through theexperiencewe will try to find
summer i had a remarkableexperiencewhen i moved through what
of faith and life theexperiencehas left him pondering his
of a life affirming danceexperiencein glasgow where mums don
you know your particular lifeexperienceone that we that we
but i ve yet toexperiencethat life is fine at
can share their life sexperiencewith the other people on
the benefit of their practicalexperienceand are often the unsung
training which can boost theirexperienceand confidence there are opportunities
adewale and others on theirexperienceas refugees in scotland deplores
whilst their second language developsexperiencedefinite cognitive benefits p 7
somebody could apply their practicalexperiencein an msc 10 15
as a result of theirexperiencein mainstream prisons the pressure
civic society to use theirexperiencein partnership with government and
it that because of theirexperiencenurses are much better than
in their way i hadexperienceof an organisation in the
couple of matters however theirexperienceof other mainstream prisons echoes
specific language features to theirexperienceof the same features in
made a rich and happyexperienceof their burns topics in
changes to improve their patientsexperiencethe key to reform is
so they hid their ainexperiencethere s aye a wye
education sector brought their directexperienceto bear and raised issues
such as yourself convener haveexperienceand are knowledgeable in this
who will all have judicialexperienceand who will all have
of you have much mediaexperiencebefore that or was this
the committee have had directexperiencecosla has a number of
do they hold and whatexperiencedo they have of prison
than people who have noexperiencedo voluntary sector disability groups
any of you have thatexperiencef1018: it- no no m1020:
qualification some people have practicalexperiencehaving learned on the job
career that is a demoralisingexperiencei have looked at age
looking for candidates who haveexperiencein criminal law or criminal
have no previous procurator fiscalexperiencein either the justice of
lowman our members have suchexperiencein many other areas the
much training and have muchexperiencein registering such events accuracy
communist haircut 3 roubles thisexperiencemust have exhausted me in
s needs have you anyexperienceof a change of attitude
the worst humiliation the worstexperienceof all i have suggested
focus on i have longexperienceof contracting in the public
humane grounds we have littleexperienceof dealing with animals such
have been wasted by theexperienceof emigration and by f963:
have no doubt that theexperienceof everyone in this chamber
newman have between them substantialexperienceof investigation interpretation and enforcement
fitzpatrick your members will haveexperienceof other due diligence offences
made especially as i haveexperienceof other legislation that this
those people who have directexperienceof poverty and the devolved
and people who have directexperienceof poverty together with representatives
stage i do not haveexperienceof producing a member s
i do not have hugeexperienceof social inclusion projects but
have quite a bit ofexperienceof that but i suspect
crown agent they have substantialexperienceof the procurator fiscal service
a scottish judge we haveexperienceof the uk judge in
to have been a freeingexperienceshe writes as if she
giving people who have practicalexperiencethat equates to bachelor of
report reflects the broadly positiveexperiencethat we have of working
it all depends on theexperiencethat you have personally and
of the the gaelic mediumexperiencethe children have in other
which we both have someexperiencethe tendering process has indeed
the texts you have studiedexperiencethough noon auctoritee were in
it has been a fascinatingexperienceto have been a member
we do not have theexperienceto say whether the dogs
winnie ewing perhaps i haveexperienceto speak on the subject
french and have enjoyed theexperiencevery much i am more
have kept him alive theexperiencewas handy he says his
current providers with decades ofexperiencewho have delivered a high
we did not have anyexperiencewith erm radio tv all
of these have had workexperiencewithin a prison in the
accommodation as someone who hasexperienceas a councillor i am
japan can be an excitingexperienceenthusiasm sometimes has to be
entertains very different views forexperiencehas fully evinced that there
in the landscape makes senseexperiencehas moved beyond the ordinary
of any party but pastexperiencehas shown that human error
has heard and on widerexperiencei am certain that within
has a great deal ofexperiencei did not think that
conducted ringway construction and hasexperiencein england maureen macmillan highlands
which has little or noexperiencein scotland the tendering process
operations expert and has longexperiencein scots law of dealing
here because he has relevantexperiencemany people seem to think
that he obviously has noexperienceof operating fixed penalty schemes
local contribution the executive sexperienceof the scottish compact has
it has been found byexperiencethat it is inconsistent with
circumstance unique in his wideexperiencethat sorrow has been as
it has been an incredibleexperiencetremendously enjoyable humorous and at
it has been an incredibleexperiencetremendously enjoyable humorous and at
be considered what training andexperienceany such staff would need
which you refer to theexperienceof countries such as norway
made an assertion about theexperienceof countries such as norway
advice services building on theexperienceof existing services such as
cities in the united kingdomexperiencesuch social exclusion sips give
this area on staffing levelsexperienceand types of work table
more work the lack ofexperiencein a lot of authorities
would that this admittedly patchyexperienceof the work of burns
projects as part of workexperienceplacements recognise the importance of
civil service to gain workexperiencewith the scottish executive s1w
executive staff to gain workexperiencewithin european institutions and for
of it because of ourexperienceand our management information ms
out using texts in ourexperienceat stella students take enthusiastically
are margaret nicol our membersexperienceessentially backed up what we
must also capitalise on ourexperiencein the public administration and
is on the table ourexperienceis that the full weight
in the light of ourexperienceof any changes that we
our certainty of our childhoodexperienceto be reconciled with what
i had a very interestingexperiencea helpful clerk pointed out
but i had a differentexperiencebecause erm i wasn t
the past the importance ofexperiencehad been stressed by aitken
began to describe a recentexperiencei had a permit for
they ve never had anexperiencei think possibly f963: mm
knows they ve had eneuchexperienceo them as like as
i had not had muchexperienceof deaf people and the
british army had very littleexperienceof operating ports and even
genre and having had theexperienceof participating in joint construction
made the contractors had theexperiencethey knew the pattern of
a happy night in hisexperiencewe had a meeting in
i ve had the sameexperiencewith [inhale] you know you
of the authenticity of thatexperienceand loss of language was
of a pupil s educationalexperienceand that language ability is
children s widening range ofexperiencethis early language will be
language development he suggests thatexperiencewithin the heuristic finding out
or not she decided notexperienceare so reliable so people
about people s commitment andexperienceis very different to reading
can involve people with directexperienceof poverty in this process
may include people with professionalexperiencerelevant to the applicant institution
any difficulties a child mightexperiencein answering the written questions
any anecdotal evidence on theexperienceof returning papers in england
idea of an entitlement toexperiencea progressive coherent and successful
so that we will notexperiencea repeat of the fiasco
a relief to no longerexperiencea rush of adrenalin every
to promote exchanges of informationexperienceand good practice between member
so on the basis ofexperienceand presumably other factors that
the staffing levels and theexperienceand skill base of existing
mm f1149: sort of practicalexperienceand they ve got friends
millionth time the reality ofexperienceand to forge in the
i contend that the irishexperienceargues in favour of the
by giving them as muchexperienceas possible of speaking in
real extent of his sexualexperienceat that time of night
all of the children gainedexperienceboth of content and vocabulary
events are objective reconstructions ofexperienceconcentrating on specific details of
insight into the heart ofexperiencedr suzuki zen s distinguished
like a sort of spiritualisticexperiencef718: mmhm m017: and then
better opportunity of using theexperiencehe brings to school and
on the basis of hisexperiencehow many of the 8
way in which it viewsexperiencehowever and because of frequent
sail on the broads goodexperiencehundreds of boats some interesting
about er the meaning ofexperiencei think you ll find
what you were supposed toexperienceif you were of the
get quite a lot ofexperiencein different things [sniff] and
especially because of the engineeringexperiencein scotland and the contribution
and songs of innocence andexperiencein scotland though classical and
is likely that to gainexperiencein the production of those
stage of a patient sexperienceis an absolute priority for
nature of female and maleexperienceit relates also to the
all your table on theexperiencelevels of your staff would
james the varieties of religiousexperiencelondon longmans green and co
an inchoate er and painfulexperiencem608: mm m078: of er
men of literature 1 anexperiencemany women would recognise spender
it an unreal almost eerieexperiencemoscow s lack of traffic
act to judge by theexperienceof a man who was
seemed to enjoy the briefexperienceof christmas in moscow the
was at variance with theexperienceof classroom practitioners david eaglesham
were simply untrue in theexperienceof classroom practitioners the materials
write well in scots withoutexperienceof colloquial speech or a
as an age old liminalexperienceof communion between the human
the light of the continuingexperienceof devolution s1w 28490 michael
speak more widely of theexperienceof displacement chosen or forced
allowed her to explore theexperienceof growing old a less
was feeling buoyed by theexperienceof having a sensible conversation
is in fact the familiarexperienceof having a word stick
son in law that hisexperienceof him was that he
the subject and of theexperienceof implementing the new regulations
we introduce primary legislation theexperienceof introducing and implementing the
remained a major consideration theexperienceof involvement in the entry
we can look to theexperienceof ireland to see whether
relevant mental health legislation andexperienceof its application section 31
gives information about levels ofexperienceof legal staff in the
description of seahorses following theexperienceof listening to a model
its efforts after the badexperienceof maastricht and for other
with loving familiarity about hisexperienceof mallorca this is the
the nos drawing on theexperienceof members of the support
does she agree that theexperienceof older women can be
visiting teams and competitors withexperienceof other games that shetland
the argument is about theexperienceof poverty in one community
to revive and at theexperienceof reviving both in scotland
here to look at theexperienceof scotland and the european
to nurses bursaries given hisexperienceof speaking at various conferences
illustrates part of the strangeexperienceof speaking scots scots as
they helped to boost theexperienceof staff table 5 does
goods more sells better theexperienceof sweden and denmark is
inventive me armed with anexperienceof table tennis at belmont
particularly short bill in theexperienceof the committee that does
of style and lack ofexperienceof the formal academic register
in time then in theexperienceof the present generation i
mr normand pointed out theexperienceof the procurators fiscal who
makes a difference to theexperienceof the sector on the
the rest of you gotexperienceof the trade or working
simpler style and more guidedexperienceof them rather than a
of features and then giveexperienceof these in texts or
bound in with a complexexperienceof time here i want
question of tracking the actualexperienceof workload against the assumptions
the date right on theexperienceof young offenders within the
majesties said subjects having dailyexperienceof your royall care and
existence on the basis ofexperienceone would expect there to
in three of them willexperienceosteoporosis at some stage in
to the collective guilt weexperienceover colonial conflict instead of
legislation to take account ofexperiencerichard grant you are right
and new tam o shanterexperiencesome elements of burns supper
when so men of practicalexperiencetell us we stand at
believes that in light ofexperiencethe european union needs to
believes that in light ofexperiencethe european union needs to
out an m816: [laugh] m815: experiencethe sort of wider m816:
existence of the eu notexperiencethe wars that killed so
whether in the light ofexperiencethey are necessary or indeed
chain of music and sharedexperiencethroughout all the landscapes of
requested for the victoria herexperiencewas similar to that of
sense of guilt made itsexperiencewhich in this case coincided
suggests that the level ofexperiencewill increase more junior deputes
in the light of theexperiencewith europol however it is
a presiding officer with internationalexperienceand international interests there was
the auc with its counsellingexperienceand resources can only be
his situation with the figureexperienceas the young courtier accompanying
was not too indigestible anexperiencefor them with regard to
is obsessed with potential sexualexperienceheld back by her mother
when talent is united withexperiencei am terribly sorry to
steps innocence fused with previsionaryexperiencei feel incredibly moved by
an analogy with the norwegianexperiencein creating nynorsk this analogy
female with vivid openness toexperiencein different situations the structure
there margo williamson with anexperiencein primary and literacy erm
hell with security you needexperienceno degree finish it later
tell you that after hisexperienceover christmas with the bike
it hath beene found byexperiencethat it is inconsistent with
meet with local groups andexperiencewhat is happening on the
valued it that was hisexperiencewith southwark council in the
with canada and the quebecexperienceyou are right that there
by its focus on femaleexperienceit is also a collection
found it very very usefulexperienceparticularly being exposed to erm
and uh huh m1048: yourexperienceuh huh erm and then
talk ti us aboot hisexperiencewi other groups cammy we
subject it s a greatexperienceand who knows next christmas
take for granted an easierexperiencefor those who are deaf
many now i wanted toexperiencethe house alone an old
going to be a goodexperienceand i m intent on
go on to turn hisexperienceto good use he will
sid king lose but goodexperiencewednesday 30 c s art
her and i believe theexperiencewill be good for me
mean an it s anexperiencefor them because they ve
i am sure that hisexperiencein local government and as
a while i may gainexperienceteaching and some money at
that section to the prescribedexperienceshall be construed as a
that section to the prescribedexperienceshall be construed as a
as ye will find beexperienceso what were the influences
opinion as truth comin fraeexperiencesyne ou can see why
pleasure that he described theexperienceto his future biographer as
can draw on winnie sexperienceand wisdom in european matters
the sangs o innocence anexperiencethe twa can soond in
it s a better gaithertexperiencegin ye ve read buchan
ve never even begun toexperiencei m starting to hurt
aye but you ve gotexperiencem1163: aye m608: on the
a chair i ve naeexperienceo this peggy i just
to be founded on hisexperiencein the 1960s and the
it would be a newexperiencefor us if those healthy
the adults tell us thatexperiencewas nobody hurt you the
and getting us laughing theexperiencewas wonderful we did three
lord james s expertise andexperiencebut i believe that in
colleagues he will enjoy theexperiencehe is just getting in
in monday was a differentexperiencei was playing bridge at
the sru after the unhappyexperiencein 1998 that this would
streets buildings mingle happily eerieexperiencein a ghostly church at
a desperate desire for sexualexperiencein a non solitary situation
to evaluate more fully theexperiencein england and wales the
s education providing a qualityexperiencein pre school for every
s education providing a qualityexperiencein pre school for every
education and promote opportunities forexperiencein the voluntary sector and
feel that ben wallace sexperiencein these matters is valuable
might be in for anexperiencelike one described by a
alloway the tam o shanterexperiencethree screen presentation in purpose
that it s been anexperienceshe ll n- never forget
country would be a fascinatingexperiencethe weather s been a
to change the way weexperienceadminister and educate on the
cardinall and ane dialog betwixexperienceand ane courteour the tragedie
a significant extent on autobiographicalexperienceand her heroine ellen goes
not dip into the scottishexperienceand open it up for
trying to capitalise on theexperienceand the technical know how
er decorators you know longexperienceand they taught you that
by minds whose attitude toexperienceand whose speculative and imaginative
david steel sir david sexperiencecommitment and the wider role
and although it gave meexperiencedoing marketing plans ehm [tut]
35 according to age andexperiencehowever during the next twenty
the lees and adds allexperienceis an arch wherethro gleams
all the individual and groupexperienceit carries is not highly
dolly replied haughtily they bringexperiencereliability and punctuality to the
avoid since [censored: forename] s unpleasantexperiencesome weeks ago and the
and go for the bestexperiencethe best example and i
the team combined size andexperienceto a greater degree than
opportunities for insight into scottishexperienceurban and rural past and
i suppose it was anexperiencefor some o the bairns
prologue to rely only onexperiencemindin that there is some
will ken these things byexperiencejames follows this fairly routine
bairn s braidenin range oexperiencethis early leid will be
stew bit ah need tiexperiencethis therapy this born again
all voluntary organisations share thatexperiencethere needs to be a
statistics indicate that i willexperienceage discrimination it is important
do they not er countexperienceagainst that though i mean
atween text an interpretation atweenexperiencean auctoritee the possibility that
sure that the perception aboutexperienceis correct we freely admit
indicatit that the knawledge anexperienceo memmers o the group
it s really that latterexperiencethat i want to share
a tory visit fit anexperiencethat was believe you me
she disnae rely juist onexperiencebut insteid tries to pit
it ll be really valuableexperiencefor me on saturday morning
began to relax into theexperiencethe stars shone above children
movement worldwide sir david sexperiencewhich is not always remembered
cold we lose is itexperienceor luck tuesday 25 phone
change then the supreme theatricalexperiencethe bolshoi ballet it was
lab it was a humblingexperienceto sit at the back
an mak learnin a cantieexperience12 29 mair the guidelines
the taletellers appeals to baithexperiencean auctoritee despite whiles claimin
ideal form involved a mysticalexperiencefor the worshipping group whereby
decision making powers it wouldexperienceif the current draft text
yet another n american culturalexperiencenamely watching the oscar awards
surprise an mebbe wi mairexperienceo the polis ahint him
a nice girly girl bondingexperienceoverall hb 74 is the
short answer is straightforward operationalexperiencewithin the scottish prison service
but beginners fears a wantexperienceaw said an duin we
for ilka mairch dyke oexperiencewe gie thanks tae you
are a substantial number whoseexperienceis either less than one
m959: oh right be anexperienceanyway f958: [laugh] but ehm
me weel i hinna muckleexperienceo bookies but certainly a
boorachies o fowk bi bitterexperienceshe kent they d be
m811: [laugh] f812: quite anexperiencejust going to clarks to
generation it isnae a cannyexperiencebein pit intae a readin
jist eez wye o testinexperiencees job wis rapin thack
hiv ony o you gotexperienceo guttin fish if there

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