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entitled unless he is suitablyexperienced2 for the purposes of
entitled unless he is suitablyexperienced2 for the purposes of
a medical practitioner is suitablyexperiencedif but only if he
a medical practitioner is suitablyexperiencedif but only if he
to alleviate the poor conditionsexperiencedby many refugees and to
alleviate any financial difficulties beingexperiencedby the network of privately
to alleviate the current pressuresexperiencedby the nhs s1f 15
is taking to alleviate hardshipexperiencedby the poorest fifth of
today because he is anexperiencedpractitioner in this field together
difficulties in educational management beingexperiencedas a result of the
europe at heart the difficultiesexperiencedby certain member states particularly
ensures that the historic difficultiesexperiencedby the kintyre economy are
it will examine any difficultiesexperiencedby voluntary organisations in relation
significant european funding it hasexperienceddifficulties for example because of
wheen difficulties that micht beexperiencedfor this report it will
some difficulties which may beexperiencedfor this report it will
with dentists where difficulties areexperiencedin attracting appropriate professionals which
any difficulties that are beingexperiencedin funding the terms and
no matter what difficulties wereexperiencedit was therefore considered impossible
that some difficulties would beexperiencedsome were merely teething difficulties
type of atmosphere that iexperiencedat peterhead it contrasted very
larger than life atmosphere beingexperiencedby charlie on the chocolate
no other prison have iexperiencedthe type of atmosphere that
the major problems currently beingexperiencedacross the scottish criminal justice
the major problems currently beingexperiencedacross the scottish criminal justice
the major problems currently beingexperiencedacross the scottish criminal justice
the major problems currently beingexperiencedacross the scottish criminal justice
parliament recognises the particular problemsexperiencedby people who suffer from
of the problems that wereexperiencedhave been addressed a number
absolutely agree we have allexperiencedthe frustration of tackling problems
had the executive has notexperiencedthe same problems that its
back the many trained andexperiencednurses who are not currently
lead to a further 150experiencednurses retraining and rejoining the
demographic problem of our moreexperiencedspecialised nurses leaving for other
the loss of their veryexperiencedand committed chief executive recognises
and remembrance of the sufferingexperiencedduring the holocaust recognises the
will ensure that any stressexperiencedby staff in the nhsis
be a larger and moreexperiencedgroup of staff than we
in place a core ofexperiencedregistration staff registrars and assistant
retain a large number ofexperiencedstaff the main group of
is a dedicated service withexperiencedstaff to deal with private
help health boards to accessexperiencedstaff who are committed to
release any large proportion ofexperiencedfarm workers a special scheme
of licensing that they hadexperiencedwith their large properties was
have considered a proposal areexperiencedin health matters across scotland
often requires the expertise ofexperiencedfundraisers many important organisations are
as usual voluntary organisations haveexperiencedyet another delay in their
legislative programme that we haveexperiencedwas partly the result of
the nurse shortages that areexperiencedin certain specialties and in
abuse and number of assaultsexperiencedby refugees and asylum seekers
aware that a number ofexperiencedindividuals misinterpreted this section of
recruited a number of moreexperiencedlawyers some of whom had
in seeing a consultant beingexperiencedby hip replacement patients in
in our daily lives weexperiencedor at least had confided
motivated and will have alreadyexperiencedsuccess in learning at least
live the hero has obviouslyexperienceda resurgence of the life
jolliest moments that i haveexperiencedin the life of the
in my life i veexperiencedthe joy of others arriving
to meet any funding gapexperiencedin tayside or elsewhere supported
no way reflects what iexperiencedduring the 12 hour and
the time that they haveexperiencedwithin their own own own
insight which comes from havingexperiencedboth valerie gillies continues her
he envied him for havingexperiencedit he believed he was
with building projects many developersexperiencedfrustration at delays in the
that many of us haveexperiencedin other contexts such as
effort to retain as manyexperiencedvolunteers as possible the minister
interpretation and translation services haveexperiencedover the past year the
interpretation and translation services haveexperiencedover the past year this
of professionals no matter howexperiencedthe first year s performance
disadvantaged areas of scotland haveexperienceddental decay children in our
trisha [laugh] f809: trisha hasexperiencedeverything that we have f810:
different from what i haveexperiencedin considering other bills the
for example that they haveexperiencedin recent years mr raffan
foot he is however anexperiencedmountaineer and very fit have
those few words members haveexperiencedmy full knowledge of spanish
poetry over the centuries haveexperiencednot only a lack of
that all the witnesses haveexperiencedone or all of those
stated the poorest families haveexperiencedreal increases in their living
have an interest i haveexperiencedthat on a personal level
retired people throughout scotland haveexperiencedthe benefits of that scheme
few years once we haveexperiencedthe new system it might
she seems to have simultaneouslyexperiencedthe onset of menstruation and
committee heard from people whoexperiencedthe transfer that they have
legislation contributes to any discriminationexperiencedby gypsies and travellers and
trained and those who areexperiencedfrom what they want to
a licence those people areexperiencedin such activities and need
to learn and to becomeexperiencedthey usually remain in those
year period of the situationexperiencedin accident and emergency units
three year old victor hadexperiencedstomach pains which were diagnosed
in autumn liza cast anexperiencedeye over them we ll
the sadness because i veexperiencedforty eight hours of the
a doubt because he sexperiencedin these maitters that there
with the innocence and joyexperiencedby children of all ages
high transport and fuel costsexperiencedby farmers in the highlands
railway stations and the satisfactionexperiencedby passengers support business by
similar reversal of fortune wasexperiencedby the family of second
is given to quality moreexperiencedpersons in fact produce acceptable
erm as you get moreexperiencedyou know you don t
on angling successes and disastersexperiencedsince our last meeting hughie
the last time the committeeexperiencedan executive decision to do
been much less than thatexperiencedin england throughout the 1990
else in the world hadexperiencedsex and she hadn t
come seing i was anexperiencedman he asked me to
o t i am anexperiencedman wi a haimmer he
a flair for writing heexperiencedmixed fortunes subsequently in journalism
of disgust that he alwaysexperiencedwhen his mother propelled a
the unemployed the conservatives areexperiencedin issues relating to massive
her copy between the twoexperiencedsingers and then let us
the first time i dexperiencedit and it was superb
time working aimed at retainingexperiencedolder workers support the scottish
of which i d neverexperiencedbefore the band s pr
the troubles and uncertainty sheexperiencedalthough carswell s part of
for taxpayers money amey isexperiencedin motorway maintenance in scotland
that mr stone is soexperiencedin proposing the toast to
it meets the demand forexperiencedand skilled legal practitioners to
bloody cold and bold badexperiencedfiona was scared and shivery
it whereas i did iexperienceda delight at knowing that
valldemossa carthuja haunted as sandexperiencedit ghostly forms demons apparitions

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