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followers john stewart of baldynneisexplicitlydedicates his adaptation of ariosto
we are neither implicitly norexplicitlycriticising highland council and that
the message from school eitherexplicitlyor implicitly that the school
ec treaty article 136 tecexplicitlymentions the combating of social
upon helping them to discoverexplicitlywhat they already do know
by disabled people were coveredexplicitlyin the functional standards the
their being taught this grammarexplicitlyand being trained in its
inference inferring what is notexplicitlystated and using cultural contextual
stocks although it is notexplicitlystated the intent of the
however the allowance is firstexplicitlydescribed in the eighteenth and
people with learning disabilities isexplicitlyrecognised and not described by
can be clearly exemplified andexplicitlydiscussed the use of critical
argument closely but focused moreexplicitlyon the killing of the
is little here that isexplicitlyscots alexander uses the english
publish that letter does itexplicitlyand incontrovertibly rule out the
scots is that urquhart isexplicitlyassociating older scots texts with
melvin recognises the need quiteexplicitlyfor greater gravity [laugh] in
market and are almost neverexplicitlymentioned as an example of
power to raise money beexplicitlyconferred on national park bodies
not care to address themexplicitlythe questions which activated lochhead
two roles were played outexplicitlyby father and son in

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