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olympic success that the parliamentextendsits warmest congratulations to all
paralympic team that the parliamentextendsits warmest congratulations to caroline
challenge cup that the parliamentextendsits congratulations to alloa athletic
congratulates all olympic medallists andextendsspecial congratulations to shirley robertson
service i realise that thatextendsenormously the scope of the
ensuring that digital television coverageextendsto all parts of the
to ensure that digital inclusionextendsto the elderly population we
of the river bervie itextendsfrom near the mouth of
of the river bervie itextendsfrom near the mouth of
from cloze procedure activities alsoextendsto those instances where the
a parliamentary proceeding the protectionextendsto the petitioner as well
is two pronged the treatyextendsthe scope of the eu
through genres is that itextendsthe 5 14 view of
clause to a sentence whichextendsthe sentence grammatically if they
of 500 million people thatextendsfrom the atlantic to the
true now that our teachingextendsbeyond students of english this
of the subsidiarity principle whichextendsbeyond the member states themselves
whether the judges broad mindednessextendsto such eminent people as
the doll under his armextendshis hand toward cammy and
she never dreamt of sheextendsher hands in every direction
animals scotland act 1912 whichextendsto captive and domestic mammals
the need for teaching thatextendsand challenges all including those
definition of the water environmentextendsthe land area covered by
style kindness and humour andextendsits deep sympathy to mr
fraud cases that provision alreadyextendsto scotland the purpose of
of innovation in that itextendsthe provision for local authorities
convention on human rights whichextendsinto every facet of our
improvement and repair grants andextendsthe range of work that
part 4 of the billextendsthe list of instruments of
for example the wintry westextendshis blast and hail and
greetings or ceremonies not onlyextendsthe bilingual s awareness but

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