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000 extra nurses and 300extraconsultants above current plans tackle
reading resource pack for frenchextraextra identified four modes of
extra wages obviously for workinextrahours and em basically like
resource pack for french extraextraidentified four modes of reading
telling us correct will theextramoney allow eight extra units
times by recruiting 2 000extranurses and 300 extra consultants
made a point about theextraspending but even after extra
extra spending but even afterextraspending on the police at
the extra money allow eightextraunits to be developed the
got erm like i gotextrawages obviously for workin extra
parliament there will be anextra2 billion of spending in
spending are confirmed with anextra400 million a year for
the never never it deliversextraspending of 800 million next
he said that labour sextraspending over and above what
04 on top of thatextraspending we have demonstrated our
that the minister mentioned theextra1 75 million for skills
the executive have given anextra1 million to the scheme
proposals investing up to anextra100 million a year would
sector local authorities add anextra150 million and the national
that enlargement could mean anextra175 million a year to
its recent announcement of anextra2 million to support mediation
this failed project including anextra43 million contributed in september
border which would generate anextra70 million each year supported
in 2002 03 and anextra70 million in 2003 04
minister for transport announced anextra70 million over the next
the charity to answer anextra18 000 enquiries every year
that up to 300 000extrabritish jobs might be created
year in kintyre because ofextracosts was 8 000 i
3 000 not forgetting theextraexpense of redecoration which will
and 13 000 demands immediateextrafunding for the police to
and chiropodists employ 2 000extranurses over and above existing
for life recruit 3 000extrateachers to reduce class sizes
an additional 2 000 whatextrawork has to be carried
nurses we now have 500extradoctors and more than 1
for nurses and midwives thatextrainvestment on top of the
and more than 1 600extranurses in 1999 liberal democrats
that nurses have to doextrashifts to cover the gaps
believes such costs place anextraburden on groups working with
placed in jeopardy and theextracosts can be contained procedurally
the reasons are for anyextracosts incurred in each case
new scheme will take thoseextracosts into consideration and deal
the parliament to consider howextracosts might be met in
ms white if there areextracosts should they be borne
costs rather than to produceextraoutput that question cannot be
profession if it is implementedextraresources are also needed to
is an important issue whatextraresources are being made available
welcomes the provisions of significantextraresources for dealing with the
welcomes the provisions of significantextraresources for dealing with the
going to put in anyextraresources from his own budget
its work will identify theextraresources needed to fund our
categorically that the much vauntedextraresources that his government has
for those young people throughextraresources to develop more integrated
skills needs of business useextraresources to sustain and improve
province allowed themselves to earnextramoney and so on and
attributable to the allocation ofextramoney announced on 6 december
saving centrally simply to spendextramoney at local government level
are covered by tupe willextramoney be put into local
listen mum i ll needextramoney for home eekies tomorrow
we have made sure thatextramoney is available for example
really i expect altho theextramoney now in the bank
to close binny house whenextramoney was offered is important
will be and where theextramoney will come from susan
a dividend a wee bitextraout of the money that
taught french and has hadextrafrench because she works for
was prepared to face theextracost that this would entail
l do not mind theextracost we should ask them
six years cannot absorb theextracost without experiencing damage to
estimates that indicate that anextrapage would cost an additional
but that the cost inextrareimbursement and remuneration to pharmacists
we have up to anextra30 minutes if members can
a compromise by negotiating anextrafifteen minutes and spent the
of four minutes with someextratime for interventions 16 02
through the thirty minutes ofextratime in the end it
the minister to take anextratwo minutes so i offer
executive should provide funding orextracapital borrowing consent for this
sector we have already madeextrafunding available for example to
want to make progress theextrafunding for health is already
languages really benefit from theextrafunding from europe that funding
manoeuvre unless there is directextrafunding from the executive i
the first minister how muchextrafunding scottish police authorities used
residential nursing care places whatextrafunding will be given to
of the cake from theextra5 billion that was available
the parliament meets in aberdeenextratime is being made available
leith they give you theextrai and i moved from
nab did not give youextraproblems ron tuck you asked
order to give alecina anextraspecial brush and comb before
classroom assistants to give teachersextrasupport in the classroom encourage
coach is gonna give meextratraining well i ve been
want to give simon wakefieldextrawork but in the research
higher rate taxpayers for everyextra1 of pension or savings
every little helps and theextra12 or so a month
in scotland which represents anextra600 for every man woman
m abeen 20 a yearextrafor rent an taxes 1960
is any direct equivalence theextramsc year dr murray do
there will be another 250extrastudents in this academic year
bamph she was allowed anextrayear at home provided that
very we very much promoteextracurricular activities and er the
as much work for oneextraperson for lay people it
it put on so muchextrapressure that it became a
sensible to offer as muchextrasupport for conversion of such
an rather unsucessfully ower yonextrathick bloomers nae much winner
convener that would put anextraburden on people who are
such matters before they putextraburdens on voluntary groups i
the box and put inextramemory and he did that
i wanted to put someextrastuff on it you know
s the point of havinextraplaces to buy stuff if
also may be awarded anextrapoint if the character s
sentence they can gain anextrapoint provided they have not
and expenditure equation itself theextra4 1 billion over three
status brings with it noextracontrols over the area affected
2 makes provision so thatextraterritorial jurisdiction is taken over
made so that there isextraterritorial jurisdiction over certain offences
wis working i need anextrabig helpin cos i m
us know if you needextracash dad can always be
professionals for children who needextrahelp in turn this will
what to do about collectingextrainformation if we need it
workin he did need someextramen it wis often the
it i can tell youextrachocolate f810: i had something
i think it was anextrafiver or something f958: oh
and erm this is somethingextraspecial so we hope that
you would usually get somethingextrawith a fair order there
staff might be offered 5extrafrom a neighbouring authority meaning
millennium period to handle theextraincidents that might occur muir
as well as taking onextralawyers including crown counsel some
as some f- some somethinextrasome fun i don t
up be tyin on someextrasprigs bit the judge wisna
bees you were given anextrasugar ration which in some
to trade their boots forextrasupplies some asked for cigarettes
made by political parties forextrafacilities at the scottish parliament
even just a handful ofextracustoms officers for that work
ill health unhappy about theextrawork he has had to
executive will still have anextra18 to find for everyone
national health service with anextra3 2 billion to be
kileau van tours for anextrabuck ah widnae mind blowin
have to pick up anextracard from the remaining pack
butter when to add anextraegg white when to stop
positively peachy pooches for anextrafee we ll paint their
pupils and jeanette led anextrafeltmaking workshop towards the end
commission could have had anextrafew months putting more details
use those statistics as anextraguide for the 10 day
to me it has anextraimpact but anyway f718: mmhm
island i felt like anextrain the more siberian scenes
re getting ready for anextralong visiting tonight for christmas
in the end brings herextramarital sexual relationship to an
be possible to schedule anextrameeting that week perhaps on
will tempt you with anextraminute mr rumbles johann lamont
ll have to pay anextraninety five pence said an
fact that this morning anextrapetition has been added to
enforcement they could have anextrapower to suggest that parliament
train passengers to auchenblae anextrarun on wednesdays and saturdays
has tended to be anextrasometimes admittedly a treat but
this so it was anextraspecially eloquent and brows furrowed
us at school had anextrastream in it because there
sweet and vodka including anextrastrong kind rather like brandy
the examination as an optionalextrathe nature of the main
order to take account ofextratime needed to conduct an
i gave his arm anextratwist and he grunted i
faa aff apairt fae eextrawirk an e loss o
heir to about 2 500extramarriages we must consider taking
no one to ask forextradetails or clarification after letting
lens and brought instead theextralenses after a drink or
exactly what health benefits theextraexpenditure will produce and what
and returning at 17 30extraaccommodation can be booked for
new pension credit will provideextraassistance for pensioners living on
august 21 there is noextracharge for these but you
healthy surplus which will provideextrafinance for north lanarkshire council
to get her a weeextrafor her christmas the town
was also rationed you receivedextrafor industrial purposes such as
not been mentioned yet noextrafunds were provided for the
is any procedure for theextrajudicial reviewing of adoption orders
the stage for kylie sextranight the structure took up
as possible workers applied forextrarations for their piece and
wi hairst frames at geedextrasupport aa roon for e
announced as well as theextrabit that i hope will
the issue is how thatextraexpenditure will be spent and
able to deal with theextrapressures to which they will
and restaurants will be puttingextratables and chairs out on
and should not raise anyextrarevenue i am afraid that
authority does everything plus anyextrathings that it can think
more as involving ancillary orextraservices which are crucial but
costed the extent of thoseextrademands but i urge them
a local store to earnextracash and he started at
local authorities would have likedextraquestions on sources of income
butcher plus a wee bitextrafrom her sweet talking him
wis a palin tae gieextraprotection bit it wis a
together chill serve sprinkled withextracinnamon apple snow 3 tspns
the normal fee to takeextrapapers and many markers took
would not have suffered theextraburden christine grahame south of
the scottish executive how manyextrapolice officers have been recruited
people were willing to payextrato have the facility of
as a result of theextraallocations from her majesty s
registration staff and perhaps deployextracover from part time staff
the district court all theextracases that we would like
going on there would beextramen on the beat and
other cultures and in havingextraconfidence when meeting and making
summer time when it wasextrahot we often went up
g12 january 2005 kylie sextrashow when i walked past
needed when his chest feltextratight what you doing playing
another duck that s aextraduck mam only got one
you was very satisfying twoextralads were usually got to
got een till t oneextrathe butter wasn t so
the building he must beextraparliamentary and sane but then
wis the maist past ordinarextracurricular happenin i the academic
gae wis aboot tree feetextra[laugh] in de in de
thought i d go theextraexpense i can just afford
up as doon wi eextraexcitement o e sea jist
government has not engaged 900extracustoms officers to fight illegal
the domestic economy if theextrademand created by a ban
of as many as 900extracustoms officers to fight the
that people were putting inextrahours as everyone in the
effort that he throws inextramandarins as a reward wandering
grater horizontal to make cabbageextracrisp toss shreds with ice
in the job with theextrahumiliation of everyone knowing she
before the summer recess withextrainformation about all the developments
structure fails to recognise theextraburdens and the heavy responsibilities
connected to the provision ofextracare places or to the
finish by returning to theextracontribution of the voluntary sector
came to hand you receivedextrafood rations during the harvest
of the exchequer to releaseextrafunds to meet the deficit
no sadie but you taenextrathis mornin oot ma purse
winter een till t oneextraeen one eence once eese
welcomed all that consultation isextraparliamentary it is not intra
hopin tae get a puckleextraloads o firewid fae this
each of the three schoolsextraprojects evolved building on the
on the a90 including theextraslipway on the southbound carriageway
remuneration of pharmacists and theextraimpact of the increase in
positive and notwithstanding of theextrajudicial confessions of the two
and reward the provision ofextraservices dentistry dentists play a
we accept that a fewextramoments in the corridor may
staffing cuts eliminate elements ofextracurricular sports particularly in the
4 x 5 12 liberextradecretales gregorii ix in corpus
war taken tae loss theextrainches sae they d fit
m635: a wee erm e-e-extraperk aye m636: perk a
he shrugged voice glum dunnoextratraining he was thinking coach

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