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it does not i wasextremelyanxious about the situation from
pain given proper prominence isextremelyanxious concerning cancer patients around
among the staff i wasextremelyanxious myself however we had
future perhaps we would beextremelyanxious we would not know
m thrown out it sextremelyunlikely i ll be home
debates in gaelic that isextremelyunlikely i say to the
the philadelphia locality it wasextremelyunlikely that a child would
twice per year it isextremelyunlikely that any direct employment
as it is i wasextremelyimpressed as i said peterhead
not offend again i wasextremelyimpressed by the whole team
like donald gorrie i wasextremelyimpressed by yesterday s visit
that is why i amextremelydisappointed by forgive me for
east kilbride lab i amextremelydisappointed by the minister s
a labour minister i amextremelydisappointed with the bids that
away the strategy has provedextremelyeffective it is already producing
and glasgow sites which provedextremelyhelpful the meetings were held
results the pilot study provedextremelyuseful in that it highlighted
though both supervisors have beenextremelyhelpful and their criticism is
member that it will beextremelyhelpful for the working group
and considered according to ourextremelyhelpful legal brief in particular
convener thank you that wasextremelyhelpful we are about to
letters of comfort are thereforeextremelyuseful but the problem is
brussels this week it wasextremelyuseful for getting the message
sabhal mòr ostaig has beenextremelyuseful in bringing the image
such a list would beextremelyuseful in helping us to
and run it would beextremelyuseful to all members if
consequences of economic activities isextremelydifficult and complex multipliers can
m1015: i found this anextremelydifficult because i put doon
past few weeks have beenextremelydifficult before a decision was
to which she refers isextremelydifficult for those who work
which i see as beingextremelydifficult it would assist me
that matter which makes itextremelydifficult public consultation must be
of the community odour isextremelydifficult to control and it
in interpretation it would beextremelydifficult to define when a
written sources it can beextremelydifficult to determine a word
are however it would beextremelydifficult to revisit the whole
difficult call our trip wasextremelyinteresting the ferry from wemyss
government initiative modernising government isextremelyimportant i am pleased that
lead by example i amextremelypleased that today s debate
s intimations the president wasextremelypleased to announce that mr
housing in scotland we areextremelypleased to be here to
me to acknowledge fish isextremelyimportant and as fergus ewing
the uk advertising advertising isextremelyimportant for those offshoot papers
environmentally sensitive area status isextremelyimportant for those parts of
of the messages which areextremelyimportant free school milk for
phil gallie the point isextremelyimportant if the mccabe committee
strongly congratulated on raising thisextremelyimportant issue on which she
f965: but children are actuallyextremelyimportant [laugh] f963: mm [laugh]
[note: photo: 'cattle in the 1950s.] cattle and sheep wereextremelyimportant on farms to buy
maureen macmillan this is anextremelyimportant petition and deserves a
is for this is anextremelyimportant public health issue for
to lose something that isextremelyimportant the most important thing
that we have been anextremelyeffective committee and i am
offenders behaviour appears to beextremelyworth while and effective the
1999 the social economy isextremelydiverse making it hard to
article burns he had workedextremelyhard at the commission throughout
and we had to pushextremelyhard for the additional resourcing
had a very hard lifeextremelyhard life and yet she
doing over recent months workextremelyhard to ensure that we
situation was retrievable and workedextremelyhard to retrieve it however
better grip and it workedextremelywell with its own implements
brian adam that is anextremelyinteresting concept the endowment is
history as it had happenedextremelyinteresting material from tibet the
agree that the situation isextremelyunhappy does he further agree
was in that restricted senseextremelywelcome as an organisation cbi
have been reached that isextremelywelcome however we need to
a voluntary basis which isextremelywelcome i am not clear
what it takes i amextremelyconcerned that panic would be
can say that i amextremelyglad that i took that
was referred to i amextremelyproud of the fact that
will help to achieve thatextremelyworthy aspiration i am glad
formal way andy did anextremelygood job over the past
who has served the parliamentextremelywell over the past four
while it revealed that someextremelyexciting things are happening i
mr rumbles the proposal isextremelyworth while we all know
i mean wh- f965: orextremelyexhausted or whatever m964: cause
that was part of thatextremelyliberal movement f963: mm f965:
to the issue had beenextremelylaid back i asked him
what happened there was anextremelysignificant event in your life
the future of registration areextremelyencouraging on behalf of dundee
er but they re bothextremelypatriotic scots now that they
mcmahon it would be anextremelygood idea for the executive
journey [note: photo: 'dipping sheep at arbuthnott estate in 1970.'] cattle would beextremelytired by the time they
worker this would have beenextremelytraumatic as families before the
think that it would beextremelyunusual if the process did
this would have been anextremelyunusual occurrence for the son
a comprehensive survey would beextremelyvaluable in relation to social
a catch all provision wasextremelyworrying i would have supported
salmond that the executive isextremelyinterested in education education education
from the bequest has beenextremelybeneficial for the relief of
on ppp projects has beenextremelybeneficial to elements of the
members the year has beenextremelyfruitful the chancellor of the
is remembered to have beenextremelyfunny andrew especially remembers the
m762: that s right f963: extremelyscottish at that point yeah
he does keep the gardenextremelytidy poison him said a
of the eu is anextremelyambitious enterprise the existing institutions
resources the process will beextremelybureaucratic and there is a
machinery of the eu isextremelycomplex and includes the council
the uk the structure isextremelycomplicated and technical but basically
manufacturing is based we areextremelyconcerned there is already evidence
as we know that isextremelycontroversial i will not detain
pearl fishers by bizet isextremelygood joan hammond record one
a scottish dimension it isextremelylikely that scottish proceedings will
and war crimes it isextremelylikely that the accused in
as possible it is anextremelymoving book which described vividly
a pet service madam isextremelypopular nothing impresses a potential
the american univ is anextremelysensible and shrewd leader and
committee report is considered anextremelyserious misdemeanour and is treated
kind of financial expertise isextremelyspecialised and many organisations and
reliable core funding which isextremelytricky to bring about there
farming community across ayrshire isextremelyupset farmers sacrificed a great
say the farming community isextremelyupset there is a risk
the scottish compact is anextremelyvaluable document for promoting a
concession although even if wereextremelyrare before the age of
in the black isle areextremelyangry and frustrated given that
support applications they are doingextremelybadly in relation to lottery
said and they are alsoextremelyexpensive compared to the open
that all members are nowextremelyfamiliar with it i shall
last two categories we areextremelyfortunate to have a file
diversity in scotland we areextremelylucky to have so many
that were made earlier areextremelyrelevant the policing plan details
influences that are everywhere remainextremelyrich and are well capable
crime within central scotland areextremelyvariable and calls upon the
or seven in number wasextremelygood and they responded well
again here we have theextremelyelaborate periodic sentences the neologisms
chinese expeditionary force again withextremelyrare field post office markings
site began there was anextremelyheavy police presence on the
at 8am the family wasextremelykind i ve got everything
last week there was anextremelylively discussion of what we
journey towards the light wasextremelymoving it was i think
wine as it could beextremelypotent ginger beer was also
to incorrect data that wasextremelytime consuming for sqa co
toilet paper it was anextremelyunhygienic thing to do and
well alive and kicking stillextremelybusy i m on the
has performed its regulatory functionextremelywell under the new relationship
left sveta and misha wereextremelyamicable she teaches in the
i realised that there wereextremelyheavy pressures on the glasgow
exchanges the exam results wereextremelypleasing and on a par
realised they were doin somethinextremelysilly you know f606: yeah
i wondered aloud they wereextremelyso i now had an
this poetry pamphlet in anextremelyshort time and also for
of scots stereotyping exerts anextremelypowerful influence on attitude scots
great responsibility that we takeextremelyseriously we feel that we
for 36 hours can beextremelyunreliable but we used to
ve failed i ll beextremelymortified and thanks to a
such action will have anextremelydetrimental effect on germany s
report i find his behaviourextremelydisappointing i hope that this
of sweden i woke upextremelyearly this morning and decided
looking puzzled and i mextremelypuzzled by that erm welsh
short perhaps i should speakextremelyslowly the deputy presiding officer
with carol singing and anextremelyenjoyable reading of a dylan
concerto in e minor anextremelyfine piece of playing for
whether pupils can employ theseextremelyformal usages seems an odd
that wrenn made in hisextremelyfull reply after praising the
the late renaissance it sextremelyhighly decorated grotesquely from a
[laugh] m815: it just seemsextremelymorbid sixteen m816: aye m815:
earful of earrings and oneextremelyblack eye he bore a
the world to carry outextremelybrutal and vicious wars the

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