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cam a fyow broon bodieseybegood tae swarm like bees
for aifter a fyow nichtseydidna bide still in e
en hid niver opent aneyniver wid e fyow moths
and 60s bit i dooteyre fyow an far atween
eens wi licht broon wingseytook a fyow turns aboot
hens on e craft foreybrocht in siller wi eir
eir watterins at wis faareycd wyde richt intill e
like eir elders an betterseyd come in aa sizes
it wisna jist be chanceeyhid eir wings oot an
some comin gey close aseyhung on e updracht eir
left eir tracks tee aseyhuntit sair for mait sae
onywye fae eir bizz ifeyre in an ill teen
nae aathegither canny e wyeeystan on eir hin legs
gulls stretchin oot ahin aseytumt fae eir fish tae
extension at e back faareycam in fae ootside ere
aye forkies are awye faareycome fae gweed kens an
on em tae see faareyd licht ey meevt at
fae gweed kens an faareygyang till gweed kens tee
e air an watchin faareylandit or aan giein em
win till anither place faareyll meet again e freens
see faar ey d lichteymeevt at quick an quairt
parks e loons watchet faareytook aff fae geed till
common in inverey glen eyeyburn bynack the scotticising and
could see naething da bairnseycam ta me an ey
ey ve aa got freezerseycan scoop up bigger quantities
ir nests fin ey swarmteycd be richt veecious ye
o lang taily stuff ateycouldna hae likit for ey
quite common in inverey gleneyey burn bynack the scotticising
fit aa kye dee ifeyget e chance if ey
milkin em richt early aneyhid tae be gin ey
ey cam ta me aneyi sent dem in ta
ey couldna hae likit foreyleft em aleen i took
i happent tae speer ifeymade cheese na ey widna
ey get e chance ifeyre free in e air
wi bykes ir nests fineyswarmt ey cd be richt
an sweet bit noo ateyve aa got freezers ey
ey were nae bad avaeywere gey licht wi nae
pancakes jonsar eck said ocheywere nae bad ava ey
ey hid tae be gineywerena tae be shamed be
if ey made cheese naeywidna said ma freens bit
mn be ugly divvels biteycd fairly think an i
haik for fresh scraps gineycd get aff wi t
it be accident or intentioneycd set up a scraicht
cd see e silver roadieseyd made ower e steens
sin ye cd see fineeywere enjoyin emsels wings oot
bee ye cd tell ifeywere roused tee though maybe
o em were sober fineyarrived hame at six o
likit sittin doon amon emeyfairly took e attintion o
sae i m still hopineygot em we wis ere
or some o em aneygot milkin em richt early
days fowk jist pickit fiteynott an ate em fresh
keep em for usin latereyre nae jist sae fine
m peaceable wi em maistlyeyre peaceable wi me es
an maitit em wis geeneyseemed tae hae an aafa
e updracht tak em aseyswung roon an roon on
job is ay e sameeyteemed em intill e burn
jist fullt em again aseyteemt ye d tae be
ammunition i kent be emeywere jist on a pint
em een under each airmeywere snarlin spitin an hissin
e thackin o em foreywere teen intill e barn
on em an e wyeeywheekit ower e fleer a
licht geed on at nichteyd bizz aboot it haad
oot an roon an rooneygeed canny s ye like
ken nuh e said ayeeygeed ower jist aboot an
seen the fox down thereeygeed tae look an i
beas bade ootside aa nichteygeed till e hills in
freens at geed afore maybeeyre like e stirries hoverin
its mark tee on fiteycaa e standard language for
in front o e lidseyhid faalin seats tee we
ir lang masel tee maybeeyll chuck e cheer syne
wis maistly folk fae gleneythat spoke it an they
isolated areas such as gleneyuntil the early 20th century
at auchter glen big hooseeywent thegither a gweed lot
raise ere wis nae dooteyd come upon a thermal
an ere wis nae dooteyd mint tae mak it
ay in wider rings aseyraise ere wis nae doot
as afore an i dooteystartit tae spread mair aboot
reglar workmen though i dooteywidna ay be knockin aff
little lumpies an steenies aseycraalt an foraget aboot es
see es new wireless receivereyd been lashin oot on
same s es cloods syneeyd cheenge tae reed and
geen aboot biggin camps ifeyd come in es widder
pieces like es afore aneyhid a taste like half
mention es mochs an oheywere jist normal for es
door open on gweed dayseyd be intill e hoose
a meenitie e same seyd deen gweed kens foo
soon o kirk bells foreygang wi baith gweed news
o gweed steen dykes biteywere growin aal an ere
stood ere fer spell boundeyagreed it wis worth over
fullt in ahin ye biteybade ere an fin a
o e beech hedge aneybide ere as lang s
e widder wis lang weeteyd plyter aboot ere fither
wis wasps nests as ifeydeserved fully mair respect ere
garr t stan ere aseydichtit it wi a cloot
mair ye d a thochteykent ere wis something gettin
d plyter aboot ere fithereynott a drink or no
bide ere as lang seyre nae disturbit i dinna
wi a dobry den aseywalkit by ere hid been
the lot you name iteywere a a ere swarmin
cup marks on t fiteywere for naebody kens bit
wye up till e bathroomeyay cam oot fin it
e burn tae this cairnieseycaa e fite steens bit
s e exchange bein ateycaaed wir muck an binderet
maist interestin collection o fowkeycam fae aa ower e
late in e mornin ireyd be sayin fin ye
wye bairns jumpit an skippeteyd be walkin alang e
sprayed oot e same seyd been dancin an furlin
e geese peel deein fiteyd been deein since e
till e hinmist grey sectioneyd been wirkin at fin
till e museum bit oheyd enyeuch specimens tae keep
same line s e roadeyd howkit an open ditch
e twa on e fleereyd learnt it wis nae
muckit noo an aan foreyd oot on e steps
let e police ken ifeyd seen a gairman student
winter at wis e wyeeyd tae be weel thackit
niver min foo muckle laanscapineydee canna stop e wheeshin
rowin up o orrals ateydee it s winnerfae e
drappins at e boddem ifeydid at amon snaa fit
bit held by e edgeeydidna tak lang tae learn
e bum o ingines aneydinna think aboot e ill
fin e van cam biteyfluffert aboot an trampit an
walkit ben e widlan trackieeyfluffert up an ye wis
lift till ythanwells kirkyard fineygot back hame again e
e same at hame aneygot great reeze for bein
wis lang ahin ithers ireygot tractors iv coorse e
darkenin o e nicht aseyheidit for e geese peel
e glory hole wis bigeyhid lang kinna bodies an
cassied staas at hame hereeyhid widden planks anaith e
groupies o twa ir threeeyjist glowed in e sin
n a shadda o fiteyken emsels fin e meenit
an succeeds a d rethereykint o e stars fleein
oot an in much aseylikit e wid hid been
e best o e timeseylive in bit weel it
reads e bible an thinkseyll win till anither place
been dancin an furlin aseyloot e watter go they
at jumpit an flickeret aseymeeved in e bumps o
e boords bit deil careeyniver did ony hairm bonny
een abeen e ither aseyran up e hillsides wee
be a lot aboot onywyeeyre amon e girse an
dinna think aboot e illeyre deein tae sic meesic
feelin ye can easy thinkeyre nae aathegither canny e
scaly in e stories biteyre ugly lookin craiters richt
fustles o e birds aseysattlet doon for e nicht
shovels in perfeck condeetion aseysay in e adverts twa
o e little chuckenies fithereysometimes cam aifter e chuckens
aboot pittin oot e bucketeyspik aboot fowk in e
in e coorse o naitereywarm up an a buddie
wee holie in e sideeywere aa teem nae chance
a bittie be e wyeeywere brocht up an maybe
in e peats emsels aseywere cast will hid wirkit
desertit it for e parkseywere easier tae walk in
stuff on till e leafseywere formin een on tap
tae keep e railways goineywere freedom s road for
aifter e chuckens or noeywere great followers o e
e hoose bit waar fineywere in e windaes o
er attintion wis e butterfleeseywere jist awye fite eens
e couldna mak oot fiteywere jock wisna fit ye
their breakfast on the ferryeywere keepin a e e
in sic a wye ateywere lirkit till e middle
ower big for at foreywere mint tae tak e
strainers in wi e melleywere ower big for at
in stance e same seywere prayin tae some kinna
a thocht tae masel ateywere spylin e bank an
ready on a weetichtie dayeywid twine rapes in e
a gairman ye d thinkeywidna hae e neck tae
blamet for haein even ifeywirk in e sooth stop
holders an ney wye wereeygaun tae gie the cup
made their wye hame aseysat aitin their breakfast hazel
sellin golf gear bit toiletseywere nae wye tae be
spring cleanin fin een startedeya a started the firewid
mither s haan fin affeyd go a hop an
bade till early september fineyd tae fit it back
fin the larry started awaeydecided tae hae a fecht
an a bittie choppy fineylanded at mull it wis
richt bonnie birds an fineystart divin at s a
wid get run ower foreyve got nae sense fin
the shock fin fowk saideywere impressed wi fit alexender
ill for faain apairt fineywere set up for dryin
electric licht bulbs an syneeyjist disappeart i wisna neen
the toon hid been phonineyare jist needin the usual
the boot beside her handbageyhid a picnic or twa
bag o sticks an peatseyhid been echty pence afore
hid a look at fiteyhid bocht he pinted oot
wis a different maitter aathegithereyhid naething tae dee wi
catch the ferry tae mulleyhid their breakfast on the
hid nivver seen the likeeystood aboot five feet high
telt him fit wis wrangeyhidnae a clue jonsar eck
eck on the veranda aneywatched the sin pit loch
sure the car kent fareywere gaun jonsar eck thocht
aboot bein first as langeywere nae last jonsar eck
eck opened the cab dooreywere still asleep under the
fine fowk tae be wieycouldna dee enyeuch tae mak
at amon snaa fit dideydee at ither times on
dis a lot o thingseydinna wint tae dee i
at least at s fiteywere supposed tae dee bit
a big nest nae theneyd jist startit tae mak
the orders as seen aseygot tae the broch jist
spread hyne oot an syneeyre jist dockit lookin at
aye jist as wise aseysid be we ll hae
affa bonny jist noo aseytak on their winter hue
haein a richt lazy timeeywere baith amazed jist foo
for a file ae nichteywere jist like a ginger
a secont alpine pasture fiteycaad an aim as we
bit o decent investigatin fiteycaad field research for masel
tae ken fit kinna craiterseyd been bit like mony
o their parks fit wideyde if seven hunner were
a buddy disna like fiteydinna unnerstan it wis a
wheels gaan roon as gineyd nivver be able tae
were ready for their breakfasteyturned roon an made their
baas o coir yarn aneywere roon onywye an if
an as i breathed ineycam ay a bittie closer
pucklies an a big eeneycam hoverin ower s an
o a jungle o wobseycam oot o a big
made twice as lang aseynott tae be due till
kinna man made foam squarieseyre ill for lumpin egither
began tae winner foo langeyd stick at it an
a bird in a meeniteyd aa stoppit an swung
gin ye made a meeveeyd be up an awa
ye d been superstitious ateyd been at some aal
wally fite colour same seyd been new claikit an
loons tae play wi aneyd files mak a decoration
it didna look as ifeyd ony speecial concern for
theories i dinna waant teyuse d surname becuz hit
breathin its ain warmth eenceeywere oot ye d knack
i d seen nae mochseywerena at far oot o
some defeck i hir richteyshei appearinlie wur o guid
even gey nip an tuckeywere haein a richt ding
lum mair tae the pinteywere passin richt abeen ma
been used for jonsar askseybaith started tae laugh an
legs on yer barra foreywid a sunk in bit
further in thy service ameneywid try tae swalla ma
promise hir thit hei wudeymak shuir at yid wus
in maitters o ootstannin importanceeyay were for a meenitie
pastures were split intae parkseyran up withoot ony diveesions
at wis used for breedineywere a bit mair than
canny wi aal posts foreywere files a bit rositty
it s fine tae thinkeywere for libations at some
wis the next island ateywere gaun tae see bit
half naked an shoutin ateywere hungry grace wis deein
s clean cleart awa ifeywere in open grun an
the one track road ateywere rinnin on wis named
didnae need a driver reallyeywere sure the car kent
the dishes were nivver washedeywere thrown intae a packin
they tried tae be miceeyscuttled aboot gaan ahin cheers
an oot o sicht biteydinna aa learn road sense
for a wee bit sheltereysurley div look wednesday 19th
that is tae follow hopeeydinna think tae screw up
let oot a roar aneydisappeared under the seat an
an as i breathed ooteyraise a bittie an as
the time ran oot aneywerenae able tae see the
a hurl on a combineeydiv tak thursday 7th temp
afore an whit hei hezeybeen ettlin tae tell iz
soakin weet craps fer flateydiv begin tae dreep thursday
seals seemed tae say aseylay lazily on the rocks
i the war shei wiseyseen tae bei weirin hir
couple came tae his rescueeytook him tae the doctors
birzin o beasts heids aseytried tae win at a
made their day complete aneywent back tae the car
reglar sailin back an foreeyheidit in aa airts an
speak til shei wis appearinlieeyettlin efter daen sumane sum
a at ae time aseycut throo the mair an
definitely not to the americanseyset for aviemore mair relaxed
a gust o win aneyare hingin on like grim
roberton schuil at a lleybei grytfu fur an at
warm sense o uimour aneyhed ae readie tung i
for a file even ifeyhiv been gien an airin
an crafters awye in caseeymith come in handy aathing
world at forteen an youeyworry but you say naething
dab han at makin pancakeseysimply melted in the moo
wi fock keeping ae periodiceyon um efter sum tyme
shudder en clunk click aseypass under the pylons the
wee wifie stood on iteylooked doon on loch linnie
a ginger cat s bellyeyminet me on a cat
a suppone lyke fock heveydune doun throwe the centuries
that s a stink pooeyurgh stop it that s
things i m seein nooeyve gien s a time
div bleed press your doonfaeydid hasten hence the mournin
shy ettle intentions evite avoideyeye fash concern feck the
broke the silence hit wisnaeylik dis doo keins ralph

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