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eye infection in my lefteyeand had to get some
f1109: oh it broke hiseyebreaked his eye he s
tae m1092: no no [inaudible]eyef1091: is that his eye
his eye m1092: a differenteyef1091: mmhm m1092: different eye
ither eye m1096: the othereyef1095: mmhm i can see
broke his eye breaked hiseyehe s my eye s
eye f1091: mmhm m1092: differenteye[inaudible] f1091: mmhm m1092: [inaudible]
so ago i had aneyeinfection in my left eye
[inaudible] f1091: is that hiseyem1092: a different eye f1091:
eye f1091: is that hiseyem1092: [inaudible] doing [inaudible] f1091:
farr at f1095: the ithereyem1096: the other eye f1095:
your eye up beside youreyeor i ll hae to
his eye he s myeyes okay m1110: your eyes
get up here aside youreyeup beside your eye or
totally turns a blind blindeyeand says m818: i did
governor could turn a blindeyeto prisoners associating with others
miss wood turns a blindeyeto witch s hats and
the government turned a blindeyeunder pressure from a growing
i m keeping a watchfuleyeon egypt and the middle
will be worth keeping aneyeon that issue for the
is still keeping a keeneyeon the goings on in
m also keeping a sharpeyeon the middle east situation
but i m keeping myeyeon the state of affairs
if anyone is keeping aneyeon us both from their
you and is keeping aneyeon what might or might
dream and half keeping aneyeopen for big catholic boys
keep him in the publiceyeand guarantee an assured literary
then need tae keep aneyeoan him he micht be
the executive to keep aneyeon any on going difficulties
and that to keep aneyeon her fiona has attended
funny will you keep aneyeon her till i get
to have to keep aneyeon him at anniesland beardo
did you no keep aneyeon him i ve lost
while pretending to keep aneyeon it she and my
weel we ll keep aneyeon it then said maclaurin
be able to keep aneyeon jennifer she wouldn t
have to keep a closeeyeon margaret i was going
that we should keep aneyeon such situations that must
ve got to keep aneyeon that chocolate f1122: will
the minister keep a closeeyeon that will she ensure
may wish to keep aneyeon the consultation period any
military guards who keep aneyeon the diplomatic compound on
you had to keep aneyeon the fire and steer
and i ll keep aneyeon the reverend she exits
able to keep an affectionateeyeon the son of her
members will keep a closeeyeon the voluntary code and
our role to keep aneyeon the way in which
nor do they keep aneyeon what comes from the
and we must keep aneyeon what we are here
m tryin to keep aneyeopen and say i don
where watchers would keep aneyeopen for incursions from the
they know to keep aneyeopen when on the beat
o eh corner o maeyeah saw him makin off
out the corner of hereyebut she was trying not
wi my corner of myeyeright down to here wi
from the corner of oneeyeshe could see looming above
of the corner of youreyeyou looked so scruffy and
i received a severe blackeyefrom tam while playing at
earrings and one extremely blackeyehe bore a remarkable resemblance
wish i had her blackeyei really do then i
when she has a blackeyei stroke the silky fuzz
a bruise or a blackeyeit was jist talkin ye
windows a bully s blackeyelong ago a fire flaucht
how i got this blackeyeoh stick was i glad
magenta and tangerine and blackeyeshadow and feel as if
unmistakable beginnings of a blackeyeshe lays down her holdall
landed up wi a blackeyeshe would have he d
of the reulis and cauteliseyeweep heart groan black birds
a white wench s blackeyewhen under the romantic influence
help with this a stricteyehad to be kept on
agricultural inspector kept a tighteyeon farms identity cards everybody
we have kept a closeeyeon sqa developments and we
once who kept a closeeyeon what his family ate
most exiles i kept aneyeopen for news about home
close they looked like oneeyehe stared as deep into
a close up of thateyeshe sees me inspecting it
boyd of achrochir catches theeyefor here is a lost
lost the sight of theeyehow worried i was but
too she will have hereyeon andy because he lost
save the lost fixed hiseyeon this zacchaeus and he
lost his sight in thateyewhat a horrid accident the
a could only open waneyemiddy a wiz jist hauf
spoke was but with theeyeand hand yet so persuasively
spoke was but with theeyeand hand yet so persuasively
to have that hand andeyecoordination f963: mmhm f965: er
o the hand deceives theeyedimps lifts steve up cammy
hand to holding in theeyethat is seeing to holding
f1113: he s got oneeyeand where s his other
f1114: here s his oneeyef1113: has he got one
f1114: it s got oneeyef1113: he s got one
can you find dory seyef1114: there it goes f1113:
f1113: has he got oneeyef1114: yes f1113: there s
tail f1114: where does hiseyego f1113: erm let me
faster f1113: okay is youreyeokay f1114: yes f1113: okay
f1114: no f1113: is youreyeokay okay f1114: no f1113:
f1113: okay you hurt youreyewipe it is it okay
his mouth here s hiseyef1114: here s his one
and where s his othereyef1114: that s his mouth
to do this bit hiseyef1114: yeah ah ah go
right cheek and round myeyea white padded bandage was
local laird in my mindseyei can picture him white
temple the white of hereyeis bloodshot and her fabulously
i must find out wheneyeseducing coolly pure startling white
on the wall caught hiseyeaha exclaimed the man triumphantly
he used four for hiseyeand he used two for
used two for his othereyeand he used um one
straightened his tie and madeeyecontact with the others testing
a tear shines in hiseyedon t take the matter
girl oh see push hiseyedown now f1126: [inaudible] f1125:
site of his blood shoteyeelusive as a cretan fire
it braked m1110: break itseyef1109: oh it broke his
forty years and more hiseyefell on a prettily decorated
see he s hurt hiseyehe s had a crash
of something colourful caught hiseyeit seemed so out of
christmas day and hit hiseyeit seems he may have
automatically putting it to hiseyeit was a kaleidoscope there
mob when davidson states hiseyes enchanted ray burnished the
maliciously friendly glint in hiseyeshouted down at them ye
an uncomfortable brightness in hiseyesomething agitated he seemed scarcely
the front and under hereyeand there are twenty five
towards me under the arguseyeof a mean looking dog
labour members under the watchfuleyeof our former deputy convener
work came under the criticaleyeof the court of session
did so under the watchfuleyeof the dark boy and
room under the benign paintedeyeof the queen god bless
different version such as aneyewitness commentary on the voyage
your handbag honey sweet thingeyecandy doctors her doubts with
futon what happened to youreyei ask brusquely nothing much
you put paint in youreyejust now is that what
mind them moron get youreyeon that ball kick it
mouth wet as a wateryeyesqueezed leak your rind is
looks her straight in theeyeand clamps her mouth shut
the yolk was a jaundicedeyeher smile was brittle a
and her fabulously long darkeyelashes have been flattened and
nanse looks about her ateyelevel but does not see
and roll slowly down hereyeshadow he wisnae a man
her lover with the rovingeyeshe is handsome she is
got a tear in hereyeshe s upset is she
that s still got hereyeteeth she laughs and so
before i ve seen hereyethe purple and crimson and
pause chrissie is avoiding hereyethirty year s an affa
gleam in moonlight one balefuleyeblinks as a map is
any story than meets theeyecan one die so quickly
two gnarled hands its oneeyefixed on the moon constantly
him seconds later catching theeyeof one of the women
develop standards we have oneeyeon the need to ensure
the bus to the londoneyeone lawnmower its neck in
a heart has one darkeyethat winks from its creamy
no you d kind ofeyeup deci- deciding which one
for treatment to my righteyea blockage was discovered and
was a tear in myeyeas i thought of those
a bee went in myeyef1101: did it did you
tell you it closed myeyefor a time dr milroys
was but fortuneately my lefteyeis able to function and
it happening m1106: [inaudible] myeye[laugh] marching man f1105: right
s just habit sadie myeyelike yer supposed tae book
but you can use myeyeliner pencil to at least
is the reason sadie myeyethey switch it oan fur
him glassily with a disapprovingeyesit down now dear said
ah know with ma othereyeahm tae see ye again
to use a cloot othereyegie it a good wipe
order to rhyme other spellingseyeheart moon light etc might
saw it wi ma othereyeit wis gold an pink
because if you did makeeyecontact you got the strap
looks him straight in theeyethis is a new harder
say that i was aneyewitness of him being taken
bringing mitchel into the publiceyeagain for a prosecution that
gaelic back into the publiceyehowever concerns were raised that
up step into the righteyeof a junkie come on
clack into the great roundeyeof the autumn moon station
lamp is the cyclops onlyeyestaring so intently into the
blown into the beast seyewith a little tubie to
get into a beast seyeyou could try to get
plenty and still hold theeyeof the storm she needed
debate she always keeps aneyeon such anniversaries which keeps
voice no moistening of theeyeshe is matter of fact
it still applies today freeeyetests and tv licences free
of numbers arniston cast aneyealong the bench met with
an owl over each agedeyean eyelid droops like a
in the twinkling of aneyeand when we that are
ran im wi a steadyeyeas streyht an true as
an irony and an outsideeyef1187: mmhm f66: an outside
with the blink of aneyeno sooner had last months
widnae pause tae cast aneyeon but och ye didnae
lounging easily with only aneyeon the place miss wood
to advise whoever keeps aneyeon these things that we
would be somebody keepin aneyeon ye in case onything
an it wis fair aneyeopener for the room wis
u s that was aneyeopener on the second last
autumn liza cast an experiencedeyeover them we ll need
time needed to conduct aneyetest for an adult with
now there was certainly aneyethere calm and clear focusing
to night i was aneyewitness of these conditions so
ma face wiz in waneyewiz shut an eh ither
mmhm m734: stung on theeyeer f718: [ow] m734: or
that the parliament welcomes nationaleyeweek beginning on 25 september
on the back o yereyeye ll learn that in
about as far as theeyecan see huge stonehenge like
the lord s all seeingeyecould not see through the
good wipe up aside thateyelet s see you that
straight through a flesher seyea dog rose periscope rises
up through a linnet seyeand set aside all human
heated coversation moon s monocleeyepeered through the window as
home flashed from a furtiveeyethe garish trinkets tarnish could
f1125: now f1126: push theeyef1125: this bit f1126: mm
30 october 2000 whether betnesoleyeointment is now available s1w
character of the american privateeyef606: mmhm m954: he almost
away tae bed m1016: shuteyem1015: mmhm m1016: use that
tonight i need some shuteyedaniel had left for a
sure there had been noeyein the handsome profile but
rock opera not a dryeyein the house had a
found the meeting a completeeyeopener as i had not
almost operates as a privateeyehe s a a law
gigantic liliputian in a bubbleeyeview of the city he
glistening surrounded by those fabulouseyelashes so long they might
aunt mary i hope theeyetests go well so that
a heid 9 you sayeyewe say ee you say
old way make up especiallyeyemake up bourgeois and frowned
a sinking heart with theeyeof affection and dismay was
face softened the powder blueeyeshadow sparkling with cheap glitter
fixed me with a glitteringeyeuntil willie peacemaker willie wheedled
of wind brought with iteyewatering wafts from the guano
in the co management ofeyediseases such as cataract glaucoma
best coat though its glasseyefrightens the relatives to fits
a difference for health freeeyeand dental checks for all
a blink of god seyebut that that s eternity
was a terrible shock theireyecontact was lasting and meaningful
s almost like a privateeyeit s eh and i
f1121: that s a funnyeye[laugh] and do a like
clickers between four firs theeyeof the cock a fiery
beads talismen against the evileyethere is also a collection
bombs a hit bull seyethey shout wi joy upon
you should turn a deafeyeto the standing orders and
the scholar a bird seyeview of the development of
buzzing fly makes a beareyewink do i realise they
s been giein me theeyeand as for the lassie
f960: yes i ken f961: eyefor kennin what it s
story more than meets theeyethat s what intrigues me
been sullied was not theeyenor the ear nor the
utilities providers straight in theeyeand as i said to
the ear than to theeyesome look as if they
quickly out of the sinistereyeoh soiled spring day whose
and this twinkle in theeyethat scots people can have
we will abolish charges foreyeand dental check ups to
more nurses and doctors freeeyeand dental checks education more
skin would grow over theeyeand it would water all
frock coat and stovepipe hateyecatching and devil may care
highlighting the importance of regulareyeexaminations and improving visual healthcare
farmhouse cropmarks and admittedly theeyeof faith may reveal two
another dose of the blueeyetreatment which confused me even
chestnut rump is gentle theeyegrass cattle strollers birds all
empty of violins the sombreeyeof the cello is fixed
nine out of ten primaryeyeexaminations in scotland are carried
heids aert bark tae girseeyebricht i poo some flooers
i poked tina in theeye[laugh] m1048: [laugh] f1049: cause
very nice 28 monday arrangeeyetest i chase alsatian away
being badly mauled 29 tuesdayeyetest ok i am to
pictures that compel the innereyeto seek the brink of
quines would gi e theireyeteeth for nylons georgie to
nodding sway bough crook craweyedroop the lullaby that the
creams or lotions b administeringeyedrops c applying dressings in
ettle intentions evite avoid eyeyefash concern feck the majority
dance in the den theeyein this dark socket blearily
the mcginty brithers cut theireyeteeth at this gemm afore
except for the occasional arguseyethat peggy turned in our
also raised in the publiceyethe haill question o the
s1m 1203 mary scanlon nationaleyeweek that the parliament welcomes

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