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eater an aboot e wikeyne d get a great
awa for a lang wikeyni dinna min faar till
newspapers god newspapers scotsmans wikeynobservers a fyow aal sunday
wicked person naughty child wikeynweek end win casen wind
glaisses slidin doon tae theeyno her neb fortyfive meenits
gowd roon glaisses on theeyno her snoot that gart
his glaisses doon at theeyno his neb teetin at
hole close till e blunteynan if yer weer wis
ir turn tae grip eeyno e weer fin ye
brummil buss at the roadeynwis like barbit weer the
e strae in e straeeyno e barn as it
shaakers an intill e straeeyno e barn faar it
twine rapes in e shafeeyno e barn fin it
trampin strae at the straeeyno e barn on thrashin
roonaboot corn kiln at aeeyno e barn we got
much stored in the straeeynbecause it had to be
e spak at e hinnereynan fit e said wis
bigger till at e hinnereyne young tom s range
derk till at the hinnereynshe decidit tae till the
a sunsheeny day the taileyno an early hairst on
fae e fairmer at eeyno e hairst an welcome
meal an ale at theeyno hairst a meal an
meal an ale at theeyno the hairst they made
mullie ere wis e taileyno a hey soo stannin
a blizzard in the taileyno februar oot aa nicht
her da at the taileyno the dairy cairt fin
dowpit doon at the taileyno the play chute luikin
minnie bruce heard the taileyno the sang an heard
coo eyn or e feederseyne byre door opent intill
manoeuvre em intill e openeyno a big spunk box
roon coonterbalance wecht at aeeynan e hannle at e
in e styoo at aeeynan lets it flee at
hid tae get aff eeynan reed in e face
an e win in eeynat did awa wi t
ma feet an at eeyne watter was likely gey
an a sheddie at eeyner kitchen hid a steen
landin an at e fareynere wis ma faither s
t up aye as eeyngot brunt he aye wore
for drainage at e boddemeyni fun ma piece in
e wid at e tapeyni geed richt roon e
notes deid bit in eeyni managet tae herd een
a hole at e backeynit wis gey roosty bit
put in at e fareynjist a rich gweed job
e action cam till aneynnoo you i m nae
slice o loaf on eeyno a fork an toast
nine loads in be eeyno e day i min
relief noo at e maineyno e fairmin ear s
aal henhoose biggit ontill eeyno e hoose es henhoose
wis coom ceiled at aeeyno e landin an at
in e cornyard at eeyno e park abeen e
haimmer heid on e blunteyno e picker an it
tae knack in e pintiteyno e picker an levert
syne skirt roon be eeyno e pond an up
job tae be deen aeeyno e rape aboot a
it s jist aboot eeyno e simmer at ye
e d been by eeyno e steadin e hey
roon e back at eeyno e steadin neesht e
breem wis comin till eeyno its life e bark
i d niver hear eeyno t an forby e
e byre in e cooeynor e feeders eyn e
didna look back in eeynshe snappit er fingers tae
till a strainer at eeyntae keep e tinsion if
makin sure at e lowseeynwis weel tied in aboot
frae her maisterpiece at contrackeynefter yon keech hole o
o man man s chiefeynis tae glorifee god an
bruce fit is the chiefeyno man man s chief
knowledge that man s chiefeynwis daein yer ceevic duty
even sic a sang willeynaathin fair or foul maun
mixers crunchin graivel at aeeynan spewin it oot at
or hannle close till aeeynat ye hid tae twist
an wadna hae kent aeeyno a tap frae tither
s a blade at theeyno ae monsoon sizzen an
shut it again wi aeeyno ma bicycle clip ye
a bent branch wi aeeyntied back tae mak a
at niver cam till aneynye cd see yersel ye
ay bit thon wisna theeyno t sally bruce buttit
warld wid cam tae itseynfaither wad niver be ootdang
her nor wis thon theeyno t the milk hid
brian didna care fur theeyntae thon story tho he
em yersel oot o theeyno a scythe blade though
an a piece at theeyno the twa oors chae
ballad comin on tae theeyno the wikk ma myn
veesitor he stood at theeyno her bed her faither
sabbath efterneen at the backeyno october fin the birks
the war cam tae aneynthe guid lord be thankit
emily gray bedd in theeynhoose in the raw o
kate sat doon at theeyno a pew quate an
ma spring holidays aboot theeyno april an i maun
the first sip sighs raxxeseyno day darg feenished he
wi a preesentation at theeyno it brian wis hired
wis biggit at the backeyno the 19th century the
oot the back at theeyno the gairden neist tae
feline richt at the tithereyno the hoosin scheme frae
jist cause it wis theeyno the service she cudna
wis aff fur at theeyno the service the fower
an cairt shed at theeyno the street far it
an broon at the backeyno the year an still
scandinavia fand tales o theeyno the yird eftir three
in the year s backeyntae the jeelin seelence o
teased fae aisse day seynthe scrat o knives their
wi bare airms or yeeynup wi a sotter o
o thack an ilky rapeeynweel bun in syne ye
seals jumped in doubles backeynat bennachie october wins blaw
birk at the waa seynbirlin an furlin micht be
s shroud at rainbow seynthey rest at last fae
the hinmaist paragraph a lleynbi speerin if ye ve
beeriet alive fur months oneynin their bungalows smored bi
shaves settin them up oneynstibble tae stibble echt shaves
breenge an sweel pitten aneyntae clishmaclavers canty blethers an
first he examined the bigeynthen he and the headmaster
smeether than ile bit hereynis wersh as wirmwid sherp
rodden rowan rosit resin rosittyeynresinous end shoemakers thread roup
heicher as ye neared theeynit sae heich ye cud
no fire left in hiseynthe ministers presst him to
was to guide the rosittyeynthe thread rolled together with
came through to the littleeynwhich was presided over by

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