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sheridan s1m 1099 oil rigfabricationindustry lodged on 6 july
quinan s1m 1099 oil rigfabricationindustry lodged on 6 july
1099 rhoda grant oil rigfabricationindustry that the parliament in
present rundown in the oilfabricationindustry calls upon the oil
or owner for the oilfabricationyard at arnish isle of
jobs at the lewis offshorefabricationyard at stornaway and notes
former employees of the ardersierfabricationyard were compulsory contributors to
job losses at the oilfabricationyards of nigg and ardersier
a sustainable base for oilfabricationand identifying where diversification away
identifying where diversification away fromfabricationwill be required and further
contingency fund the oil rigfabricationcommunities contingency fund to help
future workload for the rigfabricationyards in the uk and
september 2000 of vital oilfabricationequipment belonging to lewis offshore
the future when the oilfabricationindustry picks up again supported
rhoda grant support for oilfabricationworkers that the parliament notes

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