See this word as a collocate cloud

a sweet smile on herfaceandy knows that it is
a cheerful smile upon herfaceanimal kingdom deep cheep ah
huge smile breaks across herfaceas she remembers it min
a wee smile on hisfacebut i never let on
brings a smile tae yerfacefit s that wifie faur
a light smile turned tofacehis patient you should know
the rueful smile on thefaceof the small boy mary
eyes thin smile on hisfacesorry about today lads but
a wry smile on myfacethat explains why i am
a fine smile on sfacethe richt face o toorism
up in the nurse sfacethe smile afore her wisna
a gentle smile on hisfacethe very epitome of trust
smile was still on hisfacewhen susan came into the
wiped the smile aff mafacewi anuther dig tae ma
see his face aa dirtyfaceaa dirty f1115: aye have
it s [?]crumbs[/?] see hisfaceaa dirty face aa dirty
and your face get thefaceache off or there s
east or wherever face tofaceand building up a business
the look on susan sfaceand peggy s face would
may nurse my bones angelfaceangel face short sock straicht
and meets teenie face tofaceas she enters she is
going out face this specialfacecame out of a small
want to have face tofacediscussions with the schools to
however in a face tofaceencounter with many of the
a need for face tofaceengagement and i think there
face the blast like blackfaceewe it lay juist whaur
muriel leaves angelica powders herfaceexamining her face in the
face look at that chocolatefacef1114: mm mm mm f1113:
happy face or a sadfacef1122: sticking out her tongue
me kin show it sfaceface wi aw the flaws
face for westminster and afacefor here they are in
we stuid there face taefacefor lang lang braithless saiconds
who have two faces afacefor westminster and a face
the teams of face tofacefundraisers or tabard collectors who
other hand please and yourfaceget the face ache off
fingers are all over herfaceher black face her magnificent
over her face her blackfaceher magnificent black face ol
remember this face remember thisfacehow could i forget in
powders her face examining herfacein the compact with some
a particular situation face tofaceinteraction between individuals is necessary
to tell im face tofacejist as lang s i
up forward stretch face rightfaceleft etc it took some
that s you and yourfacelook at that chocolate face
yeir fairest face yeir faussfacemaun dern what yeir fauss
based on a face tofacemeeting rather than on any
is all about face tofacemeetings it has been known
on s face the richtfaceo toorism i wid say
when they war face taefaceoch dinnae ask geordie ye
black face her magnificent blackfaceol 13 it is this
pupils ending up face tofaceonce on november 28th i
put on her a happyfaceor a sad face f1122:
f1041: or look at herfaceor look at his face
pig face or ugly pigfaceor m1020: that s nice
minging minging f1018: or pigfaceor ugly pig face or
is brocht thegither face tifacepit him a sword s
voice he said remember thisfaceremember this face how could
our arms up forward stretchfaceright face left etc it
my bones angel face angelfaceshort sock straicht cut fringe
burstin an we stuid therefacetae face for lang lang
speirt geordie when they warfacetae face och dinnae ask
best ahin a glaiss naefacetae face they pit her
feared o stew pause kinfacethat face that fear through
stew pause kin face thatfacethat fear through doll he
andy continues to kiss thefacethat isn t a face
cast nae shaggy fleece taefacethe blast like black face
me to discuss face tofacethe substance of the issues
muntit chiefs cam face tifacethe tane wi the tither
put on her going outfacethis special face came out
face that isn t afacethough perhaps the kiss isn
an me is brocht thegitherfaceti face pit him a
the twa muntit chiefs camfaceti face the tane wi
the far east or whereverfaceto face and building up
the exit and meets teeniefaceto face as she enters
however i want to havefaceto face discussions with the
caught out however in afaceto face encounter with many
there s a need forfaceto face engagement and i
familiar with the teams offaceto face fundraisers or tabard
relevant in a particular situationfaceto face interaction between individuals
a chance to tell imfaceto face jist as lang
that was based on afaceto face meeting rather than
source handling is all aboutfaceto face meetings it has
with many pupils ending upfaceto face once on november
to meet me to discussfaceto face the substance of
the sample varied i conductedfaceto face visits with tenants
only talk on the phonefaceto face we we ll
in this parliament are broughtfaceto face with hundreds of
of mine and brought mefaceto face with that prematurely
restorative justice which brings offendersfaceto face with the consequences
varied i conducted face tofacevisits with tenants in edinburgh
on the phone face tofacewe we ll have to
face or look at hisfacewhat a girn f1054: [inaudible]
kin show it s facefacewi aw the flaws aw
my face wull improve herfacewinna pancake meg chap chap
parliament are brought face tofacewith hundreds of visitors from
and brought me face tofacewith that prematurely closed door
which brings offenders face tofacewith the consequences of their
s face and peggy sfacewould be well worth the
gaed awa hame thinkin myfacewull improve her face winna
the warld wi yeir fairestfaceyeir fauss face maun dern
i write down what greyfaceactually said at this point
concern than mum s longfaceand grey eyes as mother
no complaint sir i greyfacebriskly shoved me out of
to my unspoken question greyfaceburied his nose in the
if sane compared to greyfacei looked up from the
soon barefooting along behind greyfacei wasn t too successful
his eyes glared redly greyfaceindeed macphail s not my
sewage over and out greyfacelifted his nose and beckoned
once inside the store greyfacelocked the door found my
i signalled back as greyfacelocked the door muttering glumly
pyjamas again mister blaikie hisfacenow a dirty grey composed
my hopes rising further greyfacenow picked up a paper
decided from the store greyfacetook me to an office
obediently i signed suddenly greyfacewas full of energy terribly
both right holden if greyfacewas the guv exactly how
whaur he gaed an hisfacewis ashie grey he scootit
s grey airt my winsomefacewon mony a laddie s
overweight with a craggy celticfaceand amused eyes he talked
but fiona s round littlefaceand dark eyes register more
pitch balls stuck in herfacefor eyes whereas the sonnets
elena bonet s polished applefaceher eyes bright as dark
eyes and stream down myfacesobs shake me fiona sits
of fur on its tinyfacethe pear shaped amber eyes
eyes would you turn andfacethem the hiccuping directory anderson
s eyes his delicate pointedfacewas bright with dew round
it was a tent hisfacewas taut and his eyes
shields have a mr happyfacewith asian eyes painted on
ready here lemme gie yerfacea dicht she has to
drip drip drippin off yerfaceall over it i think
e spinnin surfaces ontill yerfacean e ballies o e
as rain go wash yerfacean get your homework done
bits o paper in yerfacebut no let ye hae
yer skin an dicht yerfaceclean yer claes an tie
it onywye like washin yerfacein the mey dyew faith
sharn ye cud see yerfacein the them the sapples
s gaun roon and yerfaceis aa shoogly i canna
ew look at you yourfaceis cakit yer hauns is
polished pianie held yer ghaistlyfacelang efter ye d forgotten
craas are flang in yerfacelike seet back blawn fae
aye glister oot o yerfacelike wee blinks o sun
fitt s that on yerfacem1090: i dinna want microphone
nou lay doun on yerfaceon the pad an keep
tae fen em aff yerfaceonywye ere wis dizzens hunners
the ile get yer girninfaceooto ma sicht go on
ma wi yer feart likefaceranjit s pooch hauds a
wiz a drunk shut yerfacesays she an clenched ur
haun aff yer mither sfaceshe niver shawed a bruise
the dark boy turn yerfacetae the waa andy i
fin they lowp aff yerfacethey hide thirsels in dumplins
mair it s in yerfacetill e time comes fin
magic time gyang wash yerfacewi dew ne er cast
alsatian dug nuh stuff yerfacewi this here s a
big alsation nuh stuff yerfacewi this here s a
yird winna say yer publicfacewis private burnished braisse we
wash as weel s yerfaceye ken they were well
o coir yarn in yerfaceye niver jist kent if
a loe yer voice yerfaceyer actions bit ye maun
seaton chippie johnny dicht yerfaceyer chikks is manky ma
wifie wheesht johnny dicht yerfaceyer chikks is manky ma
him in sadie could youfaceyer faither an tell him
rockers were very in yerfaceyou know erm and what
never think ti gie yeirfacea dicht aweill never heed
nor ye wi yeir runkiltfacea guid sicht bonnier the
frae shouting teirant shaw yeirfacea wadna hae ye killed
faucon mean on yeir shieldfaceah saw it on yeir
ye gae an cut yeirfacean reiden it up ti
bi this verra yett yeirfacean the peach blossoms neibored
yeir erss waggin in hizfaceaw the wey up the
you nae care upon yeirfacefor that wad be wanchauncie
ah kenna whaur yeir lousumfacehaes gaen nou the r
peering anxiously at her yeirfaceis aw begrutten nou that
an weepie an waebegaen yeirfaceis aw begrutten the needle
look yungir tae an yeirfacelooks lyke a laddie s
back ti lyfe again anfaceme wi yeir sword or
this is no yeir bonniefacemoula we maun birk up
the lee wrutten on yeirfacena ah dinna think sae
pale sae lousum yeir fauchfaceseems ti licht up the
aa black f1116: ee hisfaceaa dirty f1115: mmhm [inhale]
black hair and presses herfaceagainst mum s leg she
appeared she hid a blackfacean her claes were fule
is draped in black herfaceheavily veiled desert dishes with
from a black hole herfaceis very red and i
in its black silken texturedfacelifting open the swaddling joan
canny doon e pick blackfaceo a cliff at niver
tears were rinnin doon herfaceagain weel i planted the
her leg and rubs hisfaceagainst the denim the sweet
her granny makkin a queerfaceahin minnie s back tae
she looked at me herfaceall i hate him wanted
a squeezt tomatae fur afacean her hair it luiked
roses susie screws up herfacean says i ll shift
fabled cleopatra perhaps smothered herfaceand body with the stuff
years and her film starfaceand her ravishing figure and
out tears streaming down herfaceand she shouted down the
bicycle i look into herfaceand sure enough she is
oot rentaghost carolanne makes afaceand turns to her coffee
in pastel colours powdered herfaceand wore rouge and lipstick
daen agnes agnes wipes herfaceat least she ll be
s wife is washing herfaceat the well mrs beaumont
peely wally she turns herfaceaway from him been on
her nipple screws up hisfacebelches and waves his hands
dogs on a press herfacechalk white matching my snow
rouses angelica s anger herfacechanges angelica aiming this at
him up and holds hisfaceclose to her shoulder so
in his chest lit herfacecome in if your feet
turns to her voice hisfacecrumples he stretches out his
risked the mirror no herfacedidn t she barely recognized
lay quate on her sidefacedoon in the glaury road
in her haun an herfacedrained fite o colour she
jessie opened the door herfacedrainin o colour nae a
of her life doon herfacef632: mmhm f646: so he
an hodged aboot her bonniefaceflamin reid er look i
when she looked up herfacefroze over whit the hell
her sister s janet sfacehad a fine hard finish
she is much better herfacehas cleared up rain on
moments thought he turned tofaceher would you consider being
is staring her in thefacehighland council said in its
she starts looking at herfacein a compact mirror muriel
oot o mrs eejit sfacein her richt haund she
mukkil bed an hid herfacein the saft pillaes o
hair was pulled off herfaceinto a bun she delivered
lead her wee dall sfaceis a mask o steen
shoes with beth beth sfaceis blank her actions robotic
wanted to blurt in herfacelet me get sorted empty
the tears slid down herfacelike rain off a window
intention his way and herfacelit like a blue star
the look on boyter sfacemrs beaumont puts down her
gi e he sees herfacena i dinna suppose your
anna as well [?]should have seen[/?] herfaceoh [laugh] f1049: [laugh] and
the hair out of herfaceokay f1112: [noise of something being submerged] do you
him tears streaming down herfaceold banger with its engine
through the sight of herfaceon the record cover christ
the door geordie kent herfacericht awa he d aften
owl with her bowl shapedfacescoops up a mouse from
round the class her longfaceseems quite kind she is
put her hand to herfaceshe felt the wrinkles the
tae mop her up angelfaceshort sock straicht cut fringe
bairnies o your ain herfaceshows a moment of pain
him back and ann herfacestill wet and her tongue
t tell her to herfacethat i ve missed her
on the mirror obscuring herfacethat was good that was
can say she asked herfacethe personification of injured pride
the sweet crease of herfacetheir heads move in harmony
with a frown on herfacethis means that me and
hit her full on thefacethis time splittin her boddom
sobbing and she presses myfaceto her bosom savagely tattooed
maggie beth turns beth sfaceto look up at her
clype i look into herfaceuncertainly and its expression is
raging burn roaring across herfaceunreachable by censure or disgrace
flowed like the niger herfacewas a white urinal her
to look at me herfacewas heavy and lined as
her so hard on thefacewhen she heard her using
the sink and splashes herfacewhile i gather up the
bluid the secunt demon sfacewis green as goor her
mair nor seeventeen onywye herfacewis hairt shaped an her
an oot a wino herfacewis minkit lord she stank
settee in the livinroom herfacewis white and there were
and yes looking into herfacewith an expression so full
and displeasure olga covering herfacewith her hands a samovar
ah juist coudna covers herfacewith her hands andrey ma
a corner natasha covers herfacewith her hands whitna coorse
though she d smeared herfacewith white cream and that
haunches of boiled ham herfacewore a puzzled frown evidently
a scudge her bonnie unpaintedfacewould soon begin to acquire
d say that tae herfacewould you like ma can
yes it does match whatfaceyou gonna put on her
a hubble bubble pipe hisfacea crumpled tissue of burnt
his pelvis at boswell sfacea grimy piece of torn
[laugh] f1115: why s hisfaceaa a mess eh it
luggage of the pair hisfaceablaze with suppressed emotion his
pompitie said wi his begruttenfaceah canna tell ye nou
less o that wipes hisfaceah coudna git ti sleep
wipes the perspiration from hisfaceah hear tell ye ve
mane a star on hisfacean a spot on his
haud on tae his pokerfacean he juist said ay
steers his fingirs tae hisfacean manages tae claw his
leuk o saitisfaction on hisfacean reponed tae wat bi
heid fitted it tae hisfacean then sortit the straps
pocks o mince in hisfacean weill it wis juist
father falling from that rockfaceand breaking his neck no
of stubble covers his boneyfaceand he speaks in a
small man with a bigfaceand his belly bulging askew
tears streaming down his purplefaceand his nose running like
the fyre mark in hisfaceand this samyn monday douglas
organic simplicity than in yourfaceanthems his wife river city
his jaiket up ower hisfaceas he watched whit wis
look of confusion on hisfaceas it came from someone
his arms around pushes hisfaceat jilly jilly first thing
him dilithium davie tae hisfaceback then so i m
man seemed more relaxed hisfacebetrayed no emotion whatsoever he
that feart for his glowerinfacebi this tyme she did
at that level sir hisfacebrightened again and he became
wullie well not to hisfacebut i mean by us
my shoothers and pulls myfaceclose tae his fit the
just imagine him with hisfacecovered in soot cursing his
his virgin and child turnedfacedown the other chaps all
there with his pale porcelainfaceexpressionless as toilet enamel he
lot of money in hisfacef606: mmhm m954: so never
hae the scars oan hisfacefi berna s whip silence
mundell with his honest sonsiefacefor securing this debate today
cauld watter haived ower hisfacefrae a sharny pail wi
year aye says ronald hisfacegettin a wee bit reid
curves into his bulbous roundfacegiving him the rumpled look
s a zebra and hisfacegoes backwards and forwards backwards
takin masha looking into hisfacegoodby a long kiss olga
noticed that his aunt sfacehad in recent years collapsed
when he wis alive hisfacehad mair colour wis less
s wiping sweat off hisfacehalf dead from digging checking
wears a scarf around hisfacehe also carries a large
hauns jine automatically forenent hisfacehe canna stap his body
didn t really notice hisfacehe had an a well
fear on his tormentor sfacehe raised his right fist
want to come on yourfacehe said his breath hot
what is skreivit on hisfacehere wes a man ti
mibi stew s huvin tifacehis ain demons yi saw
buik minnie luikit intae hisfacehis een war shinin in
he d jist washed hisfacehis sister in law raxxed
airm an lookit intae hisfacei dinna wint tae spikk
shooders an screwed up hisfacein a disgruntled wye sayin
stop wanted to smash hisfacein hurt him back and
a minute he brought hisfacein rested his forehead against
nerve that chiel showing hisfacein this toun we ll
washed and look at hisfaceis he happy m1092: now
him past our gate hisfaceis purple and he is
lie his christmas cards hisfaceis the shape and colour
companion and who licked hisfacelavishly till the patient vowed
gawped at tam wi hisfacelike a cloot an tam
a shadow fell across hisfacelike cousin neil s fields
or worse ye ken hisfacemargaret noticed with a sinking
and more rigid and hisfacemore and more purple if
are tears all over hisfacemummy you ll have to
dichted mud frae aff hisfacenoo jennie birlin hame frae
peeked in on the contentedfaceof his sleeping year old
his personal triumph in thefaceof illness and sends warmest
keeled ower an struck hisfaceon a railin ere wis
his scarf its wee wisefacepowkin ooto the tweed claith
star with egg on hisfaceread egg as a euphemism
mouth and sucks it hisfacereverts to its normal pallor
mr baseball cap stuck hisfaceright up to speccy and
fingers the scars on hisfacerobby awaw lori s gonnae
mouth so i pull hisfaceround a bit he doesn
before we were wed hisfacescrewed up in instant remorse
a sweep wi a tarryfaceset doon his hurly an
white stubble over his linedfaceseveral teeth lost the bones
again then i saw hisfaceshe shudders it s just
look o fear oan hisfacesilence bj take five jilly
said no aye tae hisfacesnawface micht hae been a
wi a grin on hisfacespittin on his haund an
looked round his audience hisfacesuddenly serious i ll never
shoon and spit in hisfacetae shaw ill wull this
ye the lord makk hisfacetae shine upon ye an
anger would break on hisfaceterrible and yet feart too
at an he turnt hisfaceti shi jin an li
away ben into the coalfaceto draw of his uncle
be punched him to thefaceto his m1014: mmhm m1015:
may the lord make hisfaceto shine upon us and
his pypes asyde him hisfaceturnt til the waw an
held it up to hisfacetwo handed with both elbows
eftir tear rinnin doon hisfaceundichtit as if his hairt
the little old woman sfacewas a picture however his
streamin red wi blood hisfacewas clairted ower wi mud
to seduce the boys hisfacewas darkly flushed and his
was going to die hisfacewas really really purple i
kinna leuk comin ower hisfaceweel ay if ye want
at pompitie an saw hisfacewes aw begrutten anhou wabbitie
in this ah mind hisfacewhen ah came intae the
of horror on derek sfacewhen he accidentally knocked his
what narcissus saw on hisfacewhen he looked in the
look of joy on hisfacewhen we do that we
snooze too lying on hisfacewhich should have given him
speaking very directly into hisfacewhile maclaurin listened intently the
want scabs in here hisfacewis a affa mess jonsar
hid teen the sawdust hisfacewis as reed as a
a half grin on hisfaceyou re right there he
an niver look in onyfacea keep on glowrin roon
look depravitie full in thefacebut there was mockerie in
look me richt in efacecaal kin i says aye
f1121: look at [censored: forename] sfacedoes that look good f1122:
can look him in thefaceefter the way you cairried
has she got an angryfacef1122: look f1121: she has
me look on its lovelyfacefor it s going with
uh huh look at himfacehim happy now f1091: mmhm
tae look onybody in thefaceit s no ma faut
when we look in thefaceof be inn ciochan mountain
the sink towel wipe yourfaceon that towel look okay
me or spits in myfaceso i look mummy straight
re here stew supporting yifacethe fear dimps look stew
s this look in myfacetotally aghast and jimmy s
look on the gargoyle sfacewas priceless as she neared
the mirror pat look gawnfaceyursell jilly rushes between pat
ah seem ti ken yourfacea wee bit masha ah
cut out the in yourfaceadvertising but by cutting off
general public and in yourfaceadvertising malcolm chisholm there might
the difference between in yourfaceadvertising such as billboard advertising
under when you lifted yourfaceall streaming and a reasonable
to go and wash yourfaceand brush your teeth m1096:
me lie flat on yourfaceand don t say a
a loaded hypo in yourfaceand make off with your
a that stuff on yourfaceangelica clearly untrue just a
could control it instantly yourfacechanged to a white so
fair fa your honest sonsiefacef1054: yeah any words there
it f1099: you washed yourfacef1100: no i ll do
he ll maybe scratch yourfacef1104: [laugh] he just thinks
on we ll wash yourfacef1142: no no [sob] f1141:
have you done to yourfacef1155: [laugh] [laugh] f1154: [cough]
him a slap in thefacefor your virtuous community like
week off [laugh] in yourfacei m driving home the
gi e me your soorfacei m nae mr hitler
stick your head back yourfaceis all chocolate is that
to use the cloot yourfaceis minking the day that
think tae screw up yourfaceis tae be happy nippy
want to come on yourfaceis that alright sure she
pulling it back teasingly yourfacelightened and you moved nearer
me tears rinnin doon yourfacelittle wifie answered aye tears
we need to wash yourfacem1096: [sob] f1095: right a
you watched me with yourfacemore shut that i d
your speerit meeved ower thefaceo the floods an you
well as well as yourfaceof a morning sprouting like
ll shovel dirt upon yourfaceoh what a beautiful morning
eventually flop down on yourfaceon a gentle slope of
hands your hands and yourfaceright over here a bittie
with water [rubs face in hands] wash ourface[rubs face in hands] don t open your
no no just wash yourface[rubs face in hands] f1112: lovely in my
tears are comin down yourfaceso you ll certainly no
georgie it s your langfacethat gets you doon we
the astonishment written on yourfacethat our intrusion into your
wiping that chocolate off yourfacethat s you now right
never have egg on yourfacetiger blood in a weasel
what you really want yourfacewas getting more and more
said kiss me andy yourfacewas plastered with a mixture
at the colour of yourfacewhat d you think that
got your hat ower yourfaceyou [?]nugget[/?] f1102: [laugh] mummy
bj ur yi makin hurfaceyour demons or hurs silence
in denial yiv got tifaceyur fear heid oan your
nouveaux riches an hinnermaist theyfaceaff agin the bandicotts a
a vengeance near rubbin thefaceaff the flagsteens at the
irrational like darnley s silkenfacemask drappin aff barin the
m gaan aff o efaceo e earth an doon
nae lang faan aff afaceo rock begod there wis
dichtin humankind frae aff thefaceo the yird watter wis
their tree an aff theirfacewi aathin frae uppers tae
wind an rain lashin mafacean ah wis so pleased
at fergal ful in thefacean says he whit ma
douce innerlielik expression on hirfacean syne she said ma
doun even on ma begruttenfaceathouten end from the chinese
looks up at mother sfacebiccy ma ma he announces
clasht thair yetts on mafacebuson nichtingale haurlie ever seen
daur defy me tae mafacefae dour auld men tae
my glittery fingers on mafacefeelin ma cheek bones and
driftet ower jist abeen mafacefor aa at ye d
it wes smirtlin in mafacehae yerkit ma tit frae
big thing richt afore mafaceit was a proclamation o
i furlet roon wi mafaceoot abeen e blankets took
cause i like gettin mafacepunched in or that i
neck an shoved ma halefacesplat inno the custard hauf
known carefully ah wiped mafacetae kinda remove eh evidence
terrible quairtness i pressed mafacetee till e glaiss nose
lookin gless ah see mafaceturnin aulder ah can see
that it wasna safe mafacewas ower weill kent ye
shuts the door in mafacewhaur naebodie locks me in
i steed e slappit mafacewi eez fngers flickin em
chooks war sookit in mafacewis wrunkled ma hair wis
worse fit a state mafacewiz in wan eye wiz
waggit hir finger in hizfacea suppone ye r about
lee is wrutten on hirfaceeilidh leaves purposefully shona na
did forordnar she dernt hirfacein hir haunds an wunnert
she gaed aboot wi afaceon hir that wad soor
wi the leddie s innerliefaceshe suin telt hir the
bonnie bonnie hir reid pouthertfacesmaw smaw hir dentie haund
leuk o pleasure on hirfacetentin ilka wurd at hir
she luikit wi hir begruttenfacethis wey an that for
noo the first yin sfacewis yalla an hir hair
see in the minister sfacea genuine difficulty my colleague
was why i set myfaceagainst it and why the
he would say scanning myfaceand kissing both cheeks i
took the blanket off myfaceand lay for the better
the forehead i lift myfaceand make a kissing motion
door got slammed in myfaceand my mother came down
of tissues on my resentfulfaceand then several more to
get a hole in myfaceand then we went and
i get cream on myfaceas well at the hairdresser
tell me that to myfacebeaumont aye if you would
t fall flat on myfacebut they weren t very
out so i bury myfacedeeper in the sweet punk
[rubs face in hands] f1112: lovely in myfacef1111: ready [rubs face in hands] now you
darling f1126: aa ower myfacef1125: whoa you great [inaudible]
ye f1142: [singing] paint myfacef1141: dinna [censored: forename] hey that
with a spider on myfacef832: uh that s f833:
i was obviously with myfacef963: mm mm f965: so
you glanced shiftily at myfacefor a fraction of a
he must have seen myfacefor he moved on quickly
they carried about in theirfacehowever as my chariot chundered
thought for the day myfacei don t mind it
kept cats from my mewlingfacei learned fast to recognise
to see time in myfacein frailties i increase so
i could see my bloodiedfacein the driving mirror as
mum i can put myfacein the water f1105: aye
i i just put myfacein the water f1105: you
i was like hi myfaceis sore it wasn t
the approximate direction of myfacejimmy tells me you attend
at me right in myfacelisten to me for once
shut the door in myfacelocked it i could hear
the reek a weel kennedfacemy een he said are
reluctance to go home andfacemy father s wrath and
he did not know myfaceno one ever played the
shooders an then licked myfacenoo the german wisnae happy
hills cast against the coldfaceof the moon and my
like dress thing with myfacepainted white with a red
fir noo she strokes myfacereally quite tenderly i suppose
pain too i lift myfacetell me if she does
spit is going into myfacethat s not the way
ll p- f1115: hurt myfacethat was sair f1116: i
oh where s my publicfacethe one that i pretend
no say onything to myfacethey wouldny daur but they
i don t want myfaceto swell up erm f1155:
tale suddenly shifted from myfaceto the window beyond i
any shape then turn myfacetowards the heat of transformation
my old dear s soorfacewhen i show at grampa
s looking straight into myfacewhich is more than you
one day and cut myfacewi my corner of my
its bluid an dichtit myfacewi t that s ye
point that thing in myfaceyou gowk it might fire
luik doon in its peatyfacean bide awhile tae murn
hairse swyte dreepin doon eezfaceanaith e snoot o eez
fit i ll pass ootfacedoon this year jist to
an orange overall an afacelike anne robinson slaps doon
tae luik doon on thefaceo the man fa d
an doon yon stey braefacetae sei til the horse
waebegaen pompitie with tear stainedfaceah canna tell ye nou
had such a kind caringfacehe could tell she d
the step in the craigfaceluik nou an tell me
mah man talk ti mifacemi tell mi dimps falls
l no shaw its ugsumfaceback here again morag o
he bet on fair ofacebut it cocked its leg
their patterns over its sundialfacei think it has grown
its its er its publicfaceif you like m017: [inhale]
the tired branch dips itsfacein the peaty spate and
deeply it has opened itsfaceit has emptied its hairt
swung atour the quarry sfaceits shadda faain on the
sharp cockit lugs an afacelike a puppy though its
its moods into its purefaceno one thinks of its
nae tae glower inno thefaceo the idol fin its
gowd furliorums peintit ower itsfaceshe could anely strung the
that the new minister willfacesince the committee published its
dyeuk snags ripples ben itsfacesomelike a teir on fifteen
een war set in itsfacesyne the godlin tuik a
tear painted on its ghostlyfacethere were velvet padded pantaloons
was staring defeat in thefaceto clarify its decision the
we ve seen its uglyfacewe ken gordon enters from
broon guitar tho plain ofacewill age richt weel its
runs down the window sfacea single plate drips in
features heretics calvin and lutherfacedown at the base presumably
member the remainder are placedfacedown in the centre each
am lyin m815: [laugh] m816: facedown on the bed and
lay down on the braefacein the garden on sunny
runs crookedly down the streakyfaceof blank unsmiling glass a
notes that james sabzali couldfacea sentence of up to
staundin weel up the braefaceabuin the borth ick waitter
treis up on the braefacean a think thay ir
d geen up e steepfacean won till e tap
sitting up with a seriousfaceand seems to be paying
married up here they canfaceboth ways but neither way
bad wolf with the wickedfacecrept up to the farm
in circumstances when their publicfaceis blocked up by dealing
at stuid on the braefacejuist ferrer up the burn
didna hurt the smith sfacelichtit up wi the fire
back up north was afacelike a buckie drifter and
to the station fiona sfacelit up as she spied
ayont thae things weir sfacelit up ay i am
the back o the clockfacesae it wis stickin up
up at you wi afacesae smug it ll only
o fuddle muddle oan mahfacestew steve yiv opened up
up from the bairn sfacethe littlin in the faither
up no modern man couldfacethe rack king mammon refinement
fixed oot git up anfacethe slimey creep cammy ok
then a ll up anfacethe world again the wee
to staring into fiona sfacetoo our warm up drill
in our places an dinnaefaceup tae the realities o
m944: he had everyone sfaceup there and erm it
o a fuckin doll dimpsfaceup ti the cunt steve
o the wee fowk wulfaceup ti the maister o
lee sorry bj shouts patfaceup ti um make um
easily recognise however we mustfaceup to concerns about the
departure has forced me tofaceup to it what is
was only me who couldfaceup to old mrs linkletter
asylum seekers we need tofaceup to the continuing challenges
there was a failure tofaceup to the institutional dynamics
moments so that i canfaceup to the reality of
so that they have tofaceup to their responsibilities the
terms of their willingness tofaceup to what is happening
looking up into daddy sfacewhat do you think you
there wis no a strauchtfaceamangst us haw puggie are
t hell ah ken thefaceas weel it wis sanny
a ha- a hairy bairdiefacebut it wis a richt
at e wis at afacegey near e boddem o
made o the lassie sfacematty wis pit tae the
lang scarlet windaes i thefaceo t the yett wis
o the other guy sfacesilence pat wis yur ain
think he wis able taefacethaim noo yets anyhows eventually
other strength wur here tifacewhat wis done ti us
she had a bonnie enoughfacewhen she wis a wee
ye no mind wullie sfacewis a sicht an he
then tho wattie esson sfacewis chakk white wi pain
wis kinna heich an eezfacewis gaant eez hair wis
unlike the graceful body thefacewis hauf etten awa bi
silence pat wis yur ainfaceyi wur feared o feared
male critics she has tofaceare expressed with humour and
she glances with a sourfaceat the picture on the
f1054: [inaudible] f1043: a girnyfaceaye she s got a
she s got a sadfacef1122: as well f1121: what
a sudden the lassie sfacegrew reed an she muttered
like a weird little pygmyfacehasn t she m942: aye
she looks into georgie sfacei was richt wasn t
some result she d afacelike a melted welly well
[inhale] sad f1121: a sadfacemmhm she is sad isn
she s got a girnyfaceno f1040: no mm m1042:
till she reached the runkledfaceo the horsie steen loons
f1040: [inaudible] f1041: what afaceshe has it would clip
saw erm [censored: forename] s bebofaceshe looks so different f1154:
war greitin an a filthiefaceshe made ye can be
mrs macdonald put on thefaceshe saved for monty the
laughs delightedly but mother sfaceshows alarm she even goes
a tango she makes afacethat means what do you
genteil eilidh she haed thefaceti say she coudna help
ony craw s feet hurfaceglowers wi heuchs hur vyce
turned tae matty wi afaceo thunner we dinna wash
you an fuckin society cannaefacereality stew wi need ti
auld wi a kind roonfacerunkled an plain wi gowd
meenit wi a solemn likefacesyne e said maistly till
m terrible wi words ehmfacethat would clip cloots scowlin
s dreepin aboot wi afacethat would soor milk aboot
mary i m ashamed tofacethe dustmen wi a them
airn an wi an openfacetry an play it like
e peat in fae efacewi a breist spaad ay
een an a hairt shapedfacewi a button snoot an
doorman a skelp on thefaceat sent him stottin he
slaps him hard across thefacehe staggers back confused and
carolanne they ll have tofacehim if he comes here
me at gaed him afacelike that you see he
from him macduff turn anfaceme ye hell hoond turn
blae dragons he d afaceon him as roun as
is staring him in thefacethe railway should simply now
putter wyte tho ken yonfacewee jimmy ken him onywye
tae masel and saa erfaceanxious like in e yalla
bit ower be e quarryfacei cd see a bit
eyn an reed in efacei muttert please sir what
gweed welcome fae douglas eezfacelachin anaith e floory bonnet
like snaa flakes aboot efaceo e cliff an hyne
ye micht ha e taefacethe need to change bessie
fauss ti shaw a greitinfacea l gang ti ingland
pit a licht ti thefaceo t they fand it
the earth left us tifaceoor freedom an you spoutin
tough makin yi able tifacethe big cruel world stop
healin ur yis ready tifacethe fear the hate forgive
ah widnae huv hud tifacethey scum that sat oan
breinged owre ti the craigfacewhaur a byuss dure at
looks in and makes afaceof disgust lizzie off was
niver see the wee deevilockfacein the wuid o t
duncan mcneil s cheery weefacemr duncan mcneil greenock and
you know that sonsie sortafacethat wee babies have in
for giein me a ridfaceafore maister rintoul curtain act
it pleases me tak thatfaceawa oot here the servant
not staring me in thefacebecause it is not yet
beside me saws me fullfacein the white glare ye
t though you turned tofaceme we were out by
it over the cratur sfacethen they cried on me
cannabis on their premises couldfacea 14 year jail sentence
that some prison governors couldfacea jail sentence i hope
thursell then they could naefacegary the truth in boxing
we could remove from thefaceof the bill as members
couple ugly plain ehm afaceonly a mother could love
given the pressures that willfacethat committee we could undertake
that cancellation and so couldfacethe charge of acting unlawfully
as well no redeemin featuresfaceyou could punch aw night
they go through training stillfacea real challenge like others
it with such a seriousfaceand all these like erm
t it f1122: aye funnyfacef1121: that s like you
s no like seein dyfacefor the sicht o dy
s no like seein yirfacefor the sicht o yir
for a valentine violet velvetfaceformed like a heart has
quite a slap in thefacei was like really f833:
like well aberdeen let sfaceit i apologise to anybody
s a day release studentfacelike a curtain rail every
sockets moon wears a sadfacelike a woman i knew
the road s got afacelike an ugly toad s
troosers mornin coat an afacelike boris karloff withoot a
f810: but claire had afacelike fuzz so no doubt
have i seen a bruisedfacelike it how they had
jimmy saville puttin on afacelike scott s fuckin porage
now is that a smileyfacethat one mm i like
he had a huge flouryfacewith round rosy cheeks like
doll with a brightly paintedfaceand for long after when
that people with hearing impairmentsfaceand to get the parliament
discrimination that people with disabilitiesfacehow is that being addressed
have a dark metallic glowfaceis etched with the storms
of sandalwood oil to thefacemixed with a pinch of
began to erode in thefaceof competition with the standard
living why do qualified nursesfaceoften inflexible working patterns with
an old woman with thatfaceon alastair i just heard
blood in a weasel skinfacepointed with hunches sniffing a
which colleges with large deficitsfaces1w 4783 fergus ewing to
do it with a straightfacethat s it f943: mm
stick with the nasty thrawnfacethat was away out with
just you know jennifer sfacewas streaked with tears and
and the difficulties that theyfacewith how such inquiries are
to hone their best muggingfacei pulled the bus into
international inquiries into serious crimefacepractical difficulties because of the
stertit tae sclimm the quarryfacebi a wye they d
i i widna want taefacehitler s whale army single
a bit o a reidfacetae oor producer at rehearsal
first thing that ye werefacetae was a giant clitoris
brekfast afore gaun oot taefacetwa roonds on the gowf
mair splatters on the braefaceafore a suiden blatter a
nato that really puts afaceand a name on developing
owl flies on exultant wingsfaceand feathers alight an outing
of renoune quhyls on thairfaceand quhyls on their array
z thochts kythin on hizfaceat the en he telt
and disability indeed they mayfacediscrimination on the ground of
a one and we fallfaceforward fighting on the deck
ye right smack on thefaceif you kin mind o
registrar s or let sfaceit ever on the other
nor does it need afaceit feeds on fear it
wild mammal would on thefaceof it be an offence
done in snd on thefaceof it it seems unlikely
executive s concession in thefaceof mounting opposition on the
is a target on thefaceof the bill a blunt
to be included on thefaceof the bill for the
figure is shown on thefaceof the bill have you
than be included on thefaceof the bill i draw
a blunt target on thefaceof the bill is that
than set them on thefaceof the bill robin harper
put the targets on thefaceof the bill the bill
legislation but targets on thefaceof the bill we are
astonished blank expression on thefaceof the teacher who proceeded
expression on that dour scottishfaceof yours i hoping i
we may all have tofaceon 1 may it has
toddlers is putting a bravefaceon being a target board
show itself on loretta sfacepeggy is just puzzled bessie
a fierce slap on thefacethe first and last time
you once put on tofacethe world on singin gallawa
haps aye on the braefacethe yird reveals itsell the
d see them red redfacewalkin on air again till
although i appreciate that charitiesfacea constant battle in their
out gettin ekkied out theirfaceand stuff i i wa-
took their money making afaceat the prospect of dealing
brassy stniles behind their publicfaceeach house is locked new
as that should iron theirfacefirst quo granda it maun
sleet drove snell intilt theirfacefive thoosan jacobites brave clansmen
for their gullibility in thefaceof cunning tricksters their subsequent
the problem that many pensionersfaceof having to work their
as it is in theirfacethe committee is also concerned
they should not have tofacetheir final years in fear
communities urban sub post officesfacetheir own difficulties defined as
greenockians maun to save theirfacewhen speired who hung the
dream o yon bonnie lousumfaceah never can forget howt
a step in the craigfaceah see it aunsirt the
m a richt auld greitinfacebut ah m no sic
denner yestrein morag makes afaceyugh puddok ah wes gled
snaa spindrifts smookin i dafacea rummel o scriechs is
a leddie unco fair ofacean lauchin for the pleisir
for the sicht o dyfacebates hearin dy name dis
for the sicht o yirfacebeats hearin yir name tak
the gliff o a whitefacein the busses he s
colonies yonner they d thefaceo a cheil bit the
punch bag whiles is thefaceo a cooerin wife or
fowsum pyzen spirtin i thefaceo marischal hong it gied
the kerr an the wrunkiltfaceo the auld cairling cam
weegin an pooin cross thefaceo the braid flet ye
steps that gaed doun thefaceo the craig til the
fire an caunlelicht the ooriefaceo the lichtit neep teetit
at ull sweep athourt thefaceo this yird is ee
know a a so- afacethe size o a dinner
peer has said that wefacea choice between the initiatives
instead he would in effectfacea demand that the measure
executive whether any patients whofacea long waiting list for
6 000 will in effectfacea marginal tax rate of
we ve walked in tofacea massive m942: mm we
react against the idea wefacea particular situation in scotland
year jail sentence might parentsfacea similar jail term if
be assumed that we willfacea westminster general election within
that people in rural areasfacea whole range of measures
moscow athout seein a kentfacean naebodie kennin you yit
he s got a purplefaceand a blue jacket well
fish farmers will have tofaceas a result of scientific
additional costs that they willfaceas a result of those
twae a skelp i thefaceat brocht the bluid rinnin
tak eftir nanse makes afaceat morag souk souk morag
war miss wood made afacebehind the rector s back
man had quite an interestingfacecurious features unusual colouring a
all not even a smileyfacef1071: no m1070: oh dear
f1113: it s a smileyfacef1114: i do- f1113: max
s got a really happyfacef1122: aye [cough] f1121: now
think that s a happyfacef1122: aye [inaudible] f1121: mum
you ve got a funnyfacef1122: can we [inhale] sad
aha you have a redfacef963: i suppose i suppose
they ve got a redfacef963: right f965: rid being
tails and makes a horriblefacefiona behave says miss wood
a further fifteen minutes rubfacefrom brow to chin sandalwood
git v get gizz nfacegleg a sharp glen n
beside it the rider sfacehad been quite featureless a
warssles micht pit in afacehe cud dae spreidsheets in
be if it had afacei ll have to do
morgen from a serious loweredfacei smiled back sympathetically then
tongue that s a funnyfacei think isn t it
you ve got a dirtyfacei think you re eating
ilkie crag s a favouredfacein ilkie burn s a
i m f1115: and whosefaceis still a mess f1116:
boundary it disna weir afaceit disnae see a citizen
fell flaucht malcolm ye maunfaceit lyke a man macduff
shuid gie thaim a ridfaceit s juist a maitter
can draw a little funnyfacem1070: you are quite good
sheepskin he d a rounfacemuckle lugs a straucht neb
checkpoints daily it has nofacenor does it need a
f632: [laughs] f646: ye showfacenow at a funeral in
m gonna draw a funnyfacenow m1070: stuff can t
and then you know afaceof a s- of a
to the equally plain creamfaceof a woman of forty
to state that in thefaceof overwhelming support for a
many older people do notfaceonly discrimination as a result
specific issues that some collegesfaceperhaps that is a better
above a pallid and secretivefaceshabby sophisticate shifty entrepreneur perhaps
guid nicht pigwife makes afaceshrugs shoulders and leaves father
the front for you-you- thefaceso you get a bigger
present state i can tfacethat there is a perceptible
a hungirie gled an afacethat wad soor milk pompitie
was a possible m1042: afacethat would clip cloots f1041:
f1043: [inaudible] scowlin f1040: afacethat would clip cloots if
cloots an aa f1040: afacethat would clip cloots that
a cheery roman numeral clockfacethe climate is sunny pleasant
a seaman s job tofacethe elements there maun be
come about we have tofacethe truth a commodity that
heel represented the doll sfacethen tied a cloth or
always good to put afaceto a voice ed still
beastie best the creature sfaceto adults has a sexy
delivered a slap in thefaceto all those people who
what a slap in thefaceto the vast majority of
members have referred older peoplefacewhat is almost a web
fur fear ye see afaceye ken some frien or
f1111: we ll wash ourfaceokay make our cup that
after stew cammy stae anfaceum stew we ll help
grund an they ll nofaceye or gin they dae
which show the actor sfaceas well as the animal
slow queer water s twistedfacedriftwood snags reeds that tug
next that s the smileyfacefirst it s raining see
gaed by the queen sfacegrew aulder as is the
booers the macroscosm s abstractfacegrows beard an fuskers in
sae the news reader sfaceis green paper s beilin
first it s raining seefaceis saying it s raining
needle again the ogre sfaceis wreathed in smiles and
was he f812: let sfaceit f813: see that f814:
wing views and let sfaceit he s not the
travel in egypt let sfaceit i ve hardly been
getting awfy rid in thefaceit s oor peter s
wealth beauty and let sfaceit sensuality is noted here
mm mm mm f1113: chocolatefacenow it s all clean
ancient human awe in thefaceof nature s chthonic power
wrecked reflection of liza sfacep 119 but now the
scoors alang the quarry sfacesea myaavs skirled an skreiched
pale and aeneas macroy sfaceseemed to go darker than
doll punches it in thefacesilence dimps stew cammy s
once babs s hard littlefacesoftened the powder blue eye
at the cheap weasel sfacethat girlish mouth the receding
it the other guy sfacethat made yi feared bj
ewing i pointed out onefacethat s enoch powell said
the cripple s dumb accusingfacethe elephant orphanage near kegalle
short portly man who sfacewas bearded and bespectacled and
breath poured onto mitchel sfacewe are all instruments in
jimmy knew gi joe sfacewould be beetroot wriggly veins
place where the thing sfacewould be if it had
years back by tummy tucksfacelifts or even just lying
the horles to the coalfaceand one day he set
them and to repair thefaceof our limestone mells he
of people who changed thefaceof popular music forever he
he spoke of the changingfaceof the land the highlands
garden notes that such gardensfacefierce competition for space in
garden notes that such gardensfacefierce competition for space in
for creativity even in thefaceof such adversity posted by
but often defenceless in thefaceof such opportunistic use of
internationalising crime flies in thefaceof the logic of such
the kind of tortuous muggingfacethat elicited such fear in
particular issues that gnp communitiesfacethere are projects such as
financial problems such organisations mightfacethrough decreasing or standstill funding
stasi i would hate tofacehostile cross examination here the
pat naw mean stae herefacelee silence jilly yur noh
many of the problems thatfaceour communities we wish to
to the changes that theyfaceour spending plans reflect our
is the challenge that wefacewe cannot bury our heads
cannot now be interpreted atfacevalue it has long been
rents out two bedrooms willfacehmo licensing because the two
self each day the samefacestares out from the glass
out wouldn t have tofacethe music if you re
and deciding you can tfaceit when you haven t
and the traffic dangers thatfacepupils when moving between the
postcode lottery which elderly peoplefacewhen trying to access community
the penalties that young nursesfacewhen trying to qualify ten
do and an ochre yellowfaceand clanking heavy metal ear
flocks or herds or humanfacedivine bit cloud insteid an
yi noo yull stae anfaceit tess awch let um
what has caused this voltefacethis damascene conversion to an
sojers feardie ye shaw thatfaceaboot the place ye l
which i welcome serious mattersfacehigher education funding at the
of the european union challengesfaceit at present ben wallace
holds the iron at dimpsfacesteve scrambles to the corner
the challenge is that atfacevalue the document sometimes does
those reassurances being accepted atfacevalue was there vigorous discussion
i take the report atfacevalue we have tried to
important resource for those whofacedifficulties in respect of access
economically inactive or who mayfacedisadvantage in the labour market
many low income households whofaceextortionate interest rates urges the
many low income households whofaceextortionate interest rates urges the
distance the difficulty that wefaceis that anyone who wants
who were successfully prosecuted wouldfacemight help but i do
saw that luk oan isfaceafore aw good goad in
going very red in thefacei can t be more
that primary and acute carefacein attracting nursing staff free
of the challenges that wefacein delivering better and fairer
recognises the difficulties they oftenfacein having to carry heavy
manage the competing demands wefacein renewing maintaining and investing
of the problems that wefacein rural areas in trying
the pensions crisis that wefacein scotland and in the
overcome the problems that ifacein speaking today and make
status you re one morefacein the human race between
mr gobbs wae the straightestfacein the wurld goes aye
to the ones that wefacein trying to recruit and
has largely disappeared in thefaceof countless examples of young
have persisted often in thefaceof criticism steadfastly to maintain
f718: mmhm m017: in thefaceof er the process of
capacity for good in thefaceof evil recognises that humanity
to stand together in thefaceof extremism in some parts
church in scotland in thefaceof impending political union and
against palestinian citizens in thefaceof international condemnation and successive
that is robust in thefaceof legal challenge and is
difficult circumstances and in thefaceof provocation solutions that attempt
makes this tick in thefaceof resistance from the bank
spade worked in from thefaceof the bank brig bridge
be by inclusion in thefaceof the bill as angus
you worked in from thefaceof the peat bank however
of states flies in thefaceof the views of senior
over the generations in thefaceoften of official indifference the
older people in rural communitiesfaceparticular challenges the report of
the estate management issues thatfaceresidents in sighthill and considers
the estate management issues thatfaceresidents in sighthill and considers
know the key issues thatfacethe labour market in scotland
stand in the corner andfacethe wall f965: not in
sienna tiles i sit andfacetwo candles cupped in brass
hit yi smack in thefacewidnae want yi hurt bj
then we shall know thefaceof god f1151: mmhm f1150:
penalties railtrack and franchise operatorsfaceif they fail to meet
the social problems which theyfaces1w 1056 mr kenneth gibson
about the barriers that theyfacethe additional opportunities that they
the pressures that they mayfacethe executive and the parliament
and the problems that theyfacethe meeting was very vibrant
challenge for us all tofacewhat they ve not done
the specific problems that theyfacewhether those problems relate to
say f1142: no f1141: sausagefacef1142: yeah f1141: hey [censored: forename]
no flood insurance cover andfacemajor losses through no fault
be washed away and thefacebehind the steam would emerge
which any nhs board wouldfacedavid mundell south of scotland
the church of scotland thatfaceclosure the church of scotland
issue that all nhs stafffaceis employment stability acute services
do the difficulty that wefaceis that this area of
the main problems that nursesfaceis the significantly anti social
all the institutions of europefaceit is not good that
i recognise the difficulties thatfaceplanners the annual real growth
that it and the nhsfacethat and nothing else is
the press was prepared tofacethe extra cost that this
additional burdens and challenges thatfacethe sector and that we
the view that having tofacethe threat of violence is
diverse and overarching issues thatfacethe voluntary sector can we
of the challenge that wefaceto be fair the government
of the problems that charitiesfacetoday i welcome the minister
stress levels that many teachersfacewhat priority is being given
soul of scotland all organisationsfacethe issue of funding and
wild rose apo dy graniteface___ da the clett cliff
highlighted the problems whitefish fleetsfaceand the liberal democrats have
the yird tho nou thefacebydes caum we hae spaed
system rural prosperity rural areasfaceconsiderable challenges not least transport
away from home agrouf lyingfacedownwards albeid albeit although anenst
the other belly gutsie sledgingfacedownwards runk resounding rhythm apo
ilka week ilka year thefacegets mair and mair hackit
gills cheeks gin if gizzfaceglaikit stupid gled glad hawk
the conference will have tofaceinstitutional challenges we wonder whether
the financial crisis which willfacemany individual crofters s1m 1442
longing to transcend the brashfaceof late twentieth century mediterranean
about how it changed thefaceof policing 40 years ago
know helping to change thefaceof scotland you know er
behaviour disappear miraculously from thefaceof the earth under current
the next pished pissed pussfaceradge mentally insane square goes
hale as tempered steel andfacesae awpen free and blyth
sound of seagulls nesting clifffacesounds ravens and seagulls flood
9th september 2006 remember thisfacesplat and another surreal bus
the window you ve tofacethe other way f890: yes
which i had turned tofacethe wall preferring to contemplate
sits facing the wall stevefacethe waw pause should be
peat fire the old droopingfacethe whispered stories as i
away from the pub andfacetowards home but i m

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