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she wis a right tornfacedauld bissum an naebodie it
a group in general tornfacedauld bissum sour faced old
torn faced auld bissum sourfacedold witch waa paiper wall
tommy sheridan s1m 1281 difficultiesfacedby paper makers in scotland
nora radcliffe s1m 1281 difficultiesfacedby paper makers in scotland
s1m 1281 nick johnston difficultiesfacedby paper makers in scotland
panacea for all the difficultiesfacedby scotland s railways while
panacea for all the difficultiesfacedby scotland s railways while
panacea for all the difficultiesfacedby scotland s railways while
the parliament acknowledges the difficultiesfacedby paper makers in scotland
in her mutch a sourfacedmare as grim s a
say sic you say sourfacedwe say soor faced you
sour faced we say soorfacedyou say creature we say
mannie is sic a soorfacedcraiter glossary choose from the
mmhm f1018: crabbit m1022: soorfacedf1018: mm f1054: john if
[inaudible] m1022: erm moody soorfacedm1021: mmhm f1054: right m1019:
parliament notes the competitive disadvantagefacedby scotland s pig producers
parliament notes the competitive disadvantagefacedby scotland s pig producers
has received regarding any difficultiesfacedby scottish coal producers wishing
over difficulties that might befacedby authorised officers when enforcing
significant reduction to the difficultiesfacedby fish farmers if the
for dealing with economic difficultiesfacedby rural communities s1o 1766
parliament recognises the tremendous difficultiesfacedby scottish tourism and calls
of the difficulties that arefacedby small organisations when the
end and insert difficulties beingfacedby the agriculture industry endorses
procedures committee highlighting the difficultiesfacedby the committee in considering
agencies that we have perhapsfaceddifficulties in the past older
effective lessons from the difficultiesfacedlast year by people in
d think looked on pofacedilk blume o ink draps
of the shy sly pofacedskinny carroty curly haired andy
we- we re no pofacedwe know that you have
peelie wallie puckle o fitefacedoffice deems clip clop on
abune their parritch an fitefacedvratches tcyauvin in factories or
a junkie a feckless fitefacedvratchie wi hair like strae
the challenge that has beenfacedat every level of government
years further notes the challengefacedby parents carers and organisations
the time a child isfacedwith the challenge of learning
is taking to address problemsfacedby asylum seekers in scotland
that there are still problemsfacedby gaelic education but to
at first hand the problemsfacedby local groups does enormous
paper 254 recognises the problemsfacedby scotland s rural communities
in scotland recognises the problemsfacedby sufferers in claiming appropriate
s report on the problemsfacedby the uk passport agency
service regarding any resourcing problemsfacedby those voluntary organisations involved
will focus on the problemsfacedby unpaid agencies and their
current and long term problemsfacedin the local economy of
current and long term problemsfacedin the local economy of
s cat is a blackfacedcat the minister s cat
the situation which is currentlyfacedby many self employed businessmen
situation with which i wasfacedi was told that if
situation that the voluntary sectorfacedthe tories notion of the
a difficult year however whenfacedwith that situation what are
the payment of travel costsfacedby students from the scottish
problem of high transport costsfacedby the tourist industry in
that local authorities will befacedwith redundancy costs tupe regulations
and the other difficult issuesfacedby our communities the sector
you accept that politicians arefacedwith the difficult decision of
anything but laudable however whenfacedwith the current set of
the considerable outstanding repair billfacedby scottish schools notes that
hill o leddrach the blackfacedrams war sirin neist year
the hill o leddrach blackfacedyowes bit maistly he let
eighty year old a frecklefacednurse commented plumping up the
country ross grilled the ruddyfacedold etonian on iraq he
ignoring the consequent perils thenfacedby all creatures from man
funding and in particular thosefacedby central rape crisis s1o
raise awareness of the issuesfacedby disabled people within the
of poverty and social exclusionfacedby immigrants the spc produced
executive what the total deficitfacedby the national stadium plc
years and more me girningfacedand snivelling outside my granny
few years older people havefacedsubstantial discrimination as a result
for years when we arefacedwith a ban why can
with the work that itfacedmr macintosh does the operations
is what one does whenfacedwith having to decide what
man two lines of playersfacedeach other one line danced
fashious ted an ugly hardfacedman was a grim goustie
when he came the rawfacedknacker with his knuckly fists
his brother james then hefacedthe front again when their
teachers of modern languages whenfacedwith the dilemma of how
to the rafters with glumfacedcommuters all making their way
and that screaming with purplefacedrage is simply not done
the facts as we arefacedwith a brick wall of
authorities which presumably will befacedwith a huge amount of
anxiety i felt and fearfacedwith an image i scarcely
of the bill we werefacedwith having to lump everything
the word a thought untilfacedwith interested questions i began
like a block of granitefacedwith this metaphor the reader
ten grooms unzip their wheyfacedbrides and grip them tight
the nicht trevellers sit poefacedkeppin their baggage like penned
fifty greats an mair granfaitherfaceda fearfu fate confronted wi
mary alang wi the fauchfacedsisters that aw luikit lyke
twycet an a bit shamfacedwhuspert szkozja wi twa izzats
dounkuist war they nor aigilsfacedwi speugs or lions bi
as english withoot this pupilsfacedwi written scots later in
she pulled herself erect wefacedeach other like china dogs
prurient and gleeful mitchel sternfacedwas among the crowd other
of people who have notfacedcriminal charges the minister s
above a drop the paintfacedpeople frightened me like dolls
my son facts maun befacedmen still ken if they
sittin a wee bit reidfacedthat the beer had run
reinvent his hell if hefaceda primary 3 on a
tammy tosh wis a greetinfacedgirn he d been that
for somebody that was palefacedm999: aye somebody that d
faimily the hinmaist step hefacedhis foes an spakk oot
forward shoulders hunched as hefacedthe bench his dark eyes
it roon so his palmfacedupward look daddy ah showed
straightens her back female problemfacedfemale decision made i know
kinda cheery and [laugh] redfacedyou know you know these
smug or grinning as hefaceda veritable battery of the
built grey haired and greyfacedhe looked from me on
the quine cried turnin reidfacedhopin the damp in her
photograph of her a sweetfacedlady whose image is a
which will have to befaced11 00 the convener i
in the nairrae wynd wefacedhim bedein the loun is
juggling before she escaped redfacedand giggling in desperation the
that and had to befacedshe continues i feel that
that she woke up andfacedthe reality that is staring
turn ye blek ye fauchfacedloun what gars ye luik
the politician no yer dourfacedmither that grat in the
o the heywechts picter hoosefacedstrecht on tae brig street
a double one two choicesfacedthe engineers build out into
the junkie stood up andfacedthe hectoring mob hey i
500 strong british battalion thatfacedfranco s moorish regulares in
is now looking rather shamefacedneil i m sorry gladys
stunningly commemorates proletarian achievement sternfacedstatues of peasants brandish guns
roon it s mcandrew whitefaceddaurk een big cheesy grin

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