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and midwives being delivered throughfacingthe future and other initiatives
and midwives being delivered throughfacingthe future and other initiatives
to those low income householdsfacingthe biggest charge increases 3
to those low income householdsfacingthe biggest charge increases after
of addressing the issues nowfacingthe european union believes that
of addressing the issues nowfacingthe european union believes that
that the paper industry isfacingits gravest crisis since margaret
about the crisis that wasfacingscotland s fishing industry that
that crisis is obviously stillfacingthe industry with the benefit
infirmary in my area hospitalsfacingclosure have great difficulty in
and dunselma in fenwick isfacingclosure that brings me back
pat sits on a stoolfacingthe mirror four boxers appear
cushion nearer stew then sitsfacingthe wall steve face the
planned as part of thefacingthe future initiative i have
a crucial strand of thefacingthe future initiative which must
the edges of the baconfacingdown cook in a medium
parliament notes the critical situationfacinggaelic medium education as a
regrets the uncertain financial futurefacingthe 10 non old firm
to attend that spawned thefacingthe future implementation group and
proved difficult in the pastfacingthe future the report on
million for skills development throughfacingthe future we have recently
up an action plan calledfacingthe future which is based
be toughening themselves up byfacingup to danger dinny point
give glimpses of the difficultiesfacingan unsupported uneducated and ageing
force to consider any difficultiesfacingthe economies of peterhead fraserburgh
poverty is a key challengefacingthe european union eu and
one of the key problemsfacingthe union is growing public
of the most important issuesfacingnurses has been their extended
are confronting major issues andfacingserious problems hers is no
first hand about the issuesfacingthe area and the work
the other issues that arefacingthe care sector such as
considered closely the operational issuesfacingthe criminal justice system in
on inquiry into current issuesfacingthe scottish fishing industry sp
to establish the key issuesfacingthe voluntary sector in scotland
other then box in linefacingpat silence pat gawn back
the basic standard necessities outsidefacingpicture window entertainment on board
because they were taken faefacingthe window you ve to
the complexity of the problemsfacingpeople seeking advice on debt
order to alleviate the problemsfacingthose who require long term
they were languages which werefacinggreat cultural change and which
of cultural and linguistic diversityfacingthe world in the next
one of the major projectsfacingthe committee is the replacement
generally focussed on assisting individualsfacingredundancy by providing retraining and
large allotment shed they arefacingeach other there are several
large ports in the westfacingthe same threat at an
situation that the sqa wasfacingdavid elliot there was a
and scallop processors who arefacingsevere financial hardship as a
neil and gladys are stillfacingeach other but neil is
does the same they arefacingeach other they both rock
night lee you an mefacingeach other yur gonnae stop
iron there were two southfacingwindows one at each side
drawn cart which had sidefacingseats is also remembered the
the present impending natural calamitiesfacingthe world were pooh poohed
putting him against my shoulderfacingaway from his mother and
sit on the bonnet butfacingaway from the hedge after
up positions in a linefacingfront accompanied by one keyboard
most successful songwriters talk aboutfacingthe demons of self doubt
holding her close to avoidfacingher one part of him
consider the challenges and opportunitiesfacingscottish salmon fisheries with a
waiting longer for treatment andfacingthe prospect of being forced
first one she came tofacingentirely the wrong way from
place for these two tablesfacingthe door will be needed
the new century we arefacinga larger europe the states
you recognise that pharmacists arefacinguncertainty and that the community
she knelt on the bedfacinghim but only if ah
within reports about the pressuresfacingchildren s hearings and the
then stood in the fieldfacingthe direction of the prevailing
seems at least to befacingup to the issue in
the eh the department isfacingehm decreasing student numbers at
to remove the soil bankfacingonto westbank quadrant and to
the archetypal theme of loversfacingparental disapproval there is irony
with extreme concern the predicamentfacingthe creameries in campbeltown arran
a discussion of the questionsfacingtranslators of burns s poems
bsl struggle echoes the strugglesfacingtutors of lip reading when
a highly trained army whilefacinga shortage of usable ammunition
it operates furthermore a marketfacingstructure supported by i emphasise

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