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mahogany doors for me itsfadedgrandeur evoked agatha christie perhaps
hostal borne had all thefadedgrandeur of a former marques
quartz pebbled don he wearsfadedflapping dungarees with a craftsman
theatre there was even afadedposter from the early 1930s
of the tin roofed cottagefadedinto silence we leaned our
seen it hopes for augustfadedas a couple of nasty
pair of navy blue briefsfadedand ancient looking and with
to which was attached afadedlabel bearing her name her
a drop ti be seenfadedimage jist like me dimps
developed right ah m awfadedjist a faintin fadin image
log he was wearing afadedmorning coat pin striped trousers
of yellow it s almostfadednow flu has badly hit
steve ah m a survivorfadednoh developed right bit yi
forty or fifty with greyingfadedhair pulled severely into a
uncovered feet he wore afadedoften patched up fair isle
town fishermen prepare nets offadedturquoise and garnet beside boats
fae foswell hill as daylichtfadedan the air grew chill
are dank and dead likefadedlocks on mouldering skulls as
was centred when the firefadedann would bank it up
saw it when it wasfadedf746: mmhm f978: but eh

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