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dolphin that s briestin thefaemfareweel tae auld faithlie adieu
yer warships caesar breistin thefaemwi their prows reid wi
an gurlie wi the whytefaemclashin agin the craigs o
mooth he dichted the whitefaemontae his sark sleeve and
the keg an watchin thefaemwhite as maist o her
leein a crest o whitefaemcurlin roon your lips like
the hinmaist secret o thefaemamang sae mony blues blues
a heilan fir across thefaemwis lately felled the low
slowly sookin his beer thefaemmade a white ring on
the kitchen windae wi thefaemas white as her fists
ower sellin herrin fae thefaemlack o siller lack o

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