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binds an faistens the mortalfaescome an save us you
cuid we win throu oorfaeswad thole nae consummation here
twynin an trauchlin agin itsfaeswad thon theme fae the
hantil men we thocht warfaeshaes focht asyde us siward
wast wha didna fecht theirfaesin palestine but focht their
he s fasht wi newfaesan fresh tulyies the men
jyle at carlyle bi hizfaesat sellafield this verra mament
cud makk teerification amang onyfaesthey ettled tae fin wyes
pensells smoor the sun ayfaeslike fleein clouds forgaither arras
fendit its waws agin thefaeso the scotch croun fur
s a see ma leevinfaesafore me the frichtsum gaws
the hallan door o yerfaesand in yer seed sall
aye they thocht hae binfaessyne in cairo they fand
they ll loss it oorfaesheld ti the hunt an
wes nou ti be consithertfaesbot the praisence o tammas
ah can tell ye yeirfaesir nou nearhaund an ye
frae ill an freins fraefaesall leave curtain end of
ye ve cuisten doun mafaesma heid wi oyle ye

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