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generation of farming tenants thusfailingto reinvigorate the tenanted sector
generation of farming tenants thusfailingto reinvigorate the tenanted sector
excessive costs to businesses isfailingto move heavy loads on
excessive costs to businesses isfailingto move heavy loads on
she was physically independent butfailingsight and progressive weakness at
at the front line cfailingto alleviate the serious public
dogs were found guilty offailingto provide veterinary treatment for
guilty as a nation offailingto respect our young people
of the 20th december whichfailingthe 21st or 22nd once
that too many youngsters werefailingso the critical change to
this includes omissions such asfailingto provide food water or
in scotland since 1992 forfailingto maintain professional teaching standards
in her design and byfailingto respond to incidents in
of illness or otherwise forfailingto notify the landlord of
to button the trousers andfailingto so jimmy feeling the
how many local authorities arefailingto provide such a minimum
take but by afternoon thefailinglight makes it all one
such as chhokar and colliefailingthis might sound melodramatic but
the event of the undersignedfailingto achieve his purpose he
tell her i shall befailingthe community whose morals i
schools but seemed to befailingto pick up the problems
of his rectorial duties includingfailingto give the freshers address
adults and older people tacklingfailingcommunities and the needs of
the corner of a handkerchieffailingthat you might grind a
residential properties i might befailingto understand but i think
parliament dismissed the commission forfailingto manage european financial affairs
and the owner or bfailingsuch agreement such amount as
eyes dimmed and brightened likefailingcandles he took more water
premier richard hatfield trying andfailingto speak canadian french a
bill which is that offailingto clear up after a
that the parliament resolves thatfailinga favourable decision by her
health and community care isfailingto do today is to
someone who was suspected offailingto clean up after their
she could be gutting butfailingthat she could be preparing
it could be accused offailingto take all material considerations
condemns the scottish executive forfailingto keep people informed my
now though her eyesight wasfailingshe spun with a thrawn
executive s justice policy isfailingin fife mr wallace i
the executive s policies arefailingthe most vulnerable the joseph
of the scottish executive arefailingto solve the problem of
exaggeration it was a femalefailingbut she did go out
will never be forgiven forfailingthe pensioners of scotland in
get fish and chips andfailingto do so before we
devolved scotland even further byfailingto back the liege declaration
at present constituted is manifestlyfailingto deal with criminal and
the labour administration would befailingif higher still was suspended
in job satisfaction we arefailingthem the solution is not

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