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crime has been a singularfailureand calls upon the scottish
crime has been a singularfailureand calls upon the scottish
crime has been a singularfailureand calls upon the scottish
the 2002 act defines servicefailureas a failure in service
defines service failure as afailurein service by a public
was of the incident offailureto comply with agreed reporting
none the last heading isfailureto comply with or contravention
paragraph on page 4 statesfailureto comply with or contravention
that the only sanction forfailureto comply with regulations 6
as a result of anyfailureto comply with the bill
without providing any sanctions forfailureto comply with those obligations
mcnulty the fourth paragraph saysfailureto observe these requirements may
think that we should sayfailureto observe these requirements would
read out that litany offailureit is the failure of
of failure it is thefailureof this government the first
cairns in my view afailureto manage and a failure
failure to manage and afailureto manage data were at
seems to have been afailureto capture and implement data
scottish water in particular thefailureto fully implement the findings
no further than the continuingfailureto implement the new higher
by the public body afailureto implement the plan in
review strikes me as afailureto implement zonal management because
s1m 1023 mr andrew welshfailureto reinstate arbroath to assisted
2000 tommy sheridan s1m 1023failureto reinstate arbroath to assisted
a consequence of the datafailureand could not be predicted
low status associated with economicfailurealso associated with the low
a direct result of thefailureof the scottish executive to
because they would know thatfailureto do so could result
in circumstances in which afailureto provide them would result
available on request when afailureto provide them would result
regard this as a servicefailureby the public body for
that regard because of thefailureof bids coming forward we
regard to the execution offailureto appear warrants s1o 4888
disease outbreak or the completefailureof a run of salmon
building project and its completefailureto fulfil the remit to
almost set ourselves up forfailurebecause circumstances might mean that
eu legislation in devolved areasfailurein scotland to meet eu
by the british government sfailureto agree with the eu
end and insert regrets thefailureof the scottish executive adequately
end and insert regrets thefailureof the scottish executive adequately
end and insert condemns thefailureof the scottish executive s
end and insert notes thefailureof the scottish executive to
1548 leave out from thefailureto end and insert that
that the parliament notes thefailureof the scottish executive to
notes with extreme concern thefailureof visitscotland to allocate the
notes with extreme concern thefailureof visitscotland to allocate the
the parliament notes labour sfailureto meet its 1997 and
a public body or afailureto provide a service which
be regarded as a servicefailurewhether or not they would
takes us back to thefailureto provide schools with copies
grandfather would be considered afailureby present standards but we
considered to have been afailurein spite of the good
the dish will be afailureso these rhymsters end in
beam end the lifeboat sfailureto find her off the
early primary years and thefailureof the executive to meet
and sometimes of job creationfailureto agree on the dimensions
what he claims is afailureto engage scottish civil society
condemns the scottish executive sfailureto engage scottish civil society
animal without reasonable care thefailureof an owner of an
that the cost of thatfailureby the uk government and
just an assessment of thefailureof his government and successive
achieve it it is afailureof the government to say
the situation represents a majorfailureof public policy the deputy
european commission believes that thisfailurehas led to european proposals
in pig farming and thefailureto secure european help for
his actions because of afailureto define a large crowd
tomato industry due to thefailureof leading scottish supermarkets to
that this parliament deplores thefailureof scottish westminster mps to
the scottish executive for hisfailureto properly advise the scottish
root out the causes offailurealthough we admitted that the
out by reason of suchfailureby him as is mentioned
out that there was afailurein the process and that
1999 act to investigate afailureto carry out a welsh
of slopping out and thefailureto reopen b hall itself
client in each case offailureby contractors to achieve completion
groups can lead to educationalfailurehighlights differences in types of
problem was due to afailureof systems of hardware or
of 22 000 for thefailureof the judicial system to
but the contingency for thefailureof the new software to
to last september and thefailureof the sqa to capture
of the pound and thefailureof the uk to join
design could lead to structuralfailurequite simply the greater the
have to comment on afailurethat could be attributed to
to rising costs and thefailureto attract outside funding the
fish farming and the regulatoryfailureto both recognise and prevent
s it s a certainfailureto celebrate the national history
when requested to do sofailureto do so would on
go through there was afailureto face up to the
such refusal of or intentionalfailureto have medical treatment caused
of sanctions and the relatedfailureto identify that the various
ministers in respect of anyfailureto perform their obligations under
david elliot there was afailureto plan the structure of
approve the licences notwithstanding thefailureto process the planning permission
officer i apologise for myfailureto push the button in
increasing the maximum penalty forfailureto register from six months
to be reprimanded for apparentfailureto supervise us properly than
affordable rural housing and thefailureto support successfully scotland s
canavan s1m 1836 tommy sheridanfailureto tackle foot and mouth
a partial insurance against thefailureof any one cereal crop
the tell tale signs offailureall of us still bought
deal with cases of allegedfailureby the chief constable or
association with economic or socialfailuresandred 1983 also reported the
so again you get anotherfailureof communication and as you
of sight they were afailureof insight no they were
installations inspectorate into the recentfailureof the gas circulators at
her royall highness and thefailureof the heirs of their
or was there a realfailureon the part of management
poverty and an atmosphere offailurepeople often feel they have
for success the enigma offailureremained as i reread the
even if i am afailureand no good at anything
anything you weren t afailureat ordering me about remember
oh i m never afailureat that but i had
as essential a clear marketfailurein aberdeen is the lack
paper language background and educationalfailuremany children from monolingual backgrounds
tryin ti wipe oot hisfailurewi me aw that runnin
nicht withoot giein folk hertfailureaye remarked tam it is

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