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scores o the wee fowkfairiesan wurfs an fanes gled
wi the haill clekkin ofairieswurfs an fanes wallopin at
we bak our breid thefairieswar delichtit an taen this
wes quick ti grie thefairieswar fair delichtit wi him
goblins cannae sit oan thumfairiescannae mak thur rings roon
mind than the goblins anfairiestess silence zeb time i
fairies naethin sae nochtie asfairiesna tae keep awa the
bit nae tae keep awafairiesnaethin sae nochtie as fairies
an juist as the foremaistfairieswar about ti lay haunds
gey crabbit lyke wi thefairiesaunsirt tam an luik see
shuir aneuch he hard thefairiesliltin an saw thaim dauncin
open an thay follaed thefairiesthrou intil the ither glen
whan the dawin cam thefairiestaen tam bi the haunds
haed run owre thaim thefairiescuidna follae an hearin this
knowe an risk provokin thefairiesan at nicht thay wad
for thaim an hou thefairieshaed peyed him back in
even mair pouer nor thefairiesan as meg wes the
local wizard to expel thefairiesfrom a sheltered glen on
o the sie fowk asfairiesat aw richt aneuch thay
a guid frein ti thefairiesan whyles whan the war
ablo the grund wi thefairieswhyles on a fair lown
smaw wunner aither that thefairiessuid suin hear tell o
eftir a wee whyle thefairiestaen tent o him but
didna tak tent that thefairieswar singin the rhyme richt
skellochin an houchin aw thefairiestaen turns ti waucht out
ava for awbodie kens thefairiescums out in the mirk
but thay war shuirlie nofairiesthay war but craiturs that
the waesum howp that thefairiesmicht hae been guid til
haed pitten in wi thefairieshaed lestit seivin haill year
neibor o his ain thefairieshaed gien him the ane
r fond o clashes abootfairiesbairns an a storie anent
amang the yatterin an lauchinfairiessum o thaim sat thairsells
tyme for gaists bogils orfairiesor onie ither unbienlyke craeturs
wes the hame o thefairiesthat wad sort onie mortal
cryit iain lest nicht thefairiesaskit me ti byde here
pypes sae that the sutherlandfairiesettilt ti claucht iain sae
hills an the war naefairiesin sicht in the crammasie
benefit tae frae helpin thefairiesthe neist setterday nicht rab
said you yeirsell brocht thefairiesinti yeir hiouss stuipit tawpie
na s├Čthichean based around thefairieswho famously inhabitd tomnahurich tom
it wes thare that thefairiesfand him an wi nips
be in feirt for thefairieshe wes fain for ti
an cantie an whan thefairiesspiert at him gin he
he s awa wi thefairiesjim weel noo to tell
look at them all weefairiesf1136: oh aye f1135: seven
shillin or away wi thefairies[laugh] f1018: [laugh] f1054: two
the wumman was frae thefairiesand jean gied her aw
sans merci even instructs thefairiesto pluck the wings from
doesn t want because thefairiesdivn t want maleficent to
[laugh] [laugh] f1117: you likefairiesdon t you f1118: now
as being somewhat cannibalistic asfairiesand butterflies must be at
candles teet tween eerie eenfairiesflit at halloween pare the
king and queen of thefairiesparticularly so in their wrangling
when we journey with thefairiesto their primeval world which
dull in comparison to thefairiesthey belong to the night
in this cruelty instructing thefairiesto steal and kill revelling
goes f1103: fitt s thisfairiesnames f1104: fauna merryweather and

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