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the story the use offairlystraightforward clause patterns mainly subject
tracks across the plains wasfairlystraightforward constructing the soller to
this kind of prose isfairlystraightforward [inhale] the sentences are
substance of the amendments isfairlystraightforward the purpose of amendment
transfer goes it would befairlystraightforward to insert scottish homes
should be it caught upfairlyquickly and the assessment was
the bill to go throughfairlyquickly by the spring i
unless certain issues are discussedfairlyquickly it is not worth
so we moved through therefairlyquickly [laugh] an then can
meant that they were interruptedfairlyquickly on most occasions f965:
mcnulty i intend to movefairlyquickly on the co ops
and his rival in lovefairlyquickly that the heroine was
recognise our existence and respondfairlyquickly to requests and or
signed up for the drugfairlyquickly when i checked recently
that mean f1024: fairly fellfairlybonnie fell bonnie mmhm yeah
element of the word fairlyfairlyclearly as well m1007: mmhm
actually fairly little groups offairlydrunk but good humoured young
every element of the wordfairlyfairly clearly as well m1007:
kind of the linguistic boundariesfairlyfairly rigid m1174: yeah yeah
what does that mean f1024: fairlyfell fairly bonnie fell bonnie
the action there was actuallyfairlylittle groups of fairly drunk
of the linguistic boundaries fairlyfairlyrigid m1174: yeah yeah we
well i m fairly surefairlysure but you n- never
more m954: well i mfairlysure fairly sure but you
a hannle she put afairlylarge bowl against it leaning
good will there is afairlylarge common agenda a lot
its currency is to afairlylarge degree geographically separate and
etc which are spoken infairlylarge minority communities in scotland
a large community and stillfairlystrict we saw a great
sure the pupils found itfairlyeasy to allocate verb forms
yeah mmhm but you refairlysure in your own mind
development links and i mfairlysure that it will be
sought to amend i amfairlysure that there was some
of 14 one can befairlysure that they will not
you know conan doyle wasfairlysure when he finished the
explained that western supermarkets arefairlyrecent and that only upper
the west end until itsfairlyrecent decline and now precipitate
problem an that s justfairlyrecent i would say within
the loss of sall isfairlyrecent literary attestations of both
me as if it sfairlycertain that in the future
72 and what makes usfairlycertain that she will be
it s all kind offairlyha- or there s certain
choice they should be treatedfairlyi mentioned choice i commend
performers as mentioned above afairlyliteral translation has been achieved
ben wallace to make thatfairlypointless intervention i mentioned that
we mentioned we have afairlytight time scale for reporting
till e knee bit itfairlyhaits ye up an on
back till e craft yefairlylearnt tae be canny wi
is very quiet i feltfairlylonely till my temporary flatmate
you let it boil stirringfairlyoften till it had thickened
aboot till the fish warfairlywabbit fin the gale deed
and home and i sleptfairlywell from 9pm till about
da wires swang tagidder anfairlycrossed ower an tammie stöd
an da mön an lookinfairlydisjaskit an yet no onnly
ta da tourie trade ifairlyenjoyed hearin dy poems
ee thing at got mefairlyjimpin wis da description laekely
even although da content isfairlylichtweight sall i say why
sam is hersel weel nofairlysae boannie but wi da
much and it was snowingfairlyhard at montreal and slightly
party prides itself on afairlyhard headed approach to financial
i ll have to workfairlyhard this summer vacation which
aifter hard frost an snaafairlyhowkit e roads an laddies
on you most versions arefairlylong and the different tunes
i appreciate that it isfairlynew for most members it
would say most drivers arefairlypish but f718: [laugh] m734:
at e fettes avenue weekendfairlypleasant around most districts of
not represent the candidates potentialfairlythis year most departments submitted
rocking sadie oh well thatfairlyhelped to gordon oney mair
butcher hope chrissie is keepingfairlywell and also yourself we
i am managing to copefairlywell and time will heal
his hands again we sleptfairlywell and were back in
may and i are keepingfairlywell at the moment we
guild our usual events werefairlywell attended and enjoyed by
of ten though it isfairlywell established by the age
bowl the daily routine wasfairlywell fixed rising time was
by so far i keepfairlywell for which i am
sources the parliament has donefairlywell in dealing with the
lean smoker who spoke englishfairlywell like his wife he
times they are all keepingfairlywell of course john can
top of a low embankmentfairlywell preserved but difficult to
whole the balance has beenfairlywell struck for aspects on
blue raincoat that went downfairlywell they ve been enthusiastic
and romantic elements which satfairlywell with contemporary models of
i hope you are keepingfairlywell yourself the times we
fairness the unions operated togetherfairlyclosely on higher still and
higher still and we operatedfairlyclosely with the sqa and
therefore conformed to the stillfairlyfluid norms of english spelling
that it does contain arefairlylimited there is still a
scheme are bedding in somefairlymajor issues must still addressed
says their portuguese is stillfairlyrudimentary and they admitted to
our joint future is stillfairlyshaky i probably won t
lurid shorts i m workingfairlysteadily ie i m still
eez hoose since e wisfairlya bittie queer like fin
pulleys as weel ye cdfairlygar e weers twang if
hills abeen langenwang at sfairlygildin e lily bit it
bittie roch kin bit efairlygot through the work he
e richt wye up ifairlylikit e shafe fork since
e mair substantial remains itfairlymaks ye think foo mony
e wid say ye dfairlymin on im gin ye
at e moo ye cdfairlyspeed up e gaitherin at
in eez sark bit efairlytook aff e draaers an
sittin doon amon em eyfairlytook e attintion o e
to learn are a healthyfairlywealthy disproportionately blond e people
relevant areas of international lawfairlycomplicated rules for the election
rumbles referred would be appliedfairlyespecially in rural areas the
a credible distinction between thefairlynarrow range of areas that
because they were remoter andfairlysparsely populated areas there was
it they were kind offairlysmartly dressed kind of club
even for plant species arefairlyclear there is a risk
us now write even infairlyformal circumstances moreover an over
each publication even in afairlynarrow range miss goldie i
effect arrived even though afairlysizeable number of speakers may
group has drawn up afairlyextensive work plan of good
using a thraacrook grannie wasfairlygood at lettin oot the
propose projects there was afairlygood outcome for the highlands
win 19 14 against afairlygood team tuesday 8 bulb
successive governments on gaelic isfairlygood we need not rest
fringes but a good andfairlyrelaxed mix overall this school
however brings to attention afairlyextensive reference to burns in
of legal staff who arefairlyinexperienced however they include a
wants to search for afairlyrare word such as however
the ability to understand thisfairlyunusual metaphor is however assisted
kinno idea bit it widfairlybe worth patentin douglas broon
richt come nicht bit ifairlygot a fleg sae i
harness bill said he couldfairlylook aifter horse bit wis
ugly divvels bit ey cdfairlythink an i half dovert
in shoppin malls bit willyfairlywylecomed yon on days he
the twa macnabs are satisfyinfairlyaltho they re baith popular
some of the mistakes arefairlyappalling like suddle or suddle
existing registration staff are keptfairlybusy but like the rest
whole picture but it sfairlyclear that there are a
the moment both sides arefairlyequally balanced and it is
editorial [?]comatee[/?] are left afairlyfree haund to get on
my wee budgie died ifairlymiss him how are you
examine the bill we arefairlyrelaxed that the bill is
the local canadians who arefairlyright wing in general red
posters 2 calendars which arefairlysafe as they re all
and medium term would befairlysignificant james lowman there are
registrars are employed sometimes infairlysmall numbers by local authorities
enterprise is due to reportfairlysoon there are likely to
of sale such agreements arefairlystandard in the retail industry
be fremmit syne ye arefairlytint ayont aa savin staun
farmers who misuse medicines arefairlytrivial in comparison with the
refine the definitions which arefairlywoolly that might help we
out the relevant factual informationfairlyclearly some further focus on
meal we indulged in somefairlydrunken chaotic and innovative country
mr wilson also made somefairlyflippant remarks i should point
the draft regulations include somefairlyspecific rules you referred to
for the sound of ayfairlyspoken bi some buchan loon
have heard this afternoon somefairlystrict regulations apply in that
left the low embankment isfairlyvisible some little distance along
to cairo too and seemsfairlyconfident i ll get a
ones in glasgow she seemsfairlyconfident that i ll get
we had to get upfairlyearly and go to a
could get a job fair-fairlyeasily so i started to
a neighbour and commented theyfairlyget redd o the bairns
study sic phrases they llfairlyget roadit wi the dialect
dizzen close misses ye dfairlyget yer danner up an
money is going to befairlytight i imagine i get
to whoever has won itfairlyand will give the best
the dialect evie has afairlybroad aberdeen accent typical of
past week has presented afairlycompelling series of points on
repeats the debate has beenfairlyconsensual and i do not
the minister has adopted afairlygracious approach and not rammed
will see that it isfairlyrestrictive when it has been
scottish executive has undertaken afairlysignificant auditing exercise have there
policy agenda paper has beenfairlysubstantially redrafted can we agree
has been applied professionally andfairlythe system has generally been
be created these may befairlymeaningful awkward or just outlandish
the group started to meetfairlysoon after that into may
may so we ve workedfairlyyou know we ve had
now i ve been keptfairlybusy mainly by my first
necessarily overlap i have beenfairlygenerous to the group it
jim wallace i have beenfairlygenerous with interventions fiona hyslop
and sea loch level effectsfairlysimple modelling approaches have been
frosty mornings it s beenfairlywarm again time s flying
concept of translation was againfairlynew to the renaissance and
trekkers again that was afairlypainless affair and around eleven
born an the chiel wisfairlya man lizard a septile
at the table an wisfairlygiein it laldie noo that
at winnerfae noo a ralefairlyit wis a spik for
eagle in the falconry wisfairlymystifeed tae see the chief
it ava an yon wisfairlyricht fur maist o the
her faith an noo wisfairlythe time tae pit it
we will treat all complaintsfairlyand confidentially it is not
jupiter the tv here isfairlyawful lots of american garbage
it where where it isfairlyclear the picture but then
20 years until it isfairlyclose to the productivity that
for bus operators is alreadyfairlycomplicated at present we should
related advertisement this legislation isfairlydraconian in a free society
that that the language isfairlyfixed you know and and
more interesting the language isfairlyfree from serious errors which
remains in iambic pentameters butfairlyfreely so that comprehension is
very unusual or is itfairlyfrequent among different regions that
s2 but that is happeningfairlygradually across the country progress
admit that there is afairlyhigh proportion of inexperienced prosecutors
produce amendments to motions atfairlylate notice but it is
coursing is likely to befairlylow anyway alternatives to fox
obtained under clause 6 isfairlyobtained will scottish courts be
of this paper is afairlyobvious tribute to one of
and new is of afairlyplain cake baked on a
the literary student is usuallyfairlyquick to see the possibilities
online delivery service at afairlyreasonable cost that is providing
that came to my noticefairlyrecently which is the hidden
selkirk bannock is a yeastedfairlyrich fruit loaf the pitcaithly
legacy report the correspondence isfairlyshort furthermore a future committee
is dressed for indoors butfairlysmartly in act two she
the pronunciation with k isfairlystandard for the north east
that such evidence is obtainedfairlythe courts will ultimately adjudicate
that is a sound andfairlytypical business and resource planning
and sparks but it isfairlyyeah i think it s
nae dout but he sfairlygotten on the day ti
for example i am afairlymilitant anti smoker but i
everyone was their accent wasfairlymoderated but when i worked
that appeared to be afairlypositive response but in view
it s lots of notesfairlyquick quite often but it
re boring and they refairlyconventional and they re nothing
modern detectives that they refairlymiserable and unsuccessful in all
the hairst they made afairlyliquid dish which was put
and lockit ticht thegither theyfairlymade the feathers flee wi
that they were ironed outfairlyswiftly in principle we saw
ither angels fur angels theyfairlywar far ower young tae
periods though very few tuesdayfairlydull up to 12 1
pine often homemade and usuallyfairlyplain as people had very
this for ye shona yefairlyken hou ti please a
gao the braw ye canfairlykick the baa man whit
richt hooked obsessed ye michtfairlypit it as bismark pits
it s no canny yefairlypit me aff ma spinnin
produce a sicht like atfairlywints tae mak ye tak
last night so i mfairlytired july already though summer
i ken our wee burghfairlyweel and i m telling
crown office i conducted afairlysuccessful exercise to recruit new
says he my feet werefairlychorkin inside my platchin shin
just gone by bicycles werefairlycommon by the beginning of
11pm and we were allfairlyexhausted so surrounded by a
butcher in keith stovies werefairlyregular chappit tatties wi size
departments which will be appliedfairlyand proportionately in rural scotland
d exam will hae afairlyguid idea dt a question
in will keep for afairlylong time onions normal or
will be referred to usfairlyregularly i assume that members
will the measures be implementedfairlywhether against a landowner a
snp we have seen afairlyastonishing turn of events i
recess so we have afairlylengthy agenda before we start
was being implemented correctly andfairlymight we be moving as
amounts to 200 000 afairlysignificant amount if we consider
them to distribute the surplusfairlyamongst those workers who paid
who having dispersed her favoursfairlyliberally among her male drinking
the back o my neckfairlybirstle an it wadna hae
puckle years back noo thonfairlydid grab media attention a
back o the graip itfairlygot maist o the seed
stated that scottish language canfairlybe called a highly distinctive
in the bill it canfairlybe said that the matters
a chip that can holdfairlydetailed information about the owner
ou can see here afairlytypical modesty topos despite the
their last essay it wasfairlyappalling and prof [censored: surname] s
2nd world war was generallyfairlynomadic with farm workers regularly
meals all food eaten wasfairlyplain and natural for breakfast
for today prof [censored: surname] wasfairlypleased with them and i
time it was it wasfairlystate of the art you
the roof and it wasfairlywind and water tight as
i do have a afairlydodgy memory these days and
written and i hope typedfairlyearly in august after that
sap clean oot o tfairlyflattent like a cat i
into schools er at afairlyfundamental level and i think
ridiculous and erm oh ifairlyhated primary school except except
a motion up to afairlylate date i invite responses
report stewart stevenson being afairlypractical person i think that
need to be treated asfairlyas everyone else the executive
within sight of safety befairlywritten off as unseaworthy the
the snow by now itfairlyputs things out of action
the woods sae braw itfairlytaks yer breath awa for
earlier this year took afairlyclear position on scots an
travel home 25 saturday afairlyeasy day to jim joes
in assize texts although afairlyfull record of the parliamentary
a rich dark colour atfairlygarrt em staan oot on
a history of administering justicefairlyhugh dignon on the first
the mccafferty s en hoosefairlyhums wi a pit bull
terminates with james vi afairlylonely voice raised in eloquent
a general purpose one withfairlywide and long and slightly
oot a truer wird brianfairlywished himsel hyne awa frae
not there sadie thirty fourfairlybrash in manner and appearance
all done f1114: mm f1113: fairlyscoffed that egg [laugh] f1114:
got joseph knight legally andfairlyand that therefore the rights
themselves could lodge motions untilfairlylate in the 40 day
westbank quadrant could look likefairlysoon with the greatly appreciated
old quebec and found accommodationfairlycheaply in the centre of
paz to lake titicaca rosefairlyearly on thursday morning and
people support the establishment offairlyelected community councils and elected
mmhm m845: by paisley andfairlyindistinguishable eh just the same
required to locate and presentfairlyprecise and factual information as
pressurised from the start andfairlyrattled the hearts defenders cages
my attention the fact thatfairlyinexperienced procurators fiscal with heavy
with être an example offairlyeffective cohesion in the writing
by experience james follows thisfairlyroutine description with the interesting
at the end of theirfairlybrief working lives the dogs
two year old that sfairlyexciting f718: mm m734: er
burns federation one cannot commentfairlyon the way that burns
her attention awa frae brianfairlythat brian hid swack hauns
he had squeezed from thefairlyliquid bottle had somehow merged
famous five name he sfairlyleft wing to moderate sdp
aunt sally or honest bargainfairlymet he ate the stars
bowling club in rutherglen untilfairlyrecently the gentleman concerned walked
the bacon round the chickenfairlytightly either secure the bacon

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