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neist door tae the menziesfairmo tullynorth tae the east
the schule an the menziesfairmo tullynorth wis poodery an
i wore at bannerman sfairmbessie smoothly her voice drops
wis bessie the bannerman sfairmwe went there once min
concrete cistren at e neeshtfairmes een wis for keepin
neesht mornin doon till efairmon ma byke an rinnin
o e flooerin boortree efairmtrack an e ditch wi
at e side o afairmtrack wi a deep ditch
read fae some o efairmchiels wi eir reel indians
they used for the pigfairmmmhm f1074: it wis the
f1074: it wis the pigfairmmmhm f969: when when wis
great aunt at a dairyfairman it wis there she
work on bruce s dairyfairmdid iver ye hear the
till e crusts at anitherfairmthe mistress didna aften come
century the mistress at thefairmwis tellin feel willie tae
tractor bogey ower e rochfairmtrack it wis jist a
on slopin parkies an rochfairmtracks ye hid tae big
m playin wi ma toyfairmi like the glaswegian accent
goin on we passed efairmfaar e gypsy fiddlers wis
doon e road by efairmo weetwards faar ma faither
the reefs o the mainsfairmaboon the teem rigs fulled
ye can get on afairmhe got saps ower aften
you ever been on afairmneil neil no bessie it
bessie that day on thefairmyou spiled it a ye
name his folk had afairmgladys i min her is
went up there fairmers andfairmworkers because the folk up
as when there was mairfairmworkers f606: mmhm f902: folk
married farm servants eh unmarriedfairmworkers would have bed in
steen s throwe frae thefairman maist o oor seed
hidna aa at time forfairmwirk throwe e wik ye
f1116: farm a farm f1115: fairmdid you see the coos
we won back tae wirfairman got wir wye in
we cam back tae wirfairmit wis still early e
aboot the parks wi thefairmdogs or treetlin ahin the
eence i wis aboot efairmae winter fin i d
fin i geed till efairmaifter a spell in e
bit mair sae on efairman noo an aan ye
it an aebody at efairmasked fit happent till e
like a lot o efairmcats i kent ah weel
disappintment fin e left efairme wis at bashfae e
o e close at efairmi winna say bit fit
in e viceenity o efairmo linshie auchterless on e
gaitherin e kye fae ilkyfairmtae drive em aaegidder till
aroon it wis a richtfairmtoun o e kin we
aa e tools o efairmwagon beams ox yokes ploos
till e wid on efairmye d tae rin doon
lot o folk at cairntonfairmhad come fae up north
sent a bodie ti thefairmti fetch anither horse an
migvie gents at the hamefairmo hopewell yet she aye
liftin tatties at pitrasherty hamefairmsae excused frae attendin the
hame in triumph tae thefairmtheir faces brunt broon bi
the close the [inaudible] thefairmm999: aye sae dae we
hid a rake aboot thefairmand sure enyeuch there wis
hid treetled in ben thefairmkitchie an spak yon wird
somebody that worked on afairmye wid get your eggs
born an bred on thefairmo strathmore ower the road
fit of the mairch pastfairmsodjer bairn in the ower
m1002: it s never thefairmroad noo either it s
cuddy an cairt fur afairmon the side o the
shaves aa foreneen inno thefairmcairts an war dowpit doon
mait ye got on afairmor craft dependit a lot
sees less steer aboot thefairmbit the oors are jist
in ony place aboot afairmye can learn an aafa
hen fa bade on afairms teller 2 ae day
gey handy fan there sfairmwark tae dae at ricklin
a slack time at thefairman a guid chaunce tae
nell steppit up tae thefairmher cousin grabbit her airm
wee while at ma bitfairmowrancer whaur about s yir
d a chaumer on thefairman eh i can still
fettercairn he s a retiredfairmgaffer an an eh she
cairryin a basket for littlefairmwork could be deen on
when i m on thefairmwas where the things m1014:
changed days on mony afairmeven since frieda morrison wrote

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