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her cousin peter middleton thefairmero the placie we sat
the county ye see thefairmero thon placie nivver muckit
there fa d mairriet thefairmers dother he d gaithered
bin mairriet on a tarlanfairmerthe cousin wis cairryin twins
s dother insteid o afairmers lassie she wis hett
tellin us a rale gentlemanfairmeri dinna ken fit wye
say it was a gentlemanfairmerif it was somebody that
gellan auld peter middleton thefairmerwas ma faither s uncle
see it gien tae afairmeror fairmer s loon unless
gien tae a fairmer orfairmers loon unless he be
o the ream jar aefairmerwi a bit o a
aafa kindly an fin efairmersaa at likit tae tak
e winter time if efairmergot tam lowsin ten meenits
licht it wis e neeperinfairmerat cam wi eez cairt
close wheelin eez byke weelfairmerye re in e lythe
aal man said till efairmerfair teen wi imsel man
cars werena very common afairmergeed e aal man a
a fine example o afairmers wife takin peety on
a guid file and thefairmersays weel are ye takin
gaed ower tae a neeperfairmeran he says hiv ye
half an oor later efairmercam oot hiv ye nae
ye leave school mebbe afairmerfit dae ye prefer tae
the cuddy an mebbe thefairmertae the beastie shauchled aff
s sake laddie quo thefairmers wife it s the
on and mrs forbes thefairmers wife says lord come
droothie day charlie says thefairmers wife tae me ye
willie his faither wis afairmerup e road e wis
inverurie tells me o thefairmerwifie fa gaed doon the
managed tae fin a freenlyfairmeran e twa o s
o a backhander fae efairmerat e eyn o e
tae nab it as efairmerbunged it doon at ye
roads were blocked an efairmercouldna visit his sister in
due tae be deen efairmerd get haad o e
bit in aaler days efairmerhid eddert em tee at
be a wid bit efairmerhid felled e trees an
a laich sin fit efairmerleft though wis e fail
we wis at fin efairmerroart look up ye d
at middletack him an efairmerwere inclined to spar though
are only human bit efairmerwid seen sort sort ye
it wis es bog efairmerwis heidin for an here
been taen in an thefairmerhid got winter the pairty
dad dee he s afairmerfit kinna beasts dis he
by ony chance so thefairmersays ay i ve twa
an see them so thefairmersays tak yer pick this
coorse weather o weel thefairmersays we dinna lowse for
let oot a hen thefairmernoticed this on his wye
feastin thereaboots fin a localfairmerwis waddit tae his sweethairt
as ye ll ken thefairmergaed on she fell in
shaves stookin minin fit afairmereence tellt s stook aye
tappit john bruce a nearhaunfairmeron the showder fit s
on a ellon market afairmerhe cam in aboot to
ava sae faiver said afairmers life wis easy wis
booed its heid weirin yerfairmers beets yer muckle bunnet
bein the son o aefairmersupposed nae tae be very
road an wadna shift thefairmerseemed near as slaw as
milkmaids jist ane auld irishfairmerchiel hurlin peats in a
nothing for it that samefairmerance asked me tae come
a jumbo s sleepin thefairmerspikks tae the scholar after
so they [?]negotiate[/?] wi thefairmerthey must hae bocht the
worth patentin douglas broon thefairmeralso showed me two threeple
hill an was free thefairmerat the mains had written
lint wuz chancy for thefairmerfrush affen unther the hannles

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