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o the kirk a craftsmanfamedfir his jinerwark a faimily
of the old historick townfamedthrough all the world as
the 1950s mr wood wasfamedfor his bervie bridies they
so the old town wasfamedfor its archers but off
skill of scottish sheepdogs isfamedthroughout spain and that he
one of the canary islandsfamedfor its volcanic ash giant
vulcan venus ceres mars romansfamedfur gods an wars in
an ma grannie s farfamedelderberry wine whit made her
stint as mc o thefamedirish band takkin tent o
aside tam was a souterfamedan guid but whan the
s dark past who isfamedfor going through forests like
english yet hugh macdiarmid isfamedfor his use of scots

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