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your causin trouble in mahfamelybj famely laughs you hud
trouble in mah famely bjfamelylaughs you hud the chance
learned what famely wis realfamelypause an jilly came along
wur wi dad famely yourfamelypause pat lyin in front
staed here an learned whatfamelywis real famely pause an
dad what wur wi dadfamelyyour famely pause pat lyin
della we cannae gee thefamelysiller cannae gee um that
o settlin doon startin afamelybein jilly kin you hear
ah um where wis mahfamelyonly time mah faithir spoke
apologise fur breckin up thefamelytakin mah laddie away jilly
jilly away fi yur ainfamelylong silence lee ah d
the fire awa fi thefamelyrobby oo best hawd wheesht
oot the road silence dellafamelysiller handed doon fi generation
cared fur hur we refamelysilence robby an you zeb
robby said wi wur awfamelysilence robby whey ur you
you d make us afamelyagain jilly freedom s here
oan this land land oorfamelys hud fur nigh oan
been a right wee happyfamelybj still in lee s
yur it hame wi yurfamelylee lee this is a
you an lee wur afamelyso ah m concerned boot
wis hur side o thefamelypause they d be telt
an you zeb huv youfamelytess tell us aboot the
wis faithirs side o thefamelypause when wi wur bairns
cherry tree carol the holyfamelymakin thur wae oot the
aye oan aboot fear anfamelynotice how they baithe start
be part o a realfamelypat here in here bit
secrets nae whisperin ahint thefamelys back aw aw naw

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