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temple o edfu javans hidfanda likeness o horus a
vrocht lichtnin syne the javansfanda picter frae the sioux
in easter island the javansfandcarvins o a man lizard
verde o colorado the javansfandhooses vrocht in caves bi
septiles javans dellin in scandinaviafandtales o the eyn o
the yird endit the javansfandthis in the annals o
on a chair moula ahfanda deid blekkie lyin in
neist day her corp wisfandbi a rice fermer lyin
whan he cam back hefandhis favorite hound lyin deid
leanin against they wad haefandme lyin ahint it it
ah l listen knicht ahfandmoula lyin sair mittilt in
the day an here ahfandseivin auld kists lyin thare
war thair bluidie dirks wefandthare lyin undichtit on thair
his day s fishin hefandan open dure on a
owre the houss dure shefandbi the forenicht she haed
houss dure an whan hefandthat the selkie skin wes
inti the knowe he suinfandhimsell in a mukkil chaumer
frae chaumer ti chaumer anfandthat for aw the war
apent the chaumer door hefandthere wis naethin ti be
chaumer an in thare shefandweimen s claes o aw
all saugh willow havers nonsensefandnocht found nothing founert sair
end tae end an ifandnocht said the man lat
frae crap ti ruit anfandnocht whan thai failyiet ti
buik o the deid theyfanda bird like chiel proggin
scholars hid nae lang synefanda muckle auld buik they
an in a buik theyfandan eemage o laco├Ân warsslin
tammas s gate than tammasfanda nyow allye the reverent
a mouthfu or twa tammasfandthe poust ti be hysted
his faither s workshop anfandhim doon oan his knees
an aw at aince shefandhirsell up til hir knees
stair frae the kitchen anfandmasell up ti the knees
wes thare that the fairiesfandhim an wi nips an
mukkil puddok stuil an ahfandit thare ah stuck it
common pompitie the g nomefandit thare an kennin it
the caudron an thare hefandrashiecoat greitin for hir slipper
ferlie knowe an thare hefandthat awthing he haed hard
nicht nivver the les shaefandthe auld leddie maist kyndlie
ane on froggit sacerdott shaefandwhitlik shae wes sekin at
up ti the staition thaifandane empie warl bot fur
on hiz wadset quittances thaifandit hed naither a waw
heid pilliedacus sklimmin doun thaifandthairsells in ane enorm corrugat
houss an tell hir ahfandit on the common sae
eftir yeir bot a suinfandat a hed ti darg
a howkit thaim out botfandat the stane founds let
the twenes bein yit yingfandit sair ti recognosce at
dichtin hiz ei he cuidnafandthe store as sair as
the prince cam hame anfandhis dear gowd tree deid
them back tae her newfandfrien it hid taen the
o hir slippers the princefandit an taen it til
taen up the ruits wefandthay war lang perfitlie soond
kitchen ah gaed inby anfanda gret nummer o men
gaed intil the kitchen shefandhir mither haed gaen til
crave this an she dfanda poem bi a alexander
the javan investigators they likewysefanda watercolour bi blake caad
the yird hid anely binfandbi the ooter galaxies efter
quay bi noo brian hidfandjude anderson unlike his ain
him an bi the forenichtfandthairsells in the middil o
tak help gledlie wharever shefandit an whan she wan
the mair sae whan theyfandoot he d been the
been lang awa whan beatrixfandoot she wes cairriein his
broun een whan thair faitherfandout whit haed befawn thaim
scarce cuid hide whan ifandthe auld beast stiff an
on the grund whan hefandthe strenth ti git up
o the quarry hole aathinfanddeed on the lan gaed
he gaed seekin but hefandnaethin forby his pouchie sash
an sae at lest hefandthe pad that gaed to
bourach o javan galactic explorersfanda muckle gallery wi picters
furst thirty yairds till ifandmysel sprauchlt in a muckle
near eneuch hogmanay he hidfanda suitable text frae peter
an omen billy mcafferty hidfandoot at last fa keepit
tho a dewtie fu faitherfanda bit waith gied keichen
begeck fin a match wisfandsae quick his adoptive faither
a pucklie meal syne hefanda reest as a pairish
their human pairts syne theyfandanother tale frae mesopotamia caad
faes syne in cairo theyfandsphinxes centaurs satyrs an minotaurs
she waukit on till shefandthe eildritch tree jist as
an auld haw tree ifandtwa coal secks left ready
signifeed in sicily they dfanda mosaic frae an auncient
spakk the weird she dfandfrae yon warlock s auld
place o the licht shefandit sheinin frae a wee
great lakes o americay theyfandtales frae the iroquois that
wun by an we baithfandwirsells seperat frae thon twa
the stoory lumpy road winniefandshe d left ane o
auld freins sae that caermoulisfandout awthing he wantit ti
fork the day he dfandit in her twa wee
very bits whaur i hadfandthe peg merks twa weeks
doon tae the cellar anfandthe twa weemin there howlin
tae hae an adventure ifandtwa tractor tyres last wikk
the ither dugeons whaur thayfandrowth o gowds an siller
an ill whaur aft yefandthe tippeny yill maist appetisin
the morn s morn mirrenfandout fur hirsell at hir
s mair nor tyme ahfandanither wyfe ti tent til
sarpint an the burd warfandaawye in southron pairts they
castel as he expekkit hefandthe war derk an drearie
ti say amen anaw butfanda coudna speak l macbeth
mair contermit at ruth befandan brocht hame ti savitie
ti his middle an hefandthe letter an his pouchie
back ti the hous hefandthe yetts steikit but an
ontil a wey cuid befandti stert him up agane
move quietly chebutykin ah neverfandtyme ti git mairrit sumhou
she wan hame here shefandthe denner made an naebodie
the wirk wes feinist afanda squar stane wi a
wes a wutch ringan theyfandthe deil s claw merk
sae doun they went anfandher there leevin still but
lair bit jock dow dfandit oot it cudna hide
dinner beware gin ye refandoot a sinner an cause
luikin for thae ithers ifandoot my mistake five meenits
bit fit if he iverfandoot the truith o the
tae let him go wefandoot wha the ithers were
sniff oot aboot disraeli ifandsax volumes o his life
huntit fur miles till hefandony pure crystal fountain ava
his sister eilidh eilidh ahfanda gray hair in ma
chaumers in the place ahfanda hankil o kies on
roun insteid o betterment ahfandonlie seikness this is shuirlie
man fish in france theyfanddiana cooried doon wi her
ran doon the steps anfandher dochter greetin her een
alang its bank i hadfanda couple o wee widden
the face o t theyfandit wis aa fancy curlicues
thon speired winnie weel theyfandthe banes o the mither
the coat o fethers anfandthe denner made an again
bank o the puil ifandthe gress had been weel
pysonous bree in zimbabwe theyfandthe mummifeed corp o a
a fleggit beast that sfanda safe neuk she telt
rail line thank god theyfandher or she d be
aw his heuchie back hefandhe coud daunce as weill
veins in a glisk hefandhimsell waltzin an birlin mimpin
he heard this maister chenfandsic blytheness in his hairt
kintra an the new ifanda feather on the muir
tae heather an there ifanda queer like feather i
aff the bed claes anfanddumfounert that the twae horseshuin
briers an the breckens butfandna the yowe disjaskit an
mind fine yon placie wefanda wee like sink in
here someplace for the foresterfandyin last year hidden in
they saw afore moses wisfandin the nile fit mysteries
time fair flew by ifandmasel tellin him foo i
the hoose bit her newfandfriens wad hae leuch at
isnae culture specific tatties arefandfae spain tae bogendreip it
unwintit things in the hoosefandtheir wye tae the laft
pollock pollockshields east urdu sfanda reist train rinnin tootin
norlan toon the gangrel tunefanda siller reest fin a
skuil ahent me at afandma gate inti airchietectur tho
sei bedene whitwey the lounfandit strynge at sicna brosie
the sassenach the sojers nivverfandonie narcotiks i the borders

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