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the second world war smallfarmsand crofts began to disappear
relatives of owner occupiers offarmsand crofts preserve their rights
horse hair outbuildings crofts andfarmswould also have had a
local government the valuation studfarmsscotland order 2003 ssi 2003
local government the valuation studfarmsscotland order 2003 ssi 2003
2003 142 the valuation studfarmsscotland order 2003 ssi 2003
local government the valuation studfarmsscotland order 2003 ssi 2003
not know where mr mcgrigorfarmsor how he farms the
those farms to move onfarmsthat cannot regulate their lice
mcgrigor farms or how hefarmsthe deputy minister for rural
the the farms the otherfarmsthe ones that were left
a lot of the thefarmsthe other farms the ones
in time we want thosefarmsto move on farms that
to control lice on thefarmsi guess that the additional
the issue of lice fromfarmsis treated more seriously than
study public attitudes towards windfarmsin scotland occurred and to
reported to have occurred onfarmsin the last five years
mcneill s1m 1813 offshore windfarmslodged on 29 march 2001
they said that moving fishfarmsoffshore creates the problem of
the opportunities for offshore windfarmstidal energy sites and artificial
hills are sometimes named afterfarmsat their foot e g
camps named mostly after thefarmson whose land they were
numbers in areas where windfarmsare prevalent for example in
how many turbines at windfarmsin scotland were manufactured in
to the expansion of windfarmsin the highlands and islands
of planning applications for windfarmss1w 33292 mr tom mccabe
if louse levels on fishfarmsare to become low enough
show that effluent from fishfarmsdirectly affects toxins however we
examples of existing polyculture fishfarmsdr black there are two
we be compensating the fishfarmsfor perpetrating a disease that
an exclusion zone for fishfarmsin such areas and perhaps
water enrichment possibly from fishfarmsis causing lack of silicate
farmed salmon from marine fishfarmsoften as a result of
get the people running fishfarmsto buy into the scientific
the hygiene of the fishfarmsto ensure that the natural
i discussed relocation of fishfarmswith senior executives in the
has come from the fishfarmswould we be compensating the
extensive upland and mountain sheepfarmsand that they would add
sheep were extremely important onfarmsto buy or sell stock
kept a tight eye onfarmsidentity cards everybody had an
were in general use onfarmsin arbuthnott normally farmers kept
home consumption [note: photo: 'milking at pitcarles, 1972.'] dairy mostfarmskept a cow for milk
access to milk on thefarmsberries on gentle hillsides and
milk brose neeps and tattiesfarmswere rented from large estates
there will be individual cagefarmsfor each species however there
took place thereafter the cooperatingfarmsreverted to individual units as
was called a soo mostfarmshad their own small threshing
at the most the samefarmshave a total of two
to be in but thefarmsthat cause the most trouble
stacking [note: photo: 'field of corn stooks at alpitty in the 1950s'] [note: photo: 'doreen and sandy jeans enjoy a rest amongst the stooks of drumyocher in the 1930s.'] [note: photo: 'alex jeans harvesting oats at drumyocher in the 1930s.'] mostfarmstook a great pride in
problems we need to takefarmsaway from the heads of
known problems and where thefarmshave difficulty in controlling sea
land and were driven tofarmsby lorry and collected at
took his boar round thefarmsthere was someone who also
and perhaps to relocate thefarmsoutwith those areas how feasible
between keeping men working onfarmsand the need for more
and his family working onfarmsbordered montgoldrum and today at
conclusions minuted however since allfarmswere adjacent to each other
have deliveries at any timefarmsand cottages were visited during
arbuthnott house and the surroundingfarmsand woodland which were partly
replied that there were pitfarmsin cromar and further east
proposed for exchange were thefarmsof balquherry and barbeth in
places to stay so thefarmsthat were left they got
bloomfield in 1920 all thefarmswere put up for sale
be dispersed to the otherfarmswhere they were finished prior
made a comparison between identicalfarmsin kintyre and in lanarkshire
farm lay between the tenantedfarmsof townhead with upper and
had come to take overfarmsand shops and bred children
of tiny villages and scatteredfarmschildren born in the new
all school children from visitingfarmsin scotland immediately for safety
not want to put thefarmsin a situation where the
lines of trees where twofarmsmeet drizzle and blizzard and
as kenny says on thefarmsan that don t use
don t know about thefarmsbut i don t know
don t walk around thefarmsin f834: yeah i know
hear the holiday prices offarmsunb i don t know
each other and the otherfarmsit brought together the key
of slaughter of animals onfarmscontiguous to those on which
a set of resources onfarmsthat was consistent in achieving
it is unlikely that massivefarmswill be set up soon
the scottish executive how manyfarmsin the east ayrshire council
grown here from european organicfarmsand the penetration of our
established following escapes from furfarmsin the late 1950s the
taking to reduce pollution fromfarmss1o 4686 23 withdrawn 24
d been turfed out theirfarmsbecause they re like hm
them immortalise masters and theirfarmsthe boghead crew the skranky
they stopped because folk onfarmsneeded fewer warm clothes because
them [note: photo: 'north of scotland milk recorder in the 1940s.] [note: photo: 'william wisely & sons ltd collecting the milk at pitcarles in the early 1950s. jessie eccles and dog are in the centre of the photo.'] [note: photo: advertisement by kincardineshire agricultural society, ltd.'] somefarmshad a cheese press outside
in the morning on biggerfarmsthat had chaamers the chaamer
and on estates and largerfarmsas a sporting activity the
farming in association with salmonfarmssuch associated development would help
aye to work in thefarmsbehind the village f826: [laugh]
ask the scottish executive whetherfarmsin clackmannanshire fife or stirling
fertile valley awash with luxuriantfarmsand smallholdings densely productive shell
the fair fields and finefarmsof the howe and he
was not unusual at somefarmsthe farmer s wife provided
built so it was awfarmsjust across the edinburgh road

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