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being taken over by afascinationwith the undercurrents of salvador
held more of a nightmarishfascinationfor shakespeare was she the
which has a certain macabrefascinationscreen 3 gout click on
wis a maitter o doonrichtfascinationfin e spaad startit tae
and i ve got afascinationinto hieroglyphics and everything i
classmates they can appreciate thefascinationof new sounds symbols and
upbringing should carry this earlyfascinationwith them into adult life
sample o the poet sfascinationwi the frankenstein theme in
experts food has an eternalfascinationan nae muckle winner for
which gives the settlement itsfascinationthe assistant keeper at the
latter piece has the addedfascinationof scots and english rhymes
to have had a strongfascinationfor the poet in the
story evidence of its continuingfascinationcan be found in its
of earlier times my majorfascinationwas with the way folk

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