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no i m an auldfashionedmaterialist aye a dialectical materialist
it sometimes entire poems arefashionedout of conceits ingenious comparisons
like oh kinda like oldfashionedbeano f813: the beano f812:
f829: archaic m830: so oldfashionedarchaic an f606: yeah m830:
s archaic it s oldfashionedit s funny [inhale] but
veg toss serves 6 oldfashioned1 small can evap milk
serve hot or cold oldfashionedtomato soup serves 10 2
nooadays perms is affa aulfashionedenter dod dod doing his
hersel it s ower aulfashionedi widna be seen deid
your conditions like the oldfashionedgentleman he is he hasn
might hae been the aulderfashionedwey would it m999: so
mair semmits an an aulderfashionedword f606: aye f902: i
that isdn was becoming oldfashionedand adsl was the way
atwein between auld farrant oldfashionedava at all aw all
too just to be oldfashionedbest of all our classes
the and that s oldfashionedby this time [inhale] erm
what it is good oldfashionedcronyism social workers purported to
actually of a very oldfashionedelectric fire my mother had
coats in dismal colours oldfashionedfloral dresses clumpy shoes except
word for a funny oldfashionedhappening since you lit up
was almost like an oldfashionedhonour thing eh we are
stairs an like an oldfashionedlike f1026: the chain f1023:
he gave me an oldfashionedlook it s jist a
for a job plain oldfashionedno frills wear and tear
it was like the oldfashionednurses bikes now ye know
placed an emphasis on oldfashionedregulatory proposals that was unwelcome
it was a very oldfashionedswitchboard and my desk was
in this very very oldfashionedtenement down at the docks
shop s full of oldfashionedthings fiona assured him have
possible at his age oldfashionedthough he always was no
sort of eh an oldfashionedvillage or something f606: mmhm
east name for the oldfashionedwatches usually in a shiny
day with her the oldfashionedwhite hose as we used
a tiled floor an oldfashionedwooden desk an oval mirror
our avowal a funny oldfashionedword for a funny old
but that s an oldfashionedword now isn t it
lost cultural origins robert burnsfashionedthe first modern vernacular style
think it s kinda auldfashioneda wee bit aye m1012:
the hoose in the auldfashionedwey ye ken the peerie
going to be made orfashionedlike him self now we
the day the sculptor hadfashionedhim the interlaced cross on
bidding at roups for olderfashionedthings often of the horse
bi bit matthew bruce hidfashioneda suit o armour fur
lan tho they d binfashionedtae win oot in watter

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