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mair granfaither faced a fearfufateconfronted wi a bear bit
first in case a fearfufateshould burst abune ma puir
on hunting frequently question thefateof the hounds and horses
ban on fox hunting thefateof the hounds is less
some extent problems concerning thefateof the hounds may be
on comes the rain icesfateit dis seal sunday 12th
to seal the ferry sfateit is possible to conjecture
zm and that wis itfatenaethin mair wis this great
bizzed thon corp aboot thatfatesae sairly cuid dismember zm
ferry when she sank butfatehad more cruel tricks to
relentlessly rejoicing over the cruelfateof its stricken victims i
should it be ma cruelfatetae suffer sic a skelpin
of relatives and friends thisfatealmost befell a particular man
to this day the awfulfateof relatives and friends this
be able to escape thefateof her sisters the myth
terms we can escape thefateof king canute if we
wis eve an adam sfatebit as they made awa
wis eve an adam sfategod set an angel on
consequences of the bill 20fateof horses and dogs 20
wider consequences of the billfateof horses and dogs those
pleisure five greater lord ofateapen braid ay the yetts
weir v wear weird nfatewersh a tasteless whan asv
weir v wear weird nfatewes v was whan adv
the dreichest cauldest holes ofateitsel bit she niver telt
them sax lesser lord ofatemascorn o the hairst see
weel eneuch a ll betfateiver kind grows kinder yet
intill e hoose sure sfateas aften as no in
leave the orphanage her futurefateto some extent decided in
if ye dinnae shuir asfateye ll end up washin
an takin peety on hisfatesent him intae a dreamless
ye maun be sent byfatetae be ma love an
story for as sure sfateif ere s a crack
em up ir sure sfatein e mornin ere ll
tradition behind it sure asfateyou ll find it in
mortals taste below all humanfateby heav n is fix
against the tax man againstfateagainst his bad luck with
the dreamer the doctrine offateand free will she comes
a particular interest in thefateof the douglases every reason
for in this steid oorfateis dernit frae oor sicht
rest wi tranquillity his futurefateon the justice and humanity
tae learn ma masterpiece sfateit s somewhere in ma
a saw ma rose sfateits buds an leaves in
will telling him that thefateof man is not necessarily
upturned boat he ll grabfateby the throat storm s
sleep i ll travel lightfates whistling at the gate
that a l tak onfateitsell til the daith macbeth
waukens he wull see hisfatean pit the blame on
to use his work andfateas a stick with which
an the kythin o hisfatefor up i the air
with sighs bewail d hisfateso hard whose notes were
sinful and deserving of hisfateso it s a g-
his proper place will sfatewas clear amang lost sowls
cruelly suggest that such afateawaits some members of this
been to court an uncertainfateat this point alice rebelled
this seemingly senseless intervention offateor whatever it was it
made weak by time andfatebut strong in will to
for herself and make herfateand her sister s crime
fine parallel atween karma yerfatean the time worn scots
an awthings bricht an bonniefateis shair tae interrup an
didna really hae a planfatetuik ower an he dreed
that state as a luxuryfatebegins to take a hand
the 1950 s from thefateof the princess victoria then
rehearsal of davidson s ultimatefateone can trace a feeling
production it is scotland sfateto have become a romantic
wye i m gi einfatea fair chance you ging
plus the fickle pinkie offatei m fond of salmon
tragedie presents the life andfateof cardinal beaton from the
in accordance with the generalfateof german poets and goethe
dreaming frankenstein and with thefateof sylvia plath who is
was awarded damages of thefateof the others nothing is
been released to hunt thefateof the quarry is in
to be passive to acceptfateeven when she had got

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