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sootherin effeck that gart himfawower tae sleep raither than
o geir an siller tifawback on gin ye ir
the aulder an awthing wulfawti him an whit geir
clear eftir the rain thefawan cloud on the easin
irritate fauch a sickly lookingfawv fall fek n abundance
n father fauch a feeblefawv n fall autumn feartlyke
names the mount byrehope mountfawmount and mount may and
edge cairn knowe muckle knockfawmount dun kaim kay bank
o glamis second witch fairfawmacbeth hail ti ye thane
are ye first witch fairfawmacbeth hail ti ye thane
hame at nicht ah dfawforfochen on ma bed an
forfochen on ma bed anfawti sleep at aince goes
snak heivin an yird canfawapairt afore a eat ma
an aw the warld canfawapairt for me to messenger
an syne even you wulfawahint an be auld farrant
wheat gin ye wis taefawintae it aiblins ye wad
nou a unnerstaun eve sfawfur whitna lass borne o
the spring an at thefawwhitna guid sowl she wes
o cawdor third witch fairfawmacbeth oor keing in days
hou did ah cum tifawin luiv wi ye whan
an obvious but whan yefawin luiv yeirsell ye finnd
the snaw aye thraetenin tifawat onie meinit an syne
ah hear the new snawfawday in day oot the
lyke he wes gaun tifawasleep an his feet turnt
study for yer finals andfawasleep in the heat wi
the spring an at thefawthe r autumn in ma
tae it but we maunnafawin wi his consaits aboot
the hole krista did shifawor wis shi shoved laughs
ying willies at brak hizfawan let him frae rowin
the haill lift maple leifsfawon the wattir the fishermen
an when it stertit taefawtae the grund the sicht
fold fauss false faut faultfawfall feart frightened fecht fight
is rype nou for afawan the pouers abuin wul
hair an teeth wul canniliefawawa forever an foraye it
your teeth an hair tifawoot a bonnie sicht you
dae ye ken we wulfawin wi ane anither on
wul hae the chaunce tifawlyke a hero for hir
ootlin fyres lat nae lichtfawon a ma blek desyres
did she no lat itfawwi a fell clatter onti
fae foe faimlie family fairfawbless fairlie quite fallae fellow
ti set me free fairfawbrave frein tell til the
an mynes ah dout wadfawricht doun gin ah war
ti callum gin it michtfawthat the saumon wad meet
an naebody kens it ifawintae step aside biff oan
s corp did thay nofawdoun deid anaw thay did
it dae but founder anfawdoun stane deid ablo a
duff s keep bi stamagastfawdoun bedein on fife an
at aw banquo new honorsfawon him lyke braw new
ilk year a bodie michtfawin wi thaim divertin thairsells
ither characters i john macnabfawintil freudian stereotypes in ane
on the dreidit nicht tifawon the pagoda the smirr
the new leafs for thefawbut bi than the sun
sen he gaed but thefawhaes drakkit ma tears ah
plant the rice in thefawah gether chrysants an parfume
but naething happent ah coudnafawower ah kept on thinkin
ben turn aboot issa dewfawan the seeds o hell
day macnabs caws for thefawo the conservative government an
an cleuch it s thefawthe tyme o decay an

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