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and pechtin she looks afearsomesight the sweat is runnin
millions sat and watched thatfearsometearsome sight and when puff
s a granite stane whilefearsomedoots crept through his brain
like repeat the horsman sfearsomeaith haud up her haun
whit jagged his jaws wifearsomewrath at sic abuse he
micht apen thon door byornarfearsomes the demon princes at
s no ane o thaefearsomehills whaur daft dare deevils
was being hounded by afearsomewalrus johnny comes in johnny
wrld this ane sic afearsomelook he hes in his
an thir shriekin in thirfearsomewild attacks ye can tell
was mixed up in afearsomescandal mrs laing harry thomson
his tail played slatter anfearsomeswirls broke the watter juist
cars a dinosaur s afearsomebreet fin it lies doon
they cud see fine thefearsomewey he wis gaun on
him again oh whit afearsomemoment thon wis i kent
aches and pains despite itsfearsomename it came packaged innocuously
oh he was aye afearsomeman and she s a

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