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to focus upon specific grammaticalfeaturesand their relevance for meanings
one all introduce certain grammaticalfeaturesand they revisit them later
a you get scots grammaticalfeaturesexaltit i t depravit i
children begin to use grammaticalfeaturesin writing at different stages
shaires mony lexical an grammaticalfeatureso standard english an thi
many grammatical syntactical and idiomaticfeaturesof the spoken language have
an awareness of how grammaticalfeaturesoperate in texts enables teachers
english and modern languages grammaticalfeatureswere taught directly and the
booklet a 5 14 grammaticalfeatureswhich might arise in discussion
adept in identifying the keyfeaturesof genres in activities such
their awareness of the keyfeaturesof such genres questions for
attempt to describe the typicalfeaturesof the main genres found
a story in which weatherfeaturesbut varied texts would also
materials and a method languagefeaturesfound in instructional texts use
different texts which have somefeaturesin common for example whispers
it necessarily refers to particularfeaturesin texts need not demand
will discuss some of thefeaturesof assize texts that provide
make sense of the languagefeaturesof these texts and they
marking or highlighting sets offeatureson texts using cloze or
awareness of how certain languagefeaturesoperate in texts is constantly
to see how specific languagefeaturesoperate in texts is to
texts and discussion of theirfeaturessuch as the use of
their typical language features thefeaturesof grammar vocabulary and layout
and also their typical languagefeaturesthe features of grammar vocabulary
highlight text organisation and languagefeaturesthe typical opening general statement
description and past tense narrativefeaturesinto an informative description report
he d retained some scotsfeatureslike the present tense i
jigsaws with discussion of identifyingfeaturesof tense vocabulary and typography
by a speaker such asfeaturesof grammar vocabulary and pronunciation
vocabulary and pronunciation relate tofeaturesof his her background that
these only relate to actualfeaturesof the setting observed by
but only as the languagefeaturesreferred to relate directly to
a clear focus upon relevantfeaturesof punctuation and grammar although
in the absence of distinctivefeaturesof scots grammar as exemplified
clear linguistic divisions in monyfeaturesan linguists sic like aitken
identify a range of linguisticfeaturesas being typically used by
of linguistic prosodic non verbalfeaturesincluding speech rate pausal phenomena
spreadend- spread of english linguisticfeaturesthrough the scottish reformers prose
often include linguistic and culturalfeatureswhich would be misunderstood in
stages their exposure to thesefeaturesin reading presumably occurs earlier
is having to identify thesefeaturesand use them appropriately jim
pupils ability to identify thefeatureswas practised in follow up
a focus on which languagefeaturesare appropriate in their jointly
we introduce a sequence offeaturesand then give experience of
english teachers either introduce thefeaturesfollowed by some direct involvement
shetland an shetland writin derfeatureson shetland poetry written baith
sometimes with distinctive ethnic languagefeaturesand a version of their
the pupils attention on languagefeaturesand also how to refer
experimenting with the actual languagefeaturesdescribed by the term so
author s use of languagefeatureshas created effects which contribute
of good language skills alsofeaturesin the scottish executive s
and a range of languagefeaturesjust as the rural dialects
noted the structural and languagefeaturesof instructions as the children
with the class the differentfeaturesof language exhibited and list
concerns the way in whichfeaturesof the language used by
pupils introduction to specific languagefeaturesto their experience of the
writing contains few of thefeatureswhich characterise the language and
reports also share some languagefeatureswith personal and imaginative descriptions
process what to call thosefeaturesb discussing writing teacher with
in writing many of thesefeaturescan still be found in
their experience of the samefeaturesin the reading and writing
increased ability to use thosefeaturesin writing now most english
in a text repetition offeaturescan also create stylistic effects
in general been abandoned bothfeaturesmake this a suitable text
constructed text to discuss thefeaturesof instructions the children noticed
in scots thus any scotsfeaturesin his speech are to
gave further insights into thefeaturesof deeside speech as it
wants to ensure that standardfeaturesare applied uniformly throughout the
standard english since it retainsfeaturesquhilk are historically characteristic o
could say that certain lexicalfeaturesare common to both the
italics hair cream these typographicalfeaturesall have implications for the
thaim as modal verbs thesefeaturesar normally only applicable tae
focused on some of thesefeaturesclearly appear in this example
have to recognize that thesefeatureshave been very popular with
negation thi addition o thesefeaturesproduces an ungrammatical verb form
example apart from two anglicisedfeaturesthe use of the exclamation
in that all of theirfeaturesexcept for a very few
film industry those few tvfeatureswhich are produced in scotland
sneaky as well no redeeminfeaturesface you could punch aw
elaborate wood carved pulpit whichfeaturesheretics calvin and luther face
quite an interesting face curiousfeaturesunusual colouring a very good
also considered as were suchfeaturesas moderating words e g
54 what might the basicfeaturesof such a constitution be
survives today has many norsefeaturessuch as kirk for church
standards system many of itsfeaturessuch as the core process
or powerful such are thefeaturesthat made lyndsay a popular
to bring those important complementaryfeaturesinto the scope of the
of december however some importantfeaturesnot least the overall strategy
languages there are some importantfeaturesof the year that it
being reinforced by using thosefeaturesor by having their attention
black hair accentuating her prettyfeaturesremembering their schooldays he marvelled
reports on phenomena and theirfeaturestheir structure therefore usually consists
generalised system for describing thosefeatures1988 37 38 a more
or those for distinct geographicalfeaturesderive from gaelic or have
in which a number offeatureshave focused on scots this
huge amounts of traditional scotsfeaturesin it which m741: mmhm
salvador is proving successful manyfeaturesof landscape architecture and technology
graham 1991 this describes manyfeatureswhich have parallels in mainland
hidden some o her bogginfeaturesgit a swatch at yon
outlines some of the uniquefeaturesof the social economy analyses
in some of the otherfeaturesonce he turned to look
songs which drew on traditionalfeaturesone result of the marginalisation
itself or that related tofeatureswhich have themselves disappeared among
however only sporadically with individualfeaturesmutschmann 1909 17 romaine based
highlights one of the majorfeaturesof the sinking the very
song of j alfred prufrockfeaturesan individual who feels that
native descriptions of scottish topographicalfeaturesand attempts have been made
names of streets and topographicalfeaturesare vital parts of scotland
one of the projects thatfeaturesin your targets is the
should explain structural and stylisticfeaturesof beowulf in terms of
whether to develop the characteristicfeaturesof contemporary poetry ie keep
me at least the prototypicalfeaturesof granite are that it
her quill one of thefeaturesof little s best poems
events for others to describefeaturesof people objects creatures or
in fact a number offeaturesof the 1426 assize suggest
they were amongst the mainfeaturesof the autumn and winter
mitchell into sharp relief permanentfeaturesof the centre include a
the shade by two otherfeaturesof the complex the first
certificates are similar to thefeaturesof the existing structure we
mcaveety one of the remarkablefeaturesof the issue is that
large measure by the latinfeaturesof the man who showed
to talk more accurately aboutfeaturesof the patterning they are
the mark awarded and thefeaturesof the performance that contributed
private sector to exploit uniquefeaturesof the social economy have
one of the other interestingfeaturesof the town is the
football team but not allfeaturesare as straightforward as clach
the younger people retain thefeaturesas they grow older as
as visual artists edwin morganfeaturesbaith throu a visit tae
as if with time herfeatureshad melted and flowed to
an over size brick hisfeatureslook as if they had
an the franklin s talefeaturesmairriage as a foremaist concern
simple carved crown the duskyfeaturesmovingly open now are covered
for all that there arefeaturesthat distinguish the voluntary sector
is by lindsay davidson whofeaturesthe bagpipes prominently in the
a mallorcan with heavy disappointedfeatureswho carried a briefcase a
the man with the disappointedfeatureswho had been at the
eyebrows and all my otherfeaturesand my body made gross
its goods or services itfeaturesa heavy involvement by its
adjective but with no redeemingfeaturesshe was every bit the
tightly curled and her generousfeaturesproclaimed an attractive intelligent woman
superiority personified in his repulsivefeatureshortense he articulated patronisingly you
comedy accessory engulfing his smallfeaturesa salt and pepper carpet
smile forming on his ruddyfeaturesthen flushed the toilet before
fur videos boots and markiesfeatureson fitbaa fashion and pets

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